I think Human Growth Hormone is the cure.

I think Growth Hormone is the cure.

There is a lot of talk about ‘androgen insensitivity’ and many men are taking high doses of T.

I think GROWTH HORMONE IS RESPONSIBLE FOR ERECTIONS. I think you one needs a baseline of T, but the main player in sexuality is HGH. If you’re pumping supraphysiological of T into yourself on a weekly basis, you have not found the cure. I was pumping 250mg in per week at one stage. TRT/extra T made me feel better but only helped erections slightly.

HGH has GIVEN ME BACK MY SEXUALITY. The more I take, the more sexual I become. Seriously.

I was a patient under Dr Crisler and he put me on TRT (I lied to him about my Testosterone value as I was so desperate for him to treat me). I have not heard of Dr Crisler using HGH.

Believe me, low HGH FEELS like androgen insensitivity.

I would be VERY interested to EVERYONE’S IGF-1 and IGF BP3 levels.

I have been a human guinea pig over the last 8 or 9 years. I would love for you to read my posts I have made over the last day or two.

My erections are also better with Proviron (25 mg daily).

Get back to me.

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I want every man here to test his


Please read my recent posts.
Do not delete this post please.

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As i said in my mail while i do agree hgh could be the cure hence why ghb (raises hgh levels) has helped me, the problem is in the US even with those tests 1. Pretty much any doctor still wouldnt prescribe it and 2. Medical hgh injections costs upwards of 200-500 dollars at the very least. It would be interesting for someone else to try but if people on here have to jump through hoops to get prescribed xyrem i couldnt even imagine what it would take to get hgh legally.

I am a doctor. The reason I was able to jump through so many hoops was because…

  1. I can write my own scripts
  2. I have the finances

I wouldn’t have made it otherwise.
That said, this has taken 8 or 9 years and all my finances.


is it a cure if you have to inject yourself daily?
thats like calling insulin injections for diabetics a cure

Yes, it’s a cure. When you’ve been through what I’ve been through. Further, I’d venture that I know how to treat my body. I treat it well, I eat well, I’m educated about HRT and am ON HRT where I would otherwise need to be on it, from say, age 40. I’m in control of the way I feel.

So there are some positives. I look much better than other 30 year olds, who neglect themselves. I win the sprints at footie practice.

I guess I’ve accepted I’m on injections the rest of my life. It honestly doesn’t bother me. It’s unique to me and I’m proud of myself.

I did the best I could. I sorted myself out from start to finish. All is good.



I often wondered about HGH being a possible cure for this problem that we experience. I couldn’t even get my own primary doctor to prescribe clomid or testosterone patch when my blood test came back with low T levels. I’m sure I have no chance in hell at getting a hold of HGH legally. Do you have any suggestions on how someone could get HGH in US? Do you inject yourself?

I guess my only concern would be the possible effects of damage to the liver; although I’m starting to think that low T levels have more negative side effects to the health of a man than many of the treatments do.


also, I’m going to see an endo dr on the 29th. I will get tested for IGF1, IGFBP3 as you mentioned. Since you are Dr, do you know if insurance companies cover HGH treatment?

does it help for brainfog too?

This is exciting news indeed. Given the relative mildness of my symptoms (generally manageable sexual dysfunction), I don’t think I’m about to try and get on any advanced treatments for a while, but I am very curious as to how this might add to our understanding of post-fin syndrome. You said you’d be in contact with Dr. Crisler about this? I’ll probably go see him by 2010, so I’m very interested in what he makes of it… please keep us posted on everything.

I had no idea you were one of the founding members of the yahoo group. That’s great that you’ve finally gotten your life back after all these years… I’m really happy for you. Your methods are obviously a little extreme (then again, so is this condition), but it shows that one way or another recovery is ultimately possible. Congratulations once again man. 9 years? That’s incredible.

Does it mean that by taking finasteride you also stop your growth :O? I’m 18 year old and could still be growing :frowning:.

