Is TRT only helpfull for those under 400'ish

So over the years i’ve spoken many guys who had good results with TRT and no, they hadn’t hypogonadism. All starting havng the Bad sides after using Fin. All off them had lower than 400 T. Most had under 200. Sadly but understandeble they didn’t come back to the forum. All of them have good results with low dose of trt.

But, i read also many comments over here trt isn’t working. Often those people have normal range of T to start with.

Could it be TRT only works for those who have really low T. ?

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Which guys?

No it doesn’t work for normal T levels people.

Makes sense that trt helps those with low levels… Mine returned/climbed to normal over 6 months with no improvement in symptoms. I tried trt with no positive effect. Some like me have developed receptor issues rather than low t


On different sites. Over here Bazuk, Tigerhull, Tom8er if i write them correct, a Guy who did trt in New York wit a Columbia girlfriend, don’t remember his name. Plus on other sites

@THETIGERSHULL and @towm8er were clear cases of hypogonadism… they themselves said their nuts ain’t producing T anymore. Even his video is there in youtube. Just ask @LazarusRy if i am wrong.

No guy without hypogonadism will respond to trt. Ur receptors will never allow it, period. @AaronF was on trt for 8 months just to quit later. trt alone is not for pfs, ya if u stack it with some other powerful androgen then it can give something positive.


It’s the never ending story. If a Guy responds on TRT they are hypogonadism, claimed by @FinDestroyedMe

I regret posting this. You claim to be the all known. I spoke Tigerhull and Tonw8er a lot All Tigerhull and Town8er sides began áfter using fin and Both didn’t be hypogonadism

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Why don’t u try trt then? Just try it, if u feel good, it would be great. I am just talking about my experience as well as hundreds of others. There’s nothimg wrong with trying trt, just don’t put too much expectations, it hurts later.

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When my T was low I was diagnosed as hypogonadic by my endo. When it climbed to normal levels he then diagnosed with PFS.


Read this post of the pfs messiah towm8er. Just note what his T levels were when he crashed.

I tell this after reading 1000s of posts here, trt on a guy with normal levels will never work. I don’t wan’t to disappoint you.

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What was your T before and after?

No difference pro’s and con’s while on and off TRT.
When you stopped with TRT was it the same as before you tried TRT?

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It was in the mid 400s as I recall and steadily climbed on month to the high 1200s. I reacted badly to trt with a crash and had to come off. Levels weren’t measured until a month or so later when they were in the 1200 range. I presume the trt pushed them higher causing the reaction. For some of us high t is bad news unfortunately


What’s wrong with his post? Hè told me he got al the after using Fin

But now i know hè has hypogonadism because you told so.

I was on TRT when I got PFS and I think awor was too. Give TRT a shot though and see what happens.

And btw the symptoms for hypogonadism and PFS are very similar. Some guys who get cured probably just had finasteride side effects rather than pfs (low hormones).

I’ve also seen people who don’t get cured with TRT but do feel better but they aren’t cured so there’s also that side.

If your receptors are shot TRT won’t work though it’s not strong enough.

I spoke a Guy on a trt forum. Hè had pfs. I asked him how hè knew hè hadn’t hypogonadism. Hè said hè never had issues but all started after Fin.

Hè is now at 700.No ED issues and depression.
Don’t you think it didn’t work because it was to high? Town8er claimed hè felt much better with midrange T than over 1000

Fin can cause hypogonadism or he could have developed hypogonadism while using fin.


I agree. But is hypogonadism due to Fin not called PFS? I e if you cured from hypogonadism due to Fin, you cured pfs

So if you have normal/high T and sides you have pfs and if you have low T you are hypogonadism with sides from Fin?

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I think as a community we need to separate the people who get hypogonadism from the ones who get pfs. It does no good besides confuse people who don’t know much about hormones and receptors.

PFS is much more serious as the receptors themselves are messed up. I’m all for people trying TRT though. Most would then see how truly messed up our situations are and a lucky few might get cured or feel better. But then there’s also people who get worse from it. So who knows.

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So, how do you know if you Just have hypogonadism or pfs
Town8er and Tigerhull Both had problems after Fin. But people say they are hypogonadism because they eere cured by TRT

It’s not hard just try proviron for a week or try TRT. If you feel worse or feel nothing you have pfs. I recommend just tying proviron for a week as it acts much faster. TRT can take a month or 2 to kick in for some people.