I will beginning proviron trial

Hello guys, I know many here already tried this… some to varying degrees. I will want to trial it at least for a month or two to see how it feels. Is this the correct duration? the half life are 12- 13 hours. I am hoping to take 50mg 2x a day for 100mg. but maybe the first week I will start 25mg a day to see if i have some bad effect.

I experience hard flaccid/rubber flaccid/ long flaccid. numb genital, reduced sensitivity, smaller penis size, mental fatigue, no libido, heart palpation at 4am , panic and anxiety, waking up feeling like im in a nightmare but as the day progress i feel a bit better… especially if i focus on something work or elsewhere. Also I feel penile pain very often.

I will combine this proviron with heat sock at 40C , and some supplement I take serrapeptate, nattokinase, cialis 5mg/daily and cistanche. I hope to see some improvement in my symptoms. I am very new in this , and i wish i didnt have to be here but it is what it is. please hope for me. I plan to try HCG if proviron dont work, then hcg + proviron maybe and andractim later on penis as cream. I dont know. We will see, i will keep a log going. my proviron i should arrive sometime soon.

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