I have about 3 to 4 things that improve my Saw Palmetto (PFS)

Last night 5 hours of sleep without interruption and 2-3 hours of sleep after first wakeup so I feel good.
I did warm-ups 20 minutes and 60 pushups and 60 sit-ups. ill start slowly and increase to 120 in 4 weeks.

this morning when I first woke up I felt that I had good solid morning wood I checked it was solid. it lasted for 4-5 minutes and it went away after I first woke up. I wanted to write about this because 4-5 month ago I felt that I was having nocturnal wood during sleep, but I didn’t say much about it here because people would ask, if you are sleeping than how do you know that you have wood? and I wondered if it was my imagination. the thing is I believe we have a shallow sleep and we can feel it, it is as if I was partially awake that time.
I think body produces some neuro chemical that triggers nocturnal wood and as time when on body healed and I have more solid morning wood. the thing is when I wake up now and I have wood it lasts 4-5 minutes and it goes away. I will see how this is affected by exercise and ill post about it.

Yo man congratulations on recovering so well!
Sleep seems to be one of the most important things for us. The first day I didnt sleep was a huge setback.
But what I would like to ask how is your muscle soreness? I crashed just recently but I went from being sore af for 5days to not being sore the next day after gym which scares me of muscle wastage. How is this going for you now?^^

Hello thank you, my recovery is working progress. I have been reading your posts and I wanted to tell you that my symptoms are exactly like yours I cant believe how close it resembles.

To answer your question yes my muscles where different, in fact when I Started to exercise right after I stopped taking Saw Palmetto I noticed very strange tings happening to me. I was able to do a lot of pushups more than my max before I took SP. what was strange for me was I only felt little burning feeling as a did 40 sets of pushups over 5 reps I didn’t feel lactic acid buildup like I would. this lasted for 4-5 months for me, you on the other hand are experiencing recoveries very fast meaning you will recover faster than me.
I didn’t feel muscle soreness for long time I started getting muscle soreness 4-5 months ago. your symptoms point to elevated testosterone. I experienced muscle growth and increased strength. I didn’t experience any muscular loss.

I am sure you will be fine, and you will get better.

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Garlic is very good food.

I was feeling good this week sleep morning wood very strong and one problem I realize is the stress. yesterday night I came back from work and I was feeling tired as noting unusual and I read some stupid post here one ting to another I became anxious what if I don’t recover or what if this is as far as I can recover. it got to me. stress is something that will kill libido and it is very bad for recovery. one thing fore sure I feel good I feel better every month sleep is better and sexual high is getting better. I am exercising and I feel good. I am had 1 tea spoon of raw honey and my anxiety lifted.

when I talk about anxiety I want to as something have you guys noticed that when you are stressed your heartrate doesn’t increase? this is the case for me now but honey is helping this.

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DUDE I’m exactly the same!!! Reading the wrong stuff can put me rise the anxiety/indpending doom feeling for hours out of nowhere. And Precrash I was a person who LOVED and chased stress I would say, but I noticed that even there too much makes me very tired the next day even tho my mental felt good, I knew it was taxing on my body.
And after the crash I noticed that fructose was absolute best for myself here when I got really depressive and negative/scared. I never had these extreme cravings for freaking fruits, and I remember a guy on yt saying sth along the lines that fructose is one of best things to actually calm the adrenals and shouldn’t be avoided.
I’m now 2 weeks past and I’m still avoiding ANY stressors. Not even playing a video game for an half hour or so, cuz for me fun=stress, kinda was like this. Organizing/going-out/planning/playing all puts me usually in stress I liked so Im avoiding as much I can.

And just wanted to say thanks cuz your last comment lifted me tf up! And I was 2 days ago at the gym(which lifted my negative mood! Was the first day fructose didnt help). And it made me euphoric suddenly and yesterday I started getting muscle soreness!!! And today I’m literally in pain from musclesoreness cuz I overdid it XD. And like 6days ago I overdid it and felt 0! We’re healing af man!
I had penile pain 3 days ago and freaked out about reading stuff here for 2 fulldays … but maybe I even had it sometimes precrash and never bothered lol and now it seems to get less but my mind was only on that cuz I read stuff here. It’s hard to abstain but we rly should try to stick to the positive posts xD cheers man : D

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hello everyone I want give you guys update.

so it has been 8 weeks and I have been feeling good for 5 weeks out of 8. I believe it is because of meat diet that I am on. I have added veggies and fruits to my diet now and I feel improvements are not going away.

so in the beginning of my meat diet I used to eat meat 3-4 times a day with little greens/fruits. I first noticed improvements like my balls started hanging lower/normal and my dick fealty/normal I wanted to test it out and see if it was really my meat diet and I eat less meat and more/none meat like boiled rice broccoli.
I noticed that my new improvements that I got from meat diet went away when I was on non meat diet. I tested this out several times. to make sure if it wasn’t some kind of false belief.
so I resumed meat diet for 8+ weeks and I feel improvements every week. for example last week before going to sleep I got erections by thinking about women. and at work for last week I got multiple strong erections when I thought about women it was just an amazing feeling. I get morning wood every day almost and my sleep has improved. I sleep average of 7+ hours sometimes I have bad sleep 6 hours but I see improvements. and I wanted to share this with you guys. meat diet that is what I think helped me.

I had anxiety before I took Saw Palmetto but I didn’t have this after the first couple of pills. I remember it like it was yesterday more socially blunt I didn’t give a shit about anything.
now I feel my anxiety started returning. I feel anxiety the thing is I don’t know what triggers it.

I noticed that after I exercised I feel that I have much stronger heart beat that lasted me for several days. after SP i had low heart beat and faint. after exercising I noticed that I feel my heartbeat is much normal almost like it was before SP.

I don’t take any medication/supplements or any vitamins. I took 5,000 ui Vit D and 150mg magnesium. only once this week days apart from each other. I don’t really take anything I just wanted to see if I had improvements and I didn’t notice anything that I would attribute to the vitamins mentioned above.

I feel good but I feel like something is lowered like you lower a volume on a speaker. good/not 100%

I wish you all the best and I believe if one can recover so can others. I well give you guys update when I notice more improvements.

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Anything taken in excess or inappropriately will harm , we here in india we consume ginger daily in our dishes and tea.
Don’t worry you can use it , it will not cause any harm. @ojay

Hey bro!!
Can u tell which veggies are you consuming and what’s your routine it will be really helpful for everyone.

Hello Indian

I eat mashed potatoes, boiled rice, chicken broccoli, apples, peaches, prunes. I mentioned that I had improvements when I started meat diet. don’t eat pork, pig meet has high histamine. histamine causes lot of problems if you google it you will see. just avoid histamine heavy foods.

what I did was in the beginning I did fasting, 24 hour fasting and 8/16 fasting. this will help clean your body. after fasting introduce foods like mashed potatoes and see how you feel after eating. the idea is to see what foods give you benefits and what foods give you setbacks.

avoid 5 alpha blocking foods,
some foods are not 5 alpha blockