Important Announcement: Two Community-Led Research Projects - Please Participate


I find it extremely ironic that my report indicates that I do not have the “bald” gene. If only I knew this before preventively taking Propecia.



Hopefully if you didn’t loose your hair naturally it’s possible to get back, I hope my thinning from accutane recovers and if worse comes to worst, they’ll probably have a treatment or cure for baldness or hair loss in a few years I’d say.



Excuse me, but what genes in 23andme going to analyze?
Thank’s a lot



My hair is actually fine

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Oh yeah actually i remember you saying that to me before my apologies.

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how do you find this out?



i don’t have any signs of MPB in my family and never had a single bit of hair loss before this and my hair falls out in clumps every single day due to this condition

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It’s part of their health report



oh is that the more expensive one? i got the one where it tells you your nationality

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Yeah I got it as a gift before pfs. Literally took fun while waiting for my results




I am axolotl, one of the administrators of this forum.

I am writing to give everyone an update regarding our survey project. I am pleased to say the survey is now nearing completion. It has been a substantial undertaking and hundreds of hours of work on both the content and technical fronts. Thank you to the many who contributed to this effort in any way. Thank you also to the PFS, PAS and PSSD patients and community leaders who offered their input.

We will be running a beta test of the survey by early next week. This will only include pre-selected users who have now been notified. Our thanks to all who have confirmed participation. This early beta run is a technical exercise with two main objectives. The first is to test the integration of the survey system with the forum. A good person - let’s call them Papyrus - has been helping us implement a system that will automatically manage the unique survey invites for members of the forum and keep track of who has and hasn’t been assigned one. The second objective is to receive feedback on the user experience, including from those for whom English is a second language.

After this is test is completed and any changes we need to incorporate are addressed, we’ll announce the survey’s launch. You’ll all receive a mail with a unique invite which will automatically be tied to your username and email, so the system will know you’ve been invited. All going well, we’re hoping for this to be in the next few weeks.

The survey aims to generate important and presentable data on Post-Finasteride Syndrome and the other possibly related post-drug/substance disorders. Your participation will be valuable and greatly appreciated.

Thank you



Just uploaded my data, got it today.


Urgent - opportunity to help our community project cheaply
Permanent side effects most probably caused by Candida also causing Progesteron dominance
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I just ordered my kit and will submit my data file as soon as possible.



Are both AncestryDNA and 23 and me basically the same ?

Or would 23 and me be better for this research ?



Hi Mark, the project requires like-for-like SNP set, and so mixing the provider of the tests is not possible, and so it does have to be the 23 and me ancestry pack. Its on offer today for cyber Monday, and so today would be the best day to buy if you can.



I’ve ordered from the 23 and me I should have the kit by the end of the week.



Maybe the PFS foundation could send out an email encouraging all PFS patients to consider getting this test.



Have u noticed they removed the stickies over at solve?



That site seems to be dead now.