Hi JN,

Could you test your Androstenadiol Glucoronide? So far, about five guys here have tested and it came very low on all of us. Mine is even under range: 2.44 , range 3.5 to 22.00. This is a good marker for 5arII activity and i am wondering what your number would be after HGH suplemmentation. I am testing my IGF 1 and IGFBP3 on Monday, just came back from the lab and they do it. I am also going to look for an oxytocin an Vasopressin blood test, i don’t know if any labs do these.

HGH deficiency makes sense indeed.

“Growth hormone deficiency has different effects at different ages. In newborn infants the primary manifestations may be hypoglycemia or micropenis, while in later infancy and childhood, growth failure is more likely. Deficiency in adults is rare, but may feature diminished lean body mass, poor bone density, and a number of physical and psychological symptoms. Psychological symptoms include poor memory, social withdrawal, and depression, while physical symptoms may include loss of strength, stamina, and musculature. Other hormonal or glandular disorders frequently coincide with diminished growth hormone production.”

[edit] In adulthood
The incidence of genuine adult-onset GHD, normally due to pituitary tumours, is estimated at 10 per million[4].

Recognised effects include:

Reduced muscle mass and strength
Reduced bone mass and strength
Reduced quality of life, particularly energy levels
Impaired concentration and loss of memory
Increased body fat, particularly around the waistline
Lipid abnormalities, particularly raised LDL cholesterol
Insulin resistance
Increased levels of fibrinogen and plasminogen activator inhibitor
Cardiac dysfunction, including a thickened intima media

I have most of the symptons above…

Now read this:

Although GH can be readily measured in a blood sample, testing for GH deficiency is constrained by the fact that levels are nearly undetectable for most of the day. This makes simple measurement of GH in a single blood sample useless for detecting deficiency.

“Provocative tests” involve giving a dose of an agent that will normally provoke a pituitary to release a burst of growth hormone. An intravenous line is established, the agent is given, and small amounts of blood are drawn at 15 minute intervals over the next hour to determine if a rise of GH was provoked. Agents which have been used clinically to stimulate and assess GH secretion are arginine, levodopa, clonidine, epinephrine and propranolol, glucagon and insulin. An insulin tolerance test has been shown to be reproducible, age-independent, and able to distinguish between GHD and normal adults[9], and so is the test of choice.

Wikipedia, HGH deficiency.

So this is the reason i feel better when i eat Fava beans (rich in Levodopa), my craving for sugar, or when i run. They provoke release of GH.

How can one tell, if he has reduced muscle mass? Do you feel weaker, can you see your body’s tone melting away or do you just lose weight?

In my case, from the waist up i ve seen the tone gone away, plus my arms are thiner and less firm. From the waist down, i seem to be accumulating more fat, which could be from E2 as well. You don’t need to feel weaker to be losing lean mass.

correiovip, Do you lift weights? If you don’t you should certainly think about doing so.

I took this drug longer than most on this board and I have have been lifting weights since I was a kid. There is a lot of evidence that strength training with weights increases testosterone in men. Obviously you would get the benift of better quality muscle as well.

I had more muscle before I began taking this horrible pill, but I am getting closer to where I once was. It’s important to work large body parts like chest, back, legs and shoulders, not just arms; and also lift heavier weights. I have read several articles on line that justify this theory. I also feel a lot better after doing it.

I can’t lift weights anymore. If i do so, as i ve tried many times, cortisol goes up fast and i become a zombie for about three days. No sleep and excessive inflammatory response. I had no idea why this happens, but now it is becoming more clear that it is HGH deficiency. Cortisol and GH act together preventing Hypoglicemia. If you re deficient in GH, cortisol goes up alone.

The biggest help to me over the years has been bodybuilders.
They know the black market and they can get hold of anything.

Get to know bodybuilders and get to the know the black market. Just walk into any ‘big boy’ gym. That’s what I do. I’m NEVER disappointed. i can get whatever I want in 10 minutes.


Do you have blood analysis before / after taking HGH? Adiol G levels etc…