I'm really really bad

It’s very sad to see you suffering like this. I think with any symptom there is a period of emotional discomfort while we struggle to accept the change. You have dealt with many changes and are still here fighting, you can do it again.

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Hi Demon,

Did you consult with Melcangi or any doc that is open-minded regarding PFS ?
I don’t think you should wait and schedule several appointments until your condition wiuld be taken seriously.

The biggest issue is that even the most experienced and knowledgeable in the field still don’t know what it is. Therefore it’s very hard to treat, and the patient runs the risk of getting worse as a result of therapy. It’s literally like taking a stab in the dark.

Of course,

However it is always good to be followed by health professional. There is always a chance that Demon’s case would remind any other case met by a doctor previously and provide Demon with any help that might lower his pain.

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I would try to get some natural vit D given time of year our bodies seem to absorb it better this way. Things will improve take heart

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I am on the same boat! A lot of people here are worsened because of taking supps, vitamins and drugs, some are dead! This shit has to stop and there has to be a warning that suggest the new guys to keep away from any supplements as they do more harm than good. I was pretty good case from the beginning before I took Vit K2 and other stuff aftery second crash and in a 2 months mark I got popping joints and at the moment theu are so dry and stiff, I think I got OA because of that shit! Will confirm that soon at the doctors.


@Demon Hi man, I’ve talked to you already I believe.

I have the full rubber skin on my body too, all my body, arm, and leg hair has turned blonde and died. Do you have any pictures showing your body and what you’re struggling with?

The best way I can explain it is as though my skin has turned into a woman’s, and then aged. Holding rubbery fat in thighs and hips, and i can pull and stretch my skin all over my body. It is very uncomfortable. My metabolism also seems to have shut off. These physical changes is like the steering wheel of control over your own body has been ripped from your hands.

Have you tested your hormones?

My joints are very unstable and hurt a lot. I can barely walk.

I have very low DHT. I started supplementing with transdermal DHT recently. It’s still early to stay but I think it is helping my joints!

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Yes, I think my problem is in the ER receptor and Aromatase.
My DHT is 1900. Out of scale… :slightly_frowning_face::slightly_frowning_face::slightly_frowning_face:

Did you ever get any results with the transdermal DHT?

Yes, I am still using transdermal DHT. It brings my severe and debilitating joint pain into a complete remission, depending on dose. It also improves sexual function when I apply it to abdominal, genital and perineal areas. Unfortunately it also makes my thinking worse (increased impulsivity and aggression, and decreased creativity) and accelerates hair loss greatly.

I have written about it here and elsewhere:

P.S. I am currently using 5a-DHP as well, which has very noticeable effects, though not on anything related to PFS so far, as I have predicted. Will write about this more soon, hopefully.

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Did you notice any skin or muscle changes with these treatments?

I have full body neuropathy (decreased skin sensitivity) which has not subsided with DHT use. I am hypothesizing that it may improve with prolonged use of 5a-DHP, which is converted to allopregnanolone, as the latter may improve nerve functioning.

I never had problems with muscles per se, apart from joint pain which is essentially soft-tissue related. I have very high free T which I assume maintains my muscles pretty well, but obviously not the soft-tissues supporting the joints.

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Did you have any circulation problems, cold limbs?

I do have certain neuropathy-related symptoms such as tingling, which may increase during hot showers. As for cold limbs, I have always had that, as I am pretty sensitive to cold. I haven’t noticed circulation problems.

Thanks for the response. I am getting more lab work soon and I’ll either try more Clomid or something more aggressive. Would you recommend transdermal DHT or TRT cream?

I haven’t used TRT creams, only DHT. If you have joint pain, I certainly recommend it. For me it is a life saver, as I otherwise I can’t walk or do anything with my hands.

Otherwise, for systemic administration in the absence of joint pain, I would say it doesn’t have a strong effect on other PFS symptoms.

For application on genital skin, I refrain from recommending it as it may be risky, but it certainly boosts my sexual function considerably and consistently (i.e. it is not a temporary effect). I personally use it, despite the risks.

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Is this purely erectile function or also libido?

I said it is not a temporary effect but it kinda is in the sense that the effect is strongest right after I apply the cream - in the next 15 minutes. I presume the DHT tissue concentration drops after that below what’s needed.

It works on libido in the sense that the little libido I have produces a bigger response, if you know what I mean. It works kinda the same as Viagra in that respect.

The difference is that it also enhances pleasure along the whole chain from sensation all the way to strength of orgasm, which Viagra does not do.

Are you using andractim when you’re applying?