Im much better after 6 months

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about 1.5 year

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Cold turkey

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[x] Lowered body temperature sometimes

[x] Gum recession (just saw)
[x] Imsomnia (much better now)

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Low Test

So I used Fin for 1.5 year and only side effect was low libido. After I stopped the poison, 2 weeks later I had crash. It was maybe month and I recovered I was hopeful and i had high libido. It was only 1 month and new crash. I have had ZIGZAG recoveries and now i have been 3 month without crash.

I have lost my trust for doctors and pharma. I wont take any meds or vaccines anymore. Nobody believe me because “Doctor said it is not possible”. My doctor also said that if you got sides those gonna leave after 2 weeks. :rofl:

I had cold penis and bad shrinkage but now its better. I still have ED but i think it may improve in future. Also Brain fog and panic attacks are gone. Imsomnia was bad I didnt sleep more than 3h per night and when i woke up i didn’t slept again. Now i can sleep like 7-9 but not as good like pre-fin. First i didnt sweat, now i do. Also dreams are back.

I go to gym 4-5x week for weightlifting (i never had muscle loss and now i have get good gains). I eat example olive oil, chicken, salmon, avocado, bananas, spinach, eggs, meat, grapes, blueberries. I eat one Garlic glove to empty “gut” every morning for probiotic. I think this is gut related issue.

Sunflower oil and chocolate are BAD for me. I also avoid gluten and dairy. I am also low-carb diet.

When I use butter I usually wake up with morning food (Increase DHT). I avoid butter because i dont know is it good thing.

Only supplement i use is Omega 3 capsule that contains D and A vitamin.

I have been 4 month NOFAP.

I started Intermittent fasting (15:9) i don’t know if its help or not.

I have text with guy from Finland who said he recovered after 9 months.

Things that i think that helped (only my thoughts):
Pomegranate (when i ate this I got morning wood always. I ate this month and stopped because i read its anti-androgenic)
Gym (Boosting Testo)
Stressing less
Not using this site

I don’t use this site because it stress me much and i think that its not good for me. So don’t expect that I answer questions. I may come later watch if there is good tips or questions.

If you are new I would say do not use any supplements and don’t do any stupid. It probably improve with time. I also believe gene-technology will save many of us (CRISPR).

Do you think i could recover fully and what i should do now?

The gum recession is thing that i saw just and Im scared because i don’t know how to stop it. Do you have any tips or tricks?


Hello @anon54728730, and welcome to the forum!

Really good to see that you’re improving! Also good to see that you’re maintaining a lot of healthy habits. At the same, I’d be cautious in concluding that the reason you’re improving is that your diet/exercise regimen/nofap/eating garlic etc. It seems to be pretty common to see improvements in symptoms in the months after quitting finasteride, regardless of what supplements or diet the person has. That’s not to say that improving your lifestyle hasn’t helped – it might have! I’m just saying that PFS is complicated, and recoveries in the first few months seem to be frequent. It is just as likely that you would have improved without any of the interventions you mentioned. There’s no way to know for sure.

In any case, thank you for sharing your story and giving us a sense for your current lifestyle. I hope you’ll come back and update everyone about your progress as you (hopefully) keep improving.

I wonder which Finnish guy you were talking to. Perhaps it was @Dynaaminen ? I believe he’s Finnish.

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We are very glad to hear that you are much better!
Especially the recovery of mental problems, I believe you will do better in the future.
You said that you only had low libido while you take fin and crashed after stopping fin, which is very like a fully recovered person I know @ChineseGuy .
I just guess that the degree of “natural recovery” has something to do with the side effects during fin.
In addition, your head portrait is very like Sugar house! :joy:


No it wasnt Dynaaminen it was someone much younger. I think there is more people who recover, but they dont use this site.

I will inform more in the future. If i don’t remember, I am recovered.

What do you think about gum recession?

