Is it okay to take MCT Oil? Or has anyone crashed from it?

I am thinking of starting MCT Oil.

Does anyone have experience with taking it?
And are there any stories of people crashing on it?

I can’t find anything negative about it here on the forum.

Always want to double check first before taking it, just to make sure.

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

Is MCT oil coconut oil? Google thinks it is.


Coconut is a potent 5ari. I was drinking the juice to help with candida and it knocked me for 12 which is twice as bad as 6


I used this in my coffee pretty heavily for sometime at the beginning stages and had no ill effects that I could tell.

I used to use it and coconut oil to cook with, it never crashed me but I don’t know if it was holding me back. I eliminated it when I eliminated cooking with oils earlier on and that overall appeared to get me slight progress over time. When I first starting taking MCT oil in the morning it would give me more energy overall but around the time I crashed it wouldn’t seem to do anything so the MCT oil went first before I eliminated cooking with coconut oil.