Ihatepropecia1's brain fog discussion

That’s why the people here are keep doing the same mistakes, on every warning you get a counter. It doesn’t matter what the dosage is, if it will crash you it will, even if you are taking the recommended amount! It is the same as whether you are taking 0.1mg or 1mg Fin, if you are sensitive to this it will eventually fuck you up. What’s the point preaching that something will do no harm when you are not 100% sure about that?
What would you fix with B12 when you don’t even know what is broken?
Guys, you have to wake up and use some common sense before say or do something, it’s not that hard, is it?


B vitamins I believe are methyl donors- I personally would avoid.

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I’m starting to take super b-complex with vitamin c and P5p… should I not?

Stay the fuck away from b12! It is methyl donors and can worsen you permenantly, just don’t take nothing it’s the best route of action. You don’t fight fire with more fire

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Hey everyone, I’m now 2 weeks since my last finasteride pill and yet the sides are hitting even worse. My brain fog has doubled, I’ve had to quit my job, drop out of school and hardly can think. I am eating clean, taking fish oils, and am seeing a neurosurgeon but idk what to do anymore. I don’t see this brain fog going away. It seems like permanent damage. Does anyone have any experience using Adderall or vyvanse to help with the brain fog? I’m dead inside

Hi everyone. Im now two weeks post finasteride last pill and my brain fog is worse then ever. I read some reports that brain fog is actually considered brain damage from the finasteride. I’m starting to think I will never recover from this brain fog especially since it can be considered brain damage I don’t see a light at the end of the tunnel. I had to drop out of college, lost my job, and am going to be homeless soon all because of finasteride ruining my brain. I’m trying to see a neurologist to see if I can fix it surgically but I don’t know anymore. That pill made me fucking retarded and disabled, how did you guys deal with brain fog and keep your job and move forward? I don’t see an end. My life is over if I can’t study and become a doctor

HI everyone,

I am now over a month past my last finasteride pill and still have horrible brain fog. It is like this feeling that something is in my brain, it is like a pressure in my brain. I am getting perfect sleep, diet and all else and yet the brain fog is absolutely horrible. I am barely surviving because of this. Has anyone here had success with Modafinil? I used Adderall the past week and It was extremely helpful the first few times but the past few days the brain fog has become even worse along with my ED and I am starting to think I just experienced what everyone calls the crash.

Any advice helps. Please.

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Mate, trying this and that, especially from the beginning won’t get you in better place. Additional self-medcating could be really harmful, I would suggest you to stay away from it. Try simple things, warm lemon water every morning on emty stomach, 1 day a week dry fasting, workout, monitor your food, what makes you worse, then try to avoid it, try not to eat sugar, drink alcohol forna while… Stuff like that, simple but not harmful. Run blood test to see where are you at.
Dry brushing allegedly helps too.
If you don’t risk it, the chance to recover is really big!
Just be patient.

I started taking Adderall last week on a doctors recommendation are you saying I should fully stop the Adderall or this could cause me not to recover? It has been the only that has given me any brain relief and made it possible for me to study

Do not overshoot it…

what do you mean by do not overshoot it? I am taking 15mg right now which is supposedly pretty low. My doctor is the one that gave it to me.

What did you do to get rid of your brain fog?? is it permanent for me :(?

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Brain fog is one of those symptoms that I often see resolve on their own in people. Do you have ADHD or are you just taking stimulants for your brain fog?

I have ADHD but I am also using it to reduce the brain fog. It worked the first few days but stopped, I can’t function again. I am thinking of trying Modafinil

Brother modafinil was better for me but my doc insisted on mph and my dose was 20 mg extended release. Then he raised to 40 because of my weight and my Brain returned. Give it time at least 1 month.

Hi everyone. I’ve been off fin for over one month. After having to drop half of my college courses because finasteride made me retarded I also lost my job and am failing two of the easiest classes in the school. Upon a phsychiatrist recommendation I have been taking adderall for two weeks which helped a lot in the beginning but my brain is still barely working. I can’t think, I can’t function, there’s constant pressure in my head that’s not a headache but severe pressure is the only way to describe it. I don’t know if I should get off the adderall or if its making me worse long term? Also what do I do? If I can’t resolve this soon I’m heading down the path of being another suicide victim because of finasteride. Do you guys recommend stopping adderall even though it’s the one thing that makes me able to read 1 page a day? Should I try modafinil? Clomid? Mushrooms?

And please don’t give me the BS eat healthy and get enough sleep. I’ve had a perfect diet and perfect sleep the past fucking month and nothing. I’m sick of this

I’d advise against this, particularly at such an early stage of having PFS. Aromatase Inhibitors have caused a worsening for some with PFS and are the direct cause of some of our members’ problems.

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So you think no adderall is that what you mean? Or is adderall ok?

Cortef helps with brainfog

Just 1 month? Your journey is only just beginning. I was for 2 years on brain fog… did not get better on its own at all, until I started taking supplements. My 2c.

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