It's my trial.A challenge to defeat PFS!

I’ve watched several results by different protocols.And I think everyone here has a chance to recover from PFS.Perhaps time will tell.But we also know time may be cruel for us.I do not wait but seize the chance to recover.Then I have looked into some supplements that can cure me.I have found them.This is why I will do my own diet.My symptoms are muscle wasting,muscle twitch,sleep problems(awake so early),a little brain fog, eye floaters,loss libido.
I write down what will do.
・less carb diet
・cold shower
・some exercise and work out
( I will add to others)
I will show you what will happen to me.


good luck to you I wish you 110% recovery.
I wanted to tell you about vinegar grape or apple if you want to try and see if it gives you improvements. 2-3 drops in water and drink once a day. be careful it can interact with drugs you are taking. I had very positive results that lasted for more than a week.

don’t over do the exercise start slowly and climb your way up.


vinegar sounds good. I don’t know what affects me much,so I have to try something good.But I don’t feel like taking drugs which affects hormones yet. I hope supplements cure much,so I have to try something good.But I don’t feel like taking drugs which affects hormones yet. I hope supplements cure me.

I would only suggest to You to start with natural things first - those low carbs, cold showers and exercise, first supplement I would choose Magnesium and only then slowly optionally introduce Your other planned supplements, each one at a time. I will not comment on what You chose, maybe others will if You are looking for feedback, my suggestion would only be to do a cross research on each one what exactly it does and what different experiences with each others sufferers had - to know what You may expect. And then if You decide to still go with all these - at least do it carefully and slowly, always lowest dose first and give it plenty time to first see its effects before raising dose and before adding anything new. It will also help You distinguish what helps, what possibly makes You worse and by the slow and lowest dose first approach - minimize chance of something hitting You hard. Although very healthy lifestyle approach alone with minimum of supplements only may be much better for You now because You are a very fresh sufferer, anyway, good luck with whatever You do next

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I also believe magnesium will work well.
I bought a supplement including calcium(350mg),magnesium(175mg),Vitamin D(3.5〜8.0μg)near drug store.
It’s maybe less,so I try it since today.

I would maybe try Vit D as a solo supplement later - if needed. Not as a blend with other things right now on start. Be aware that Vit D does have an impact on hormones, possibly lowers estrogen. Vit D alone is a hormone itself. Before trying anything actually it its good to at least know Your exact homonal values first (T, free T, E2,… +Vit D2,D3). You may be too high or too low on something without You knowing it - best it to get tested to be sure first and to have a full picture of Your hormones

Also, whatever Mg You decide, I recommend to go for chelated form only (threonate, citrate, glycinate, malate,…), stay away for Mg Oxide - its useless

However,vitamin D is produced by hit sunshine,too.It doesn’t seem dangerous…

No its not bad, it is necessary for good health. But its a big difference to get it naturally from the sun - body distributes it in different form and very slowly also only in certain max amounts. D3 cholecalciferol in supplement form is much more “aggressive”, its different. I do not say take it or not take it or that supplementing it is bad or good - it depends on situation I would say, just be aware what You do and generally be careful - thats why I recommended to do deep research first before trying anything + to get blood lab tests. Anyway, I wish You good luck and success :slight_smile:

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I see.
I am very careful to taking vitamin D. I have looked into people who took it,though, there are two types whether good or bad.It’s not until I try that I grasp which side I stand.

My conditions.
I took some of them ,but I don’t feel better or worse…
I am a little worse now because I’ve mistakenly taken DHT inhabiter food…
I will try these supplements a little more.

I am very very bad now…
Maybe because of magnesium or calcium or vitamin D.
I have to be sure this is temporary and what affects me.

I would eliminate all supplements. Get your vits through food. If you dont have digestion issues, then use food. People here have made them selves worse with supplements. No one has had any notable recovery from vits. Plus… if you add 6 things… how do you know whats doing what. At the very least… trial one thing at a time. My recomendation… take a probiotic and a high quality fish oil. Dont take vits. People have crashed from vit D, B vits, etc… But thats my .02.


Thank you for advice.
I know what I do.And I took mixed supplement.(so they are low dose)
But I decided to try anything I want to.
It’s my just trial,in this time,it’s error.
I wish I could feel better by these…
I won’t take these for a long time.

Best of luck. Be careful and I hope you find something that helps you. I think time, diet and excercise are what works best for most. It seems most find they heal a little bit each year.


I perceived I have some symptoms related to neurons.And especially,it’s women’s menopause.I have pains and numbnesses of myright hand. Perhaps I have to take some testosterone booster supplements.
As if climbing higher mountain after climbing.

I am now really bad. I have a cold.I have watched some pfs patients won’t get heat because of immune errors.I may be one of them.I feel myself heavier than last week,but I perhaps have no heat.I started taurine experiments,which unclearly is related to my condition…
Generally taurine works in human bodies,so I keep trying regardless of my condition. My system may be being back pre system.(A possibility that until last week, I couldn’t perceive having a cold because of my error immune systems)
Anyway I will continue for myself and someone.

I feel a little good today.
I am going to try GABA supplement tonight.I hope it works well.

This is all I can attribute my improvement to. I have been exercising for the past couple of months and it has been the best I have felt since all this began - nothing crazy, no insane weights, no month long fasts and no supplements.

I suggest that anyone who is considering anything which could be considered to be excessive take a step back and see how many people have improved versus how many have severely worsened and how many have had zero gains.

And then before you do anything, fill out the survey.

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Can you explain your positive results with those liquids?

Unfortunately, I have a new symptom,neck pain.It has been for 3days.
I don’t know whether taurine affected me and my neuro system,but at least,taurine gives me less brain fog.So, I wonder what I do next…
Until now,GABA supplement is good for me.It makes me more relaxed.
I don’t know how to erase this pain,that is,to normalize this neuron error.Maybe there’s not only GABA error.
Anyway, I will decrease or stop taurine…