Hi, some information i wanted to share.

I stopped fina some 8 years ago, had some troubles, but after learning about cleansing every organ in the body, proper feeding, way of living, experimenting with herbs, ghb, etc i felt i was 100% symptom free. I started fina at 20, and took it like 7 or 8 years so, in any case, it would never be completely clear to me how my body and brain was in my early days since years pass, and it would only be expected there would be some change over time no, just to much time passed since then.

1 Month back i decided to take a flood dose of iboga ta for my weight 3,2 grams for spiritual purpouses, and to stop smoking Tobacco wich did not work although i smoke way less.
During my trip, i clearly could feel a cleansing sensation in my brain that took some time, and was a great sensation, also the same in some part of my chest, a strong feel of a cleansing sensation, and the last part i felt it very clearly in my prostate this cleansing sensation.

All i can say, up to 1 week after i felt somewhat blank and off, but the weeks after that i feel pretty much better than normal, the thing is last few weeks i wake up with strong morning wood every day all day, and somehow my interest in woman and seks is way higher than normal, now what is normal i dont know to begin with, i thought i was normal, maybe this is just a side effect of iboga could not find it when i searched though.

Now this then leads me to believe iboga cleansed, repaired, or did reset something in my brain/chest/and prostate.
I also was on anti depressant for 2 years next to the fina, ssri can also cause lasting effects on brain Chemistry etc.
I know cleansing and know iboga is a strong cleanser makes u urinate/sweat/vomit a lot you definatly feel cleansed afterwards, it also leaves you in a zen state, a still mind, that could be nice for people with those problems , but when your mind is zen already it leaves you sort off blank but its quickly coming back, in my case i like a busy mind.

I think people with strong lasting sides from fina, should consider ibogaïne for releaf, i dont know the pathways iboga works on precisely, all i can say i think it was definately woth it for me, the trip was rather pleasant, exept for the vomiting and reduced motor skills, and it took me 24hours to get them back.
I suggest people with real big problems to investigate this herb.


Interesting. Is there anywhere online that sells ibogaïne ?

I quess there are multiple vendors to pick from, i would pick a source from the Netherlands, do some research.
There even is a tincture available for microdose purpouse, for those that dont like to do a full experience, that could be interesting.
From what little i red, it works on dopamine/serotonine receptors, amongst a lot of other pathways in the brain, some feel it did restart their htpa axis.

Hmm… I’m part nervous to try it… and part intrigued.
Didn’t you report a while back that other things had helped you? Did this just bring you back even more?

It’s very interesting, thanks for posting.

I cannot explain it better than in my opening post, i did a lot of things that helped me get more healthy, and thus be in better condition in every aspect.
But i somehow feel iboga cleansed me at cellular level in my brain chest and prostate, and somehow reset things, i cannot it explain it better, and did not expect an outcome like rised libido, constant morningwood, etc.
For me the most interesting part was feeling it actually working within my body during my journey, very specifik, and good to interpret.

There is a nice pile of study being done on iboga already, one can filter that, in regards to the most likely pathways fina works on, and try to find why iboga had this impact on these subjects, i can only tell you what i feel, and that would be iboga seemed to correct some damage done on some pathways/proccesses i dont understand, but my feeling tells me this damage was done by either fina or sssri,s and i would not have considered myself to be a victim of these before my journey with iboga, seeing the outcome and month after i came to this conclusion.

If ibogaïne can cure PSF does that mean our bodies are some how addicted to Finasteride ?

It’s an interesting theory, that it could be some kind of withdrawal thing. I highly doubt this, but I’m not doubting that Iboga could have really helped out this guys symptoms. I think, if anything, it’s about the cleansing aspect and the mechanisms they don’t fully understand.

Maybe the analogy would be that, as for someone who has been taking cocaine, the functioning of our brain seems to have been permanently altered.

The best thing to do is probably to go to a specialized center: ibogaine.co.uk/options.htm#.Ul37JVBLM0M
It sure doesn’t seem cheap.

some additional info, i did get ta version wich actually was tpa, and wich cointained all alkaloids iboga root has, coming from here ibogaworld.com/ it is based in the Netherlands, dont know where they ship to but they are very helpfull in regards to questions one might have.

Also i was no complete stranger in regards to spychedelics, did 2 rounds of mescaline, and a minor dose of dmt, therefore i was convinced to take the iboga on my own, with no sitter, since i feel most safe at home, and could not think of a sitter, and since i had some earlier experience with other mind expanding substance.

I just told my neighbour not to bother me the coming days, unplugged my ding dong?, got me 2 buckets one to tinkle in, the other to vomit in, and kept plenty of water and some juice next to me.
I did not feel totally disconnected from this world, al the time i knew what i took and what was happening, and i could steer my thoughts during my trip, now if this happens under any circumstance dont think so, also the advise one reads on the net, would be to have a sitter minimal.

In my case, i felt taken care of from iboga never really got anxious or scared, it just is a long trip you endure.
In any case one should read up plenty, have good trust intentions beforehand, try and relax as much as possible, and just let it be whatever comes comes. That was my approach.

Also there are numberous reportings of people after ibogaïne reporting increased libido morning wood etc, so maybe this is just a side effect of the material itself?. Dont know but until now it kept with me, and i could feel the cleansing part very distinctly.
On my responsability nobody should take iboga, study and decide for yourself.

Must also admit there is a subtile change of in feeling in my scrotum(sack) , like it recentisized something, and a strong urge to mastrubate since i dont have a gf atm.
For peeps in total dispair from fina issues, my choice would be easy. I took it because it seemed the right thing to do i,m a curious fella, never had fina on my mind in regards to taking it. I plan on using it once more in maybe 6 months or so, also ayahuasca is still on my to do list.

The purpose of Bwiti is to heal the individual and the community, to reestablish the bridge to the ancestors and to heal the rifts between men and woman.

Bye now,

Seem interesting, from what I’ve read it somehow ‘resets’ the receptors associated with Opiate abuse.

Only issue is I’ve always been mentally fragile when it comes to drugs. Even stimulants can put me into a negative thought loop, so I don’t know if I’d be able to handle psychedelics. Don’t think I could afford the long recovery period either.

Maybe if I can book a Friday and Monday off work I can give this a go in the future.

Do you think it’ll have any beneficial effects at a lower dose than that prescribed for opiate addiction? A full detox sounds risky.

I think microdose has its purpouse, even in tiny ammounts it builds up in the body over time as noribogaine, i think the proces will be slow and very gradual, unlike a flood dose you have an direct outcome, but i think microdose could have the same outcome in the end, i just dont know.

Interesting report on Ibogaine here. It seems to reset something in the brain for drug addicts. But the question is can it help us ?

youtube.com/watch?feature=pl … j69U#t=254

So, that guy cdnuts recovered thanks to fasting, now this… It is getting more and more clear that dopamine receptors are at play here, at least for some of us. Someone should try this and let us know.

Anyone is considering it?

I’ve ordered 1 gram of Ibogaine its very expensive it cost me 60euro.

Anyway Ill see if it helps me and report back.

I ordered 4 grams and should receive them next week. It’s good because this way we can compare the results one’s get with a flood treatment and a lower dose.

It’s actually a bit cheaper if you buy more of it. I paid 260 US dollars for the 4 grams.

Best to start off on a low dose I read that effects of the drug can last up to 48hours.

I’m gonna start with a little dose first to see how I’m reacting, then decide if I’m making the flood treatment the same day or if I’m waiting a couple of days. I won’t have anything planned for the week after. I know it will take me a couple of days to be able to function normally again.