Insane Sugar Cravings

Hey guys,

Since a secondary crash about a month ago when everything really started going south for me, I have had INSANE sugar cravings that are almost uncontrollable. My body and mind are real screwed up, but in the midst of my constant brain fog, I just have these ridiculous urges for sweets. I’ve been fighting them off, but I gave in and walked to the local chocolate shop, bought a few small pieces of chocolate and devoured them as I was walking home… These cravings are like primal, instinctual as if you were starving. I walked down the road with half-melted chocolate on my fingers and hands and didn’t even give a shit. When I washed my hands in the bathroom I noticed my pupils were very dilated, they were HUGE. I know that this is some sort of screwed up neurosteroid balance in the brain…

Does anyone else have anything going on like this?

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@Andrea has had major sugar cravings.

I had these cravings when I made big improvements. Everything also tasted amazing.

I also had huge cravings when I was underdosed with my thyroid meds, but that’s a different story.

Low testosterone or low neurotransmitters also cause cravings.

Well i’m certainly not having improvements lol. I definitely have fucked up neurochemistry and low Testosterone. But man, I crave sweets all day every day. It’s like an insatiable hunger. Like I stated, I’ve broken a few times and stole a couple cookies off the breakroom table or something but it is like I can eat a hundred and it’s not enough. It’s something inside my brain. I ate a milkshake from chick-fil-a a week ago and felt so guilty about it, ate the whole thing in like 15 minutes, felt completely sick in the stomach but I still had cravings for more. Pre-PFS, I’d be completely satisfied with a full belly and relaxed, but it is like the more I ingest the sugars, the more I want. Like it is so bizarre dude… so crazy how out of wack my body and brain are.

Maybe try to raise dopamine with a supplement. It’s probably a dopamine/serotonin imbalance.

I also had insane sugar cravings in some of my PFS years (the funny thing is that they happened especially when I was thinner). I would eat unhealthy amounts of chocolate cookies and still would need more. Then I stopped masturbating (I went from masturbating 3-4 times a week to once every three weeks or so) and the sugar cravings started being less usual.

It could be a placebo effect, I don’t know, but it helped.

Having PFS is akin to being in severe and chronic sensory deprivation. A good example of this would be solitary confinement in a small dark room. You brain is deprived of positive stimuli due to the absence of libido. Anhedonia, emotional shutdown, apathy and depression ensue, combined with a constant, unfulfillable craving. One way the brain tries to compensate for this is by seeking pleasure elsewhere - for example through sweets. This will provide only partial and fleeting relief.

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Check your 24 hour urinary cortisol labs. I bet they are low, causing low blood sugar.

You ever tried keto diet? You should look it up.

A few users have claimed improvement from a ketogenic diet. Has it helped you?

No i didn’t try it. But it can turn off the sugar cravings. Because you cut out all of the carbs your body starts to take the energy from ketons, not from sugar. I only crave for sugar after masturbation, which is weird.