Insomnia/Extreme Fatigue

I’m 5 months off Propecia and I still ache very badly and cant sleep at night ( toss and turn and feel achy all over ) When I wake up from about 5-6 hours of sleep every night I’m very achy, trembling, weak, can barely open my eyes and my eyelids are very heavy. throughout the day I’m exhausted and have little spikes of energy but end up crashing and eventually having to get in bed as soon as I get home from work, Do you think this is Par for the course and it will let up? Also I’m taking a natural Hair supplement called Sheh Min. Thoughts?


This is indeed par for the corse. I often get 8/9 hours of sleep, using sleep aids, but I’m still fatigued. It’s horrible. I think recovering from this particular issue is very individualized. Some reporting improvements in a year or so, some not.

I haven’t slept a solid night once in 6 years. I look like it too. Not to debbie downer you, I will say this…as bad as it still is, it’s much improved in the last 2 years. There was a time where fatigue was so bad every second of every day that I couldn’t function in life. So, I believe you’ll at least get to a “functional” level sooner or later.

Anyone else feel like they are at the edge of insanity? The lack of rest and energy is about to send me over the edge. How did you vets manage this? My mind is about to break. I get dizzy, I can’t function. It’s getting worse over time.

have you tried relaxation techniques before bed? complete body relaxation

this time last year my sleep was terrible,i was taking diazepam most nights,i felt like i was about to lose my mind like you say,this year i am exercising and treating the adrenals,im sleeping like a baby,i eat some high quailty fat before bed like a few poached eggs or some peanut butter on toast etc and that keeps my blood sugar steady through the night,keeps me in a deep sleep,but the most important thing i find is keeping the anxiety at bay by exercising,if you’re full of anxiety your sleep is gonna be shite,get some cardio done,treadmill,bike,stepper etc…

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I’m so exhausted yet can’t sleep, i’m not sure if it’s from stopping Propecia or if it’s many years of adrenal fatigue. My saliva results are normal thought for cortisol. I’m shaky, weak, exhausted, can’t sleep, feel achy, flu like. Thoughts?

No doubt, it’s from the drug. Its hard to accept that you may be fucked up for a long time. I am at the edge of sanity myself. There are not a lot of tips here to go on. Ride it out, take Remeron, or ambian. Pray that you get a little better. Benzo can help to but watch out for addiction.

Try 3mg melatonin time released. ZMA also helps.

I have been lucky that the remeron has given me sleep and energy and even strength. However im now very interested in getting off these drugs and seeing how my body does with just rigorous exercise.

I was told if it’s from propecia ( all these horrible symptoms ) not to drink alcohol or take benzo’s because they work on the same GABA receptors as propecia.

I’m not sure what fin destroyed but I can tell you I got almost zero sleep at first without the benzo. If you can tolerate remeron it’s a good option. I would start there. That acts on histamine not gaba.

Why am I so weak and exhausted 24/7 and sweating?

Is alcohol ok to
Drink being off of propecia? Or will it effect healing?

Anyone? I’m sooo weak and exhausted, cold sweats all day and trembling.

Don’t know what to tell you bro. I haven’t slept in 6 years.

Hi brother. I’m sorry your going through this like the rest of us.

I highly recommend Magnesium Calm. I believe its exactly what you need. Its safe, and natural. It’s been vital to my sleep since suffering from pfs. Aside from help with sleep it also helps with aches and pains. Magnesium is something we all need and for some reason people suffering from pfs seem to be lacking it. A lack of magnesium can cause poor sleep and aches and pains. Get the flavored kind as seen here, … _hpc_img_z

One of the things Magnesium does is it flushes out excess estrogen. So start off with a small amount and work your way up cus taking a large amount right away can make you feel like shit as all the excess estrogen is being released.

Another reason I think you feel so tired is because you are not getting into rem sleep. Even though your sleeping, it’s a light almost awake sleep rather then the deep rem sleep your body needs. My theory on this is because your body knows something is very wrong with your system it sends adrenaline trying to warn you. We are in a constant fight or flight mode.

If your serious about wanting to get better you need to start making some serious sacrifices. No caffeine what so ever. No coffee, no tea, nothing. Eliminate all caffeine! You also need to look into cutting out prescription drugs or supplements because I’ve found these things can be too stimulating for our damaged systems. And yes alcohol can have a major negative impact for people like us. Cut out all alcohol, caffeine etc. and then try the magnesium. Give it a week or two and things should at the very least start to improve slightly.


Thanks so much for the detailed response. Are we sure that it’s the propecia that is causing all
This? I have been off it now for 5 months? Alcohol works on GABA receptors like propecia so is that why I should stay away? I lay in bed and toss and turn all night and then tremble all day long with heavy eyelids and exhaustion. My body is really out of whack. Is 5 months off with symptoms normal?

It’s unbelievable isn’t it?