I have new SCARY problems

This morning here are my groin legs…

Doctors don’t know what it is.
They look like ulcerative stretch marks.

I practically died.

Who other have this SHIT?

Fuck This shit is PERMANENT

I feel Extremly sucide

My body is TOTALLY destroyed

Hey, dont be so low because of it, these stretch marks are most likely only a cosmetical problem, very common without any impact on health. I myself have got some years ago and they got much much better with time, barely visible nowadays. Keep Your head up buddy


But Yours are not itching, right? When it is fresh it has dramatic look, but in my experience it is just a thing that goes away with time, loses color and size, some even may appearantly disappear…

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Have hope. All problems are correctable.


“Stretch marks or dermo-epidermic atrophies with striae (scientific name: striae distensae), are scars that occur on the skin, due to the rupture of the elastic fibers of the dermis. Indelible and 99% permanent, at first they have a reddish appearance but fade with time, becoming white and shiny. The most affected areas are abdomen, breasts, buttocks, thighs and hips; they occur as a result of changes in the body, during adolescence, pregnancy, weight loss after a diet.”

Permanent, nonpermanent, like I said, shrinks, any red color fully fades out and overall color merges with surrounding skin, they become smaller and in look appearantly even disappear after enough time and honestly - I even forgot I ever have gotten any until You reminded me with Your post… People do have this very common and often. And simply said, from my experience - its nothing to worry about :wink: (of course, if it speads on more body places - not my experience - visit Your doctor)


Yes, I got those after Accutane crash. It is due to feminine fat distribution stretching the skin.
On buttocks, inner thighs, hips, groin. Over time the colours fade out and the scars shrink.

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How are you doing in limbo you post prior to this one was quite bleak?

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Perhaps check your 24 hour cortisol labs. When mine was high, I started getting dark red lines.

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That’s what I was thinking too it’s like he wrote a page out of my diary :frowning:

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My body made a bit of a recovery when I did NO FAP, but the anxiety and doubt never left. Im not who I was or who I am meant to be. I wrote a novel about it and thats about all I can do.