Is penile sensitivity due to low T or damaged receptors?


Have we determined if the lack of penile sensitivity is caused by low testosterone or by damaged skin receptors?

Are there guys out there with normal testosterone levels but low penile sensitivity? If there are, that probably means tactile receptor damage.

Has anyone tried stem cell treatment? It is available for treatment of ED and peyronie’s, I guess you may just need to convince the doctor to inject it in the penile skin?


You keep saying that stem cell treatment is in use to treat ED but that is still a very long way off, and certainly not something your doctor can just inject. :unamused:

We don’t know if it’s ‘receptor damage’, that is what the studies will have to determine. In case it escaped your notice there have been no studies of PFS victims until very recently.

I have read studies that low T causes lack of sensitivity, as well as changes to structure, muscles etc. It also happens with some men getting androgen ablation treatment for prostate cancer.
Theoretically if someone can unlock some way we can reconnect to androgen output then a lot of these symptoms should reverse themselves substantially, if not fully. That’s what keeps me going anyway.


Stem cell treatment is actually offered. Its new, but there are clinics in Los Angeles and Ohio that are doing treatments. I spoke to a urologist a part of a team of three doctors who does it.

I don’t know whats keeping me going anymore. I was hopeful at first but as more time passes the less optimistic I am. Its especially disheartening to read about people who recover temporarily only to relapse into hell. I feel like my quality of life has been reduced to an unacceptable level.

Is there anyone out there who has penile sensitivity return?


can you go into further details with stem cell therapy for ED. It sounds really interesting. Have people from penile insensitivity recovered? Have they recoverd from their ED?

I am with you. Penile insensitivity is really one of the side effects which bothers me the most (including my ED). I have heared only of very few guys having recovered from penile insensitivity.


i dont think its curable. mine has been numb for 1.5years now. its something that has ruined my life. im on a waiting list for councelling. i think we have to except that for us sex is no longer pleasurable and this powerful organ that makes us feel how we do is gone.


Possible reasons for this issue have already been postulated:



you are right. I am suffering from penile insensitivity for 8 years. If I will ever recover it would be a miracle.


When i smoke pot my penile sensitivity is normal, its great. Its out to lunch when not high though. :frowning:


Cannabis makes sex/ masturbation extremely pleasurable for me also.


This doesn’t make any sense. Maybe you think its pleasurable because you’re high.


Cannabis affects the neural and cannaboid system in the body, so it’s probable that it’s helping the nerves function. Heightened sensitivity with low doses of cannabis is common and logical if it’s promoting blood flow to the genitalia.

Cannabis is used by Parkinson’s, MS, and other neurodegenerative disorders to abate the effects of these diseases.


for those of you who use marijuana, do you know what strain specifically caused to help you get better? states where it’s legal you can choose specific strains, so i know not many places are, but it was worth a try.

can you guys who smoked marijuana take a look at this?

it has many different strains and many different reported effects, if you could look at the different words to describe the effects that you felt, that may be able for us to possibly narrow down a specific group of strains that may be more able to help in our situation.


My penus felt disconnected when on fin and for a while afterwords. Now it feels connected by there is no zing in it because I have low libido. When my libido recovered I had full sensitivity in my penis perhaps more than ever. I remember there was an intense zing feeling in my penis when I was really horny at one stage. I only took fin for 8. In my case I doubt there is any damage down there.


So I assume you mean you felt back 100%? How long did this last? Did you do blood tests to see what hormones changed? Did you take something that caused this short-term recovery?


Arimidex, in total about 4 - 5 days. The horniness was not constant but when it came it was very strong and I felt that old buzzing in my penis i used to get. At one point I remember beeing really horney. I was drooling at the girl next to me at the traffic lights and was thinking about going to a gentlemans club which I have never been.

The recovery did not last. But it showed me that things do work fine.


Its a shame people haven’t gotten blood tests during these short recoveries. That may shed a lot of light on hormones and ratios etc.


I am not sure if it was just a hormone ratio thing as I have never been able to reproduce it even after taking a break. Also I live in Thailand so detailed blood tests are not possible.


What if pornography caused insensibility ?

Take a look at this website :


Stanley, you are so far off base and clearly have not done enough research or have no concept of the importance of androgens to healthy penile tissue structure and function.

Possible reasons for this issue have already been postulated:


This problem has NOTHING to do with “porn”.


Whay would so many YOUNG and HEALTHY men developped ED after a regular use of porn ? This website is full of member stories. Men as young as 19 or 21 ; totally fucked up by porn.

Do you have statistics about porn consumption of the users of this forum ? I dont think so. I would say it’s high.

I’m not saying it’s all the CAUSES ; and I’m sorry if this is cleary not what caused your symptoms, but it may be what caused ED in some men in this forum. Men that continue to be hooked on some nasty drug.

Go to the webside. Penile insensibility is among symptoms described by people suffering from porn-induced-ED.

And why haven’t you let me post my thread in the general section ? It is absolutely relevant. Some people would win to drop their porn addiction.