I need help. Stress and anxiety ruins my Proviron protocol

Hello guys, firstly, i didn’t have these problems due to PAS, i mean not chemically maybe. But this year after getting screwed over from my Ex and my close friend, my anxiety levels really increased. I can’t control it now, im trying to develop a painting and writing career but even thinking about the wonderful ideas i want to express gives me anxiety and fear of fail etc. I never experienced this kind of constant stress before. So here is what i experience.

  • My mind constantly thinks about the people who did wrong to me, i start to feel anger and then i realize i can’t change the world, stress takes over.
  • I wake up with stomach pains due to stress, i even feel the cortisol pumping up in my system and slowly killing me day by day.
  • I can’t stop thinking about bad people, my ex, fear of my career etc. When those thoughts gone or i accept the world and people like as it is, something else comes up to my mind to make me stressed about. It’s like my mind tries to find something, anything to keep me stressed. What is this? My hormone levels were fine when i did a test.

I feel like my mind don’t want to recover from this, i can’t control these meaningless thoughts and i feel a constant stress and anxiety. Above all, as some of you may know, i started Proviron few days ago and this stress literally blocks my recovery. I deleted all my social media, W*atsapp, Telegram etc. Because it all gave me more stress. Im in isolation now. I feel better on this regard.

I can really feel the stress damaging my penis and libido. I need to beat this stress guys, please give me an advice, i tried meditation but it couldn’t help me to beat this high level of anxiety. What can i take, a natural, harmless substance, passionflower syrup maybe?


I would get a blood test to see whether or not what you are imagining is happening with your hormones is real. I think you make it worse imagining that you have chemicals coursing through your blood damaging your body. Thinking things like that will obviously make your stress worse. You could imagine yourself to sickness thinking all the amateur theories and concepts here about hormones etc.


Try some yoga or other mental exercises to calm down.


I have this 24/7 mate its just terrible. Distraction and taxing your brain with new things helps to a degree. Stay away from stressful situations and try to be around passive positive people. These are the things that help me most exercise is obviously good but it doesn’t stop the mind ruminating.

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Have you ever tried a water fast? it really helps me.

Today I increase to 50mg/day Proviron because 25mg effects fades away. I do feel high bloodpressure from it. How do you plan your Proviron cycle?

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It sounds to me like you developed kind of ocd. Seems like this stressful event with your ex is sort of a trauma for you, and ocd is kind of coping mechanism.

I’d suggest low-carb diet, exercise and therapy. And most importantly, time.


I know how you feel. I got screwed the EXACTLY the same way when I was a teen and it set off a pattern of anxiety that affects me until this day. Although anxiety meds like benzos can help they are just a quick bandaid, so I’d try to get to the root of the problem with a good therapist - like I should have done 20 years ago.

In the meantime, exercise like light cardio is extremely helpful. Also, L-theanine (200mg) works very well for a natural supplement. I’m always packing some of that. But definitely get the therapist, man. Don’t let ur pride or preconceptions about shrinks get in the way like it did for me. Vets get treatment for PTSD, and IMO a “fucked over” kind of breakup can have the same effect.


I felt the high blood pressure thing too in the beginning. However, my body somehow got used to it over time and it went away…I was fine even at 200mg.

With that said, if you’re having a major elevation while calm/at-rest, then it’s not worth that kind of risk.

Thank you all guys🙌
Luckily, today i feel a lot better, stress is nearly all gone. I guess Proviron is somehow regulated my mood in a good way. Will report back.

@backfromhell im taking 25mg before bad now, i will increase my dosage to 50mg in a few days until my stack runs out.


Remember PAL also felt bad on proviron. After the cycle he recovered from pfs.

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Look into GABA herbs, adaptogens, and your 24 hour cortisol levels

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Just read this bro.
A lot of people have given medical advice so I ll refrain from that end.

One thing you need to know is that time will make you better, atleast in these regards. That is a 100 percent sure. IT WILL GET BETTER.

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I feel HORRIBLE anxiety/dread/doom on the proviron also. Only half way through my cycle but I feel you.

Your old pal Jin says “it’s just the proviron talking.”

Up to you if you want to carry on of course but for anyone reading, this stuff is NO joke AT ALL.


“This stuff is NO joke at all”
Is this in a positive or negative way?

Have had some VERY negative times on it. Also some strangely positive ones, some odd points I’ve coped well and felt ok. In no respects improved sexually though, definitely worse, but feel more like me in terms of being a person in a real world. Sometimes.

Don’t know if that’s any use, nor if I have language enough sufficient to express this. But no it’s not generally positive at all.


How much are you taking per day?

200mg Bayer proviron every day, exactly as @pal did, today marks week 4 of 7 as it happens.


Are you planning to quit cold turkey like Pal or tapering off?

Planning on doing pal’s exact cycle.


This is guesstimate on my part, but proviron is an androgen that competes with estrogen at receptors level. If your estrogen level is low(ish) to begin with, then this may expalain your anxiety issues. Get an assay for estrogen (E2) if you can and see where it stands.