It’s certainly been mentioned here many times. I have some degree of it, but not as bad as many others. I just do the basic mouth hygiene stuff and hope that it helps - electric toothbrush and regular flossing. If it gets really bad, it’s possible to do gum grafts - these procedures have gotten a lot more effective, as I understand it. Probably not a pleasant thing though.

I used moutwash few times for gum recession and boom i got worse.
I think this is nitric oxide thing?

Do you think i will return back to my good state?

Impossible to say. I’ve seen reports of cognitive symptoms resolving quickly, but I’d think that physical symptoms would be harder to reverse.

This mouthwash thing went out quick, maybe 5 days. I have started to getting morning woods and my dick is not so rubbery anymore. Testicles are also fully. It recovered quick. I dont know if this is permanent recovery or not. Least i know that this disease was not permanent. I had shrinkage and narrowing at my worst days.

I am maybe 80% recovered now.
My gut is still messing, i have to pee more than normal and my dick is not 100%
Totally fine now and i expect full recover after 12 month post fin (now 7 month)

I eat everyday chicken (protein=amino acids), pineapple (tryptophan) spinach (magnesium+NO)
(some people have talked about neurotransmitter problem and serotonin defiency = reason i eat this way)

I do breathing exercises to increase NO production
I exercise 5x week gym and walk everyday 30 min

Ask if you have something, answer may take a time but i try to answer.


Hey, I’m also around 90%-95% mark towards a full recovery. I think the thing that helped most maybe a lifestyle change. I moved back to China from U.S around a year ago and there’s was a significant change on PFS during that period. I also took L-arginine and I think it helped on the sexual sides. Congrats on your progress and hope you get fully recovered soon.

Do you drink alcohol or coffee?
How long it took that you felt recovered?
What sides you have still?

I found out that if i watch porn too much i got mini crash. Weird…

I have also moved. I think stress is big thing in this disease.

Coffe made me crash once when I was 2 months into pfs. So I never touched it since then.
I had almost every side effect including body hairloss, joint pain, cold feet… I felt 60-70 percent recovered except for sexual sides around 1 year mark. I felt 80 percent recovered (including sexual sides) around 1 year and 9 months mark. Now I’m two years in and feel 90-95% recovered. I still suffer from headache but it’s like come and go. And I still suffer from often feeling tired. Panic attack has been an issue for me but it has gotten better significantly this year.


I have started to eat aspargus everyday and my gut is pretty normal now.

@anon54728730, Hi, May I know if you have ever caught covid or got vaccinated? How did them affect your recovery? Thanks.

I have vaccinated 2 times and i dont have had covid 19.

I have imsomnia now, it came back. How long you had these symptoms? And have you drink alcohol or do you eat normally nowdays?

I never had insomnia but I always felt tired even after a full night of sleep. I drink beer some times and eat everything normal(McDonald’s, steak, rice, noodles).

How do you think the covid vaccines affect you?

I don’t know. Crashes was few weeks after vaccinating but i wouldnt say that those have correlation.

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proud of your progress,

Please tell us:

  • What were some signs you were REALLY starting to recover sexually?
  • Did you have penile numbness? did that recover
  • Do you have visual libido
  • Can you get hard from pure horniness
  • are you back to pre-fin erections?

this is all I need to know at this point in my journey

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-I have morning wood every morning
-Yes i had numbness and still have some
-Yes i have visual libido
-I dont know
-Sometimes my erections are pretty normal but pretty often it feels like my dick doesnt have right form.

Im maybe 50-70% recovered in sexual problems (i have been on no fap so i am not sure).

I got imsomnia back, after 4 month without it.

Do you think that avocado is bad for me? I eat it like 2-3 per day. What about carbs? Should i eat rice or potato?

I find that i do better with a fairly high carb diet. I’m not sure what’s the best source for me though. I can tolerate all types of carbs, but I’m noticing that cutting out all grains makes me feel about 10-15% better. That includes cutting out things like rice and quinoa.

So that leaves a pretty limited range of root vegetables like sweet potatoes. That’s not something i can keep up long term.