Bad Experience with Coconut Oil

Hello all,

I just wanted to make you aware of a recent experience I had with Coconut Oil. I was researching ways to help my dry skin, since I still get dry skin around my mouth and nose…especially when I’m dehydrated.

Anyway, I decided to ingest about 2 table spoons (15ml) of organic Coconut Oil before going to bed. Before doing this my morning erections were strong and frequent. However, since taking this dose…my erections have subsided again, fading quickly and sometimes don’t even occur.

A stupid mistake I made…and I just wanted to warn you guys with my personal experience. I know that a lot of you are very sensitive when it comes to specific foods, so take care and think before you eat anything out of the ordinary.



interesting u sure it is from it, i have PAS, i have morning woods from it applied topically.

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Topically it has been great for me as well, good body moisturiser…but ingested orally it flatlined me for about 2 weeks. Happy it worked for you!

Edit: Welcome to the forum btw, hope you’re doing well brother

Thanks man all the best hope we recover for fuck sake, i got pretty much all sides from iso, hope u had more luck, k1 and citruline still work on u, i saw that post.

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Stay strong brother, take it easy on the supplements and make sure to live a healthy lifestyle. Message me anytime you need advice (Veteran of 6 years) or a person to talk to.


I’m also sensitive to all coconut products. After a few hours after eating such products I ususally start sweating and I feel irritated without any reasons.


I also had a terrible time with coconut oil. I made a post if you search. Def one to stay away from

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sure man, im in this for 5 years lol. not taking suplements anymore…they are ussles most of the time,and u get fucked from some, except stuff for digestion that was gold…

red it, u should swich to only animal fats, no alergens there…im topicaly applaing coconut oil to my D and i can achive compleate erections plus morning woods are garantied.

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So coconut oil topically applied down there has helped? That’s crazy, need to try that…Anything else that has helped you?

Omg stay away from Cocunut oil
That’s definitely a no go for me