I'm injecting Triptorelin tomorrow -- any advice?

I ordered the triptorelin from United Pharmacies as suggested by Apr1989 on his Tribulus/Triptorelin thread:
unitedpharmacies.com/Decapep … relin.html

Does anyone w/ any “expertise” have any suggestions on:

-best time to inject (first thing in the morning to mimic natural hormonal pattern?)
-best injection site (arm or above buttocks? does it matter?)
-any other tips?
-surprisingly, I received 7 already loaded syringes, each marked “.1mg” – I’m only planning to take one injection, just once. just mentioning that in case I missed something.

I’m planning on continuing natural t-boosters and 1 week cycles of hihg-protodioscin tribulus after injection. (I’m off cycle right now from Tribulus for the coming week).

Unsure if I should mess with progesterone in the coming weeks, something I’ve been experimenting with.

Thanks very much

Good luck man, I know somone who claims full recovery from it. Everything I have read suggest one time use can permanently raise your testosterone levels

Definitely you are on the right path, I have been looking into this heavily. The poster who said it cured him and then needed Tribulus was missing something. I advise you to try something different than him, here is what really happened I believe.

He injected Tribulus, it reset all his receptors, it in effect lead to his possible cure, his testosterone went up and then started to decline. He did not realize that his testosterone was declining again, so he started using Tribulus supplements, they are something I advise you to stay away from. He was getting testosterone boosting from them, but he didn’t need tribulus.
Here is what I suggest you do and what I plan to do as soon as the testosterone in my body wears off (it is suggested to wait 2 weeks after last injection). I plan to inject it and then allow my body to recover as I have read many people (steroid abusers with total shutdown). After my body recovers, I will then go back on testosterone as I believe this is the holy grail and we may have here a cure.
This is the ultimate PCT, the ultimate reset of all androgen receptors. I am sure you already read, do not inject more than 100MCG twice a year. You should expect your testicles to start hurting really bad possibly, but don’t worry, that is just them turning back on. I have read and read about this trying to find any horror stories. I could not find any, though if you used a high dose of this then you would be in trouble, so it must only be 100MCG.
I am excited for you and us! I would inject it now, but I am afraid to while having testosterone injection in my system, it seems you need to be all natural. Finatruth, why aren’t you injecting this stuff man!?

Here is a link to it I found from a pro-body builder forum where they all have used this, all positive results too.

purchasepeptides.com/buy-pep … -free-usa/

good luck man
i am also thinking about that, so hope you will get good results.

Good lucky man.

Two of my friends want to try it on Tuesday, I was going to wait, but what the hell, it can’t hurt at that dose, any word from the OP? How did it go?

No immediate effect, not that I was expecting one.

Not sure what the time frame of expectation is.

I’m tempering my expectations, anyway.

I was thinking, and I don’t think what you bought is legit, if it came in liquid form it is already bad, you need to buy it from a peptide site. I posted a link here, you have to mix it yourself with bacteriostatic water. If it arrived in an ampule already mixed but not refrigerated then it’s bad. It has to stay refrigerated once it is in liquid form.
From what I read on the bodybuilder forums, they notices their nuts started to pump up, so look for the size of your nuts increasing, also I saw reports of testicular pain. It also takes a week or so, so be patient, please report back any changes, thanks

Well, I purchased the precise product which Apr1984 linked to, and it was shipped with ice packs. I received it 3 days after it was reported to have been shipped. Apr1984 recommended ordering early in the week to make sure the package was not sitting around, as it degrades rapidly. He also said that he had used several peptide products which had not worked for him, according to lab tests which showed no change in T. One week after shooting up the United Pharmacies product which I linked to, he reported that his T shot up to 1000+. And he didn’t claim this helped him symptomatically…it was his cycles of high protodioscin tribulus which he thinks worked synergistically with this raised T, etc.

Now, granted, the package wasn’t freezing cold, but I immediately refrigerated it.

So…what do you think?

Are you saying it was not legit because I didn’t experience an obvious or immediate reaction? Let’s see what happens in a week from now. I’ve felt a strong testicle pain on previous stints of testim. I’m probably going to start tribulus again at week’s end, also.


