Important Announcement: Two Community-Led Research Projects - Please Participate


Hi mate, you can upload using this link:


Sorry about that @youngbuck21 - I’ve updated the original post so it’s no longer hidden. We use a plugin to automatically create a discussion topic for blog posts created on the main website, and it seems to present it in this way by default.

The URL to the blog post was altered since, so I’ve updated this here and in the Community Campaigns thread created by @pete too. So, for those looking to participate by submitting their 23andme raw file, please go to the following page for instructions:

Thank you for the submissions we’ve already received. Do keep these coming in :slight_smile:


Wow mine finished quickly…Did not even take a full month and got the results this morning…I am having trouble downloading the raw data file its a 5mb file and it downloads about 1mb and then just sits there…Gonna have to try later on faster connection…Its all very simple everyone should try it…


Mine is stuck in transit…clearance delay…for 8 days now same status on tracking.


Contact them. I did this when mine was caught up and it seemed to clear quickly. I think that it is quite a common thing.


Wrote an E-mail today, they replied super fast. They say that this could happen, it’s a bigger transfer from europe with a lot of samples. In 1-2 weeks the clearence should be done.


Is the Comprehensive Symptom Survey available yet?


Hi @Giatriko, it’s still being worked on - it’s a very significant undertaking and is requiring a lot of work. We’ll notify all registered users when it’s ready and also make a pinned topic here on the forum.


Hi my report came through and I’ve uploaded my raw data. I have a question just out of interest I’ve attached a screen shot below and you can search for a gene or marker. Does anyone which gene or marker is the one that is suspected of being connected to pfs?.


Thats great, thanks @Ukguy82. Re relevant genes, we’re going to be running analysis to see if there are any commonly occurring single nucleotide polymorphisms in the selection 23andme take to hopefully identify genes of interest that may be leading to the varied predisposition.


my raw data is uploaded :slightly_smiling_face:


Just uploaded my data.

How about everyone else? Whose data is still coming, who is on the fence about doing this? The process is really simple and well designed. Everyone can do it!


My data was uploaded at round about the start of the month. All you need is a few quid and patience, both with the long, slow spit into the small plastic container, and then the wait for results after you post - although you can monitor progress as your dna zips its way to the U.S.A.


Does anyone know how many samples we have, and how many more we need for the project to be effective.


Hey @Ukguy82,

We are now at a point where we can run a cursory frequency analysis to see if it’s worth continuing. Obviously if there’s some sign from the data that it’s not going to be productive or indeed it’s showing something that may be interesting to confirm by having a bigger sample pool, then we’ll share that.

An issue of course as I’ve mentioned is that there are a large amount of single nucleotide polymorphisms in the human genome and we are only able to access a small percentage through the 23andme test result, but nonetheless these have apparently been selected for their established influence in health, so considering the low cost it is worth doing, as the chance of a clue to the predisposing factor on the genomic level is an enormous prize.


Just wanted to say thank you very much again to all who submitted.


Thanks for the update mate. That’s good news. It’s such complicated stuff, but amazing science.


Thank you axolotl and Awor for the work you put in for this projects and others!


Thank you all. Hope to hear some good news in the future



Where are all the post-Accutane submissions?

Just a friendly reminder that this is one of the cheapest and easiest things you can do to contribute. Totally confidential. Plus, it’s entertaining to simply browse the various snp reports.