Is Neurotransmitter therapy the key to recovery?

I wonder if some of these combinations have some kind of reaction with the Pituitary Gland or Hypothalmus. That could be a logical explanation for feeling a recovery coming on. Anyway do keep us updated. Many of us took Tyrosine for a while, but for me it’s effects wore off after a couple of weeks.

I was told that using any one of these by themselves could make the problem worse by throwing the neurotransmitters more off balance. The stuff that I’m taking is supposed to work on all four classes of neurotransmitters at the same time. Of course, he could just be feeding me the “you can’t do this on your own” because he is worried about his wallet. It’s amazing how skeptical and distrusting I am of doctors because of this ordeal.

Anyway, tomorrow I go to find out the results of the urine test. I’m going to be using a new set of pills. Instead of L-Lysine, 5-Hydroxytryptophan, L-Tyrosine, ect all mixed in to the same capsule, the new stuff is going to be broken down. For example, one pill will be L-Tyrosine, one will be 5-Hydroxytryptophan, etc. How much of each, and how often will all depend on the results of the urine test

I’ll update this thread tomorrow on how things work out.

And also it’s fibrotic, not loose when it’s soft and not hard when it’s erect, always stuck somewhere in the middle.

Also fibrotic here. Painful alot of the time too. Any improvment for you over time, Mart? My shrinkage is bit better, maybe 25% better then April when I crashed. Still nothing close to Pre-Fin.

just posting so I watch this thread.

Good luck joetz


Tyrosine could also convert to mostly Norephrine, thus why L-DOPA & a DRI(Dopamine Reuptake Inhibitor) is more effective than tyrosine alone in increasing dopamine.

Some bad news guys

I was hoping that my urine test results would be in by tomorrow and I could go in, get the adjustment dialed in and hit the bulls eye

I just found out that the results for the urine test are not back yet and I’m going to need to push my appointment back an entire week

I’m really disappointed because I have been progressing so far and now I have to wait. I am impatient, but I guess I’ve waited many years and can handle another week…

It was at it’s worst about 4-6 months off. It really fluctuates now and I have good periods maybe 15% and bad the rest now. The biggest help has been vitamin E oil, I put this on immediately after showering and sometimes more than once a day, keeps the skin soft and makes any contact more pleasant.

:smiley: hows things joetz?

I sent in last tuesday and got the results of my urine test.
Urine test results are in and I get a custom program, with new treatments
Now added to the list of things I take are TyrosineReplete and D5 Mucana

This is the schedule I am on now

AM: 4 Neurorepletes, 2 cysrepletes, 1 D5 Mucuna, 1 TyrosineReplete

Noon: 1 TyrosineReplete, 2 cysrepletes

4PM: 4 4 Neurorepletes, 2 cysrepletes, 1 D5 Mucuna, 1 TyrosineReplete

Here is the bad news: It takes 5 days for thing to build up in my system so I won’t really know if anything is working until sunday/monday. So far things are not really looking good, I have been FLAT for a week now and haven’t been experiencing the amazing, life changing results I was experiencing in the beginning. I think I need another adjustment. On tuesday I will probably have another urine test and then the following tuesday have another adjustment, so it’s probably going to be another two weeks before I have anything positive to report if there is any good news at all.

I’m starting to get a little bit discouraged. I don’t understand why every time I start to find something that works that the effects are only temporary and I go back to my lifeless, neutered, weak, self. I’m convinced there will be a cure one day, but I’m tired of waiting, watching the best years of my life slip by.

Hang in there bud

Probably the same reason bodybuilders need to switch up their routines every few weeks in order to keep building muscle: the body adapts to stressors, and eventually resists them. When working out, switching up routines confuses the muscle and enables it to keep growing, because it never has a chance to adapt to the excercise.

In our cases, perhaps Finasteride altered some hormonal or other setpoint to a new “value”, such that when you deviate from this Fin-induced setpoint, the body will temporarily allow it but then finds a way to compenstate/resist (ie, supplements no longer work), to bring things back to the post-Finasteride balance it has become accustomed to.

Just a guess of course.

I feel you bro!

keep your chin up and good luck!

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Mew, obviously im walking a really thin line here, and it seems inevitable that im going to be kicked off but if anyone else ended a statement with “just a guess of course” you would be all over them about scientific research, quackery and so on.

Tim, it depends on what is being proposed. I never claimed to have all the answers, however some people do claim to around here, even though we both know nobody does. Hence why I said “just a guess”, it was just some random thoughts off the top of my head. It’s only when people state things like its the de facto truth, as if they have the answer and cure for everyone, that others (like myself) start questioning deeper, requesting studies etc.

There’s a difference, and it comes down to how one puts forth their ideas. If you say “guys, here’s the answer for your problems, you just need to believe me and do what I say”, you better have some research to back it up, or why someone should even believe it.

On the other hand, if you preface with “just some thoughts off top of my head, what are your thoughts” or “just hypothesizing here, perhaps the drug did this via…” and open it up for discussion and debate, that’s a lot different. Hopefully you can see the difference I’m getting at.

fair call mew

I agree. This is true of guys who get an initial boost from TRT or DHT replacement, neurological aids like wellbutrin or joetz’s aminos, antibiotics, fuck even the broccolli treatment, then everything goes back to post-fin ‘normal’. There are examples of this from loads of guys on the site.

Still, screw living with this new value for the next thirty of forty years, there must be something that can shunt us back.


You are taking 150 mg of 5-htp. That COULD impose an neurotransmitter imbalance(high sertonin, low dopamine). The good thing is now your taking Mucana Prurienes which should help increase dopamine levels. Tyrosine can convert into Noephrinine as well and can cause high anxiety, hence an imbalance of other neurotransmitters… Keep it up, youll get there…

How is your thyroid looking, are you hypothyroid as well? Any Adrenal issues?

My thyroid is looking good. I’m one of those people that feels like complete crap, but has more or less normal lab test results.
I’ll post another update tomorrow when I come back from my appointment. Even though things have not been good as of late, I’m not ready to give up yet. I’d like to keep pursuing this therapy because I’ve had better results from it than anything else I ever tried. And I’ve tried just about everything imaginable.

I saw Shippen late last week and he said he is now thinking thyroid is at the center of this for alot of us. Im starting a t3 cycle w/clomid. Its called the “Wilson Method” if you care to look it up. Supposedly resets your thyroid. We shall see I guess. The neurotransmitter angle doesnt work maybe give that a shot.