Your plan is to do one shot of Triptorelin, and then eventually take (just?) testosterone injections…indefinitely?

Can you explain why you think Apr1984’s T was declining?

Why would a natural T-booster like Trib not be a good alternative to T injections which are suppressive?

How long would you wait until after a Triptorelin shot before taking natural T-boosters like Tribulus or DAA? (stuff I’ve played with until very recently)


I’m sure that what you have is legit. All the finasteride/dutasteride I took over the years was ordered from United Pharmacies and it definitely was potent, because I’m here.

I have the same Triptorelin pack from them and received it in the ice box. I’ve yet to inject it, however, since I’d like to get a baseline reading on my total T, free T, DHT, LH, and FSH (for starters). Dr. Irwig is my regular endo and I’m scheduled to see him tomorrow. My past readings seem to indicate secondary hypo, but it’s been over two years since I’ve been checked out. Dr. Crisler was the last one to order my bloods and urine tests.


I was taking Clomid at the time of these tests and you can see I’m a hyper-excreter. High testosterone in my urine but low serum levels.

Yeah if it’s already a liquid then it’s not genuine.

Every reliable peptide must arrive in powder form and be reconsituted with bacteriostatic water.

If you go to eroids.com there will be dozens of links to reputable suppliers in your region.

United Pharmacies are also known for cloning cards so I wouldn’t order from them regardless.

Well, I have no idea, but I just reviewed Apr1984’s thread again and these were some excerpts where he vouches for the efficacy and legitimacy of this premixed (but cold-packed) formulation and reports that the peptide products didn’t work:

He also reported that he waited a couple of months after the triptorelin before messing around with tribulus, which was one of my other concerns:

what I’m confused about is if the sexual problems is only one part of what we are dealing with, how would this solve anything? Im just trying to understand, if the problem is in the brain or in receptors or whatever the theory may be, how would jumpstarting your testosterone help at all? Most of us have normal testosterone anyway.

Please elaborate on why this would do anything for us. Because I want to find a cure as well. It just seems that testosterone and hormones is not the main issue at all. Don’t take my post in the wrong way i am genuinely curious as to what the theory behind this is.

I ignored Triptorelin at first for that same reason, until I started reading reports about body builders who abused steroids for years and their receptors stopped responding. One shot of this and they were back, how can resetting your receptors be a bad thing with this condition? It helped that APR guy, definitely worth a shot, I am going to be doing it tomorrow, though I am currently in remission thanks to HGH.

you are on growth hormone as well as HRT? How long have you been on HGH? Let us know of the process after you take the shot.

I’m curious about all this stuff bc my androgens have been damaged, i don’t have body odor anymore, i don’t sweat from my armpits or feet. My testicle hair turned white. Its like I’m back to pre-puberty. So 5AR and androgens play a big role in all this for sure.

Those of you who took Triptorelin or are about to take it: Have you had low T or normal T before taking it? I am asking because my T is in upper range and I am wondering if I can take it.

Stop being an idiot. Prepubescents don’t have neurological level insomnia or digestion trouble. No one here has ever fixed 5ar and there is no proof that it’s the problem anyway.

It’s pretty clear to me the problem is 5AR production, how else do you explain that when people start to recover they have SIDE EFFECTS of 5AR enzyme production? The positive effects are one thing, but oily skin, male sexual pheromonal scent, acne, those are unwanted side effects of 5AR production. If 5AR production was consistently working, numerous people would not report side effects from 5AR production during recovery.
My PFS is in remission and I have now all the side effects of 5 AR enzyme production, coinciding with the positive effects. 5 AR enzymes reduce test to DHT which regulates estrogen, it is a chain. Also MCI, your logic is flawed, indeed he could have prepubescent secondary sexual characteristics from 5AR deficiency and still have other problems adults would have.
It is not as though this deficiency would reverse digestive disorders! You know MCI, you insult people regularly for their views, and your understandings of pharmacology and medicine are extremely lacking. For someone so uneducated, you should keep quiet rather than insulting people, perhaps you might learn something.