Ibuprofen Use


Why do I always feel better after taking ibuprofen even if I don’t have a headache (as far as my post fin symptomps). Should I be taking ibuprofen regularly for my prostate and to curb the post fin side effects? I’ve been off 6 months after being on over a year and a half. Will this thin my blood too much? How does ibuprofen help?


what do u mean feeling better ? sexual?


Sexual too but mostly less brain fog, quicker reaction time, no issues with chest tightness, anxiousness decreased slightly, etc.


I would strongly advise against chronic Ibuprofen usage. As with most NSAID’s (of which Propecia is), they run the risk of causing internal stomach bleeding (look this up). For this reason, only use Ibuprofen when absolutely neccessary, e.g., when you have the flu, a bad cold, sprained ankle, etc.

As for other anti-inflammatories, supposedly Quercetin helps (natural, free), omega-3’s, or if you can, Minocycline. Minocycline is a synthetic tetracycline anti-biotic, but has neuroprotective effects and anti-inflammatory actions.

But really… Don’t pop Ibuprofen like it’s candy–unless you want ulcers at insert age


Ive started some posts regarding this but i am with you 100%

After taking ibuprofen ( even a low dose) i feel 200% better.
i dont know what it is but it takes away all the brain Fog and makes me concentrate like no other and takes over most of the sides.
Its an anti inflamatory.

I don’t take it regularly but when i feel really bad i take it and i am fine again.

Anyone else care to comment?


Ok so what the hell.

I take a low dose of iuprofen about 400mg at about 5-6 in the afternoon.
feel well then go to sleep around 11pm in the morning i wake up feeling 100% i mean i feel amazing pre pre propecia levels.
I have dreams and everything.

Im sure the ibuprofen has worn off a long time ago. since its supposed to last about 6-8 hours.

I had brain fog yesterday as i have every day.
Ill try anything at this point so i decided to put this to the test.
So I took a dose about 6pm went to sleep about 11 and here i am at 8am feeling like ive never felt in the past 16 months since off Propecia.

I am on absolutely no other prescribed medication and have not taken any vitamins for this test. *just protein shakes which i have been taking for months.

Whats going on???i will report how i feel throughout the way but right now i feel “sharp”. Anyone have any ideas / theories?

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Wow. Check these articles out.

sciencedaily.com/releases/20 … 112143.htm

reuters.com/article/healthNe … 3720070816

It looks like there may be a link between the brain and liver. I believe this was just talked about on another thread somewhere??


Besides mental clarity, how’s the downstairs department?


razor…are u talking about sexual functions too?


yes everything. When i take IBU i feel completely fine!
When i stop i feel shit again.

What the hell?


Anyone else going to give this a shot??


Well, I took two Ibuprofen yesterday afternoon, and two before bed. Then another two around midday today. I have to say that I am feeling a bit sharper today, less tired, and less anxious. No apparent effect on libido or ED.

I think that we should try some kind of trial insofar as we can: as many guys as possible should try this. Detail the symptoms you’re suffering, and report results.

If Ibuprofen really is helping, it would indicate that some kind of inflammation is part of the post-Fin syndrome. It could be neuronal inflammation, which occurs alongside de-myelination in the brain. Considering that many of our symptoms are similar to those found in other de-myelinating diseases - muscle twitches, memory problems, fatigue - all this isn’t quite as crazy as it sounds.

But we must also bear in mind the possibility that this is simple placebo effect.

Still, given how easy this is to try, it’s worth it. Obviously long-term Ibuprofen use isn’t desirable, but a few days isn’t going to do any harm.

Mew, any thoughts on this?



Well i always knew i had some kind of inflamation i have been having elevated c reactive protein levels since my first test more than 3 years ago.

The big question is why do we have inflamation, why does it become chronic?

Is it a coincidence that T reduce inflammation, I dont think so but who knows.


On the other hand.

Inflamation reduce T so which came first?

I know i heard that u can actually trace different kind of c-reactive proteins to c somehow whats inflammed in the body.

In my case i know its my intestines but could be more places too.

Just got my latest bloodwork back, T went from top 1/3 of scale to low 1/3 of scale in less than 4 weeks. I was feeling fine. Then 1 meal of gluten porridge with an alergic reaction and ive been feeling shitty since and the labs prove it.


As for Ibuprofen improving symptoms minutes or hours after taking it, it hasn’t done so for me. I took 400mg about 2 hours ago. If the sleeping afterwards is important to seeing an effect, well then I don’t know.

Heh, if what’shisname were here he’d be chalking this up to relieving inflammaion of Cpn, lol.

Anyway, glad you were relieved from the suffering of sides; I wish I could feel normal again even if only for a few hrs. Make sure to tell your doctor about this and see what he thinks…


I had complete normal feeling after i took tylenol last week for my back one day. I am testing this as I just took some and will let you all know how I feel in tomorrow. I know its not ibuprofen but I just checking to see what happens with tylenol again.


Well it wasnt the tylenol. It just must have been one of them good days. Still feel like crap today. Another day on the rollercoaster.




dude i slept 12 hours for 3 straight days and i felt 40% better.


Guys…same thing for me…advil seems to work.

When I started taking propecia I actually “felt” activity close to the surface of the scalp, or particularly at night.
I stopped taking this stuff about a month ago (thank God) and have had a nightmarish of a time falling asleep. During the day I feel week and living in an altered state of reality. I also have tons of scalp or this weird brain activity going on during the day and at times into the night…

I decided to take Advil and this stuff really seems to help me out in feeling better. Sharpness and cognitive speed seems to return. How am I going to explain this to my already reluctant piss-ass doctor? Anyway, I plan on letting the neurologist know about this and the possible link of the brain nerve endings being possibly inflammed. MRI time? My liver’s bloodtest came out fine, but maybe there could be a liver to brain after-effect still hanging on?

God bless you all in recovering…and keep posting on this topic, i think we may be on to something here…