I'm really really bad

I’m really really bad
All my cartilage has disappeared
A total nightmare
I think I’ll be dead soon…


Ummmmmmm how do you know all your carilage has dissapeared?


Because I have unstable cracking joints!

The same thing had Quanthum.

Man you seem to have it real bad. I can but offer my support and warm thoughts.

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Thanks bro

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Not to take anything away from others but
I’m definitely the worst case of all

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It is the least I can do… I often feel powerless when people send sos like yours… But I have been reading your story and you seem to have been hit hard but always fight like a pro. Never surrender.

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You never had any relief? When I read your story I seem you are in constant crash mate.

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I had an improvement before taking Vitamin D…
from that day I am seriously affected without return

Did you get your VIT D tested before supplementing?


Vit d Kill me

Could have been interesting to have it tested before mate. I am supplementing VIT D but I am in deficiency.

It can be very common with our condition. Still, It would be interesting to check your levels out of curiosity next time. You did not crash on fin right?

Attention friend you can hurt yourself. I had taken 50,000Ui a dose destroyed my bones, joints and connective tissue

I take on drop of organic VIT D a day. My results show deficiency and my GP told me to take some. I did not want to go for medication so I use this organic one. So far I am fine but I am very careful. It is the only thing that I indulged.

I have heared many people say they are the worst case of all, don’t know who to believe :sweat_smile: Apart from that, i see u have it severe man. I also worsened my PSSD 2x with a stupid food supplement called betaine, can’t get out of bed since. I understand something like vitamin D can do such things too. It sucks very bad, hope u survive.


Sorry to hear your back on the bottom, I agree with ape others feel they are the worst case and I know a few who are as bad myself included. Vit D was one of the many things that caused me further damage. My advice would be to stay away from anything else as its not worth the risk. Our minds inflame the effects of the symptoms and we have catastrophic thoughts. This will pass hang on

Thanks for saying that @LazarusRy The endo recently prescribed me 60,000 IU of Vit D once per week for 8 weeks. They do not believe in PAS or PFS so i’ll go slow on Vitamin D. I certainly was deficient at 15 ng/ml.

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