Insane Sexual Success with Crystal Methamphetamine (110% Libido!)

I’m blown away. It worked.

My libido restored to a good 110% yes higher than pre-pfs (normally it’d be like 200%/300% without pfs on Meth), very overwhelming and very enjoyable. Its not the same as if I did Meth in the past but I’ve just spent hours writing sexual fanction because I was just so damn horny. Visual lust is 100x stronger than arimidex provided.

Please note. I smoked the shit. Its incredibly dangerous and certainly neurotoxic. I’m not recommending this treatment to anyone ever it is simply too risky and the drug has destroyed my life on numerous ocassions.

However with how PFS has affected me I decided to give a strong stim a go, knowing they’re great for sex drive. Guess what? The intense burning of pleasure from a libido returned and looking at porn was like looking at porn again! It felt so insanely good to look at, not flat and devoid of visual lust.

Put it this way guys. Your libido is still there (most likely). Just something is off in our bodies. I’m so glad I’ve found a way to raise libido to an insane amount, it makes life worth living again. Believe me, I do not intend to use meth often. Just when I need a extreme libido for a night or two :slight_smile:

The idea there is no treatments is simply not true. I can treat my libido with stimulants. People report success with daily dose amphetamine/methylphenidate like ADHD patients, possible treatment for you guys? For me, I will continue to ride a low libido but I’m happy knowing every few months I can push it to a libido that not even people without PFS are capable of experiencing.

Don’t lose hope guys, I’m trying all the risky treatments for you all! And not weak shit like herbs. Proper stimulants/dopamine drugs and hormones like proviron/mast. No idea what the science is behind meth helping but I do know its a very powerful dopamine releaser. Seems to make more dopamine release from sexual activity which is probably the heart of our problem, not enough being released in sight of sexual advances.


Did your symptom relief remain after the drug wore off? Describe the symptoms that were alleviated.

How are you feeling right now?

Honestly going to need to hear something very detailed and devoid of emotion if you sincerely are trying to get people to do this stuff.

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No sex drive will plummet again after. This occured even before I had PFS, you will spend a day with low libido on your comedown. I had a libido of about 30% never went above that, even if I waited days without masturbating. Meth immediately sent me back to pre-pfs libido with visual lust where I felt hypersexual, the libido was increased so much I felt like it was stronger than any natural libido I experienced pre-pfs.

Of course it provides euphoria and all kinds of other positive effects but thats not what I was mainly taking it for. Hyperfocus is a big effect, right now I’m able to get a lot of university work done with no stress. Oh and my fan fictions regarding sex was 3000 WORDS LONG

Still high, meth lasts a long time. Not feeling the ‘high’ per se but stimulation yes. I’ve noticed no difference between meth before pfs and after pfs literally every side effect and effect is the same bar libido a bit weaker. Comedown is coming on though, anxiety/muscle aches, apathy likely to follow, lack of motivation, typical low dopamine/serotonin stuff.

I would never suggest anyone touches one of the most poisonous substances on the planet. Never. This is to document my experience for others who may be interested in such information. Not to recommend anything.

A ADHD medicine protocol on the other hand…

Need more details. you haven’t mentioned the most important part. Was is a temporary improvement ? Or its permanent ?

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Temporary. Its completely dose dependent. Higher doses, more often = more libido/hypersexuality

It seems PFS increased the amount I need to achieve a high libido and also reduced the time the libido stays high after a dose.

Meth is unlikely to make epigenetic changes to make me horny again but I’ll let you know in a few days if it does. This is a temporary treatment to give a libido to a PFS patient, in the same way you take sleeping meds to fall asleep do not to cure insomnia.

I’d recommend
5-10mg adderall a day if you were gonna try this protocol, its tested safe as ADHD patients are on protocols up to 60mg a day

Please note I consume a lot more stimulants the average person… I have a good tolerance. 10mg addy would do nothing to me.

Did your erections get stronger too?

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Not really no. Weaker if anything. Likely due to vasoconstriction.

Did your symptoms include penile numbness in addition to poor libido, or mostly just poor libido?

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I have experienced persistent penile numbness since getting PFS

Including now?

Sometimes it is bad, sometimes it isn’t.

Meth help for the penile numbness?

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Let me get back to you on that tmrw because I think it helps a little

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Jesus bro, you’ve been off the drug for what, 2 months?? You need to cool it on all the substance abuse or you’ll have bigger issues than pfs.


I’ve used drugs for 5 years bud

Meth has worn off now. Libido has returned to a low state but with that said, I was horny for a good few hours and extremely horny. I consider this a huge success.

As much as I hate this, hopefully that’s enough to eradicate your suicidal thoughts. But yeh you should allow your brain to try and go back to baseline by not continually messing with it. You could easily make a full recovery without the need for meth. I’m happy for you still.

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It helps because it shows I can still experience hypersexuality should I crave it. That’s a massive help to keep you motivated for recovery.

I’m hoping proviron and mast can provide more permanent results but we’ll see

I’m honestly shocked tho. Expected 50% maybe 70% libido not 110%. I’m sure if I dosed higher too I could achieve even higher libido.

People should really look into trying ADHD protocols as treatment for libido. I think it’s promising with what I’ve discovered here today

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Not to be too personal, but this stuff is important: Do you feel anything while having sex while sober? Does your dick feel numb, basically? It might be useful to take dopamine stimulants for sex as a kind of “mental viagra”. However, if it doesn’t improve feeling then sex still wouldn’t be good on it and one of the three critical components to sexual function would still be missing (desire, erection, and sensation). Maybe you have all 3 intact under medication, but many will still be missing sensation.

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Bro be as personal as you want. I have zero affinity to answering any questions no matter how embarassing one might deem them.

I feel a lot less. Its like sex now is like I’ve masturbated once or twice that day before masturbating (I say sex but I’m a virgin dude so). It definitely feels numb. Cold and leathery, sensation in the head is severely reduced. I used to pull my foreskin back and feel the air burning the tip of my dick, now I can stroke my hand across the tip with minimal pain.

I think your wrong. Not only does it bring back insane desire (making erections easier albeit blood flow is reduced so low dose cialis is required in some) but its a stimulant dude. My best orgasms have been on stimulants, I always described the sex on stimulants better before the orgasm because of increased sensitivity. I don’t think all sensitivity had gone but it certainly should make masturbating more pleasurable. Stimulants just make everything release more pleasure, they also make your dick numb when they wear off so there is something to it… (only temporarily)

I’ve had 20 second orgasms from Meth before. If you have nerve damage that completely prevents sensation I think thats a more serious issue stimulants wont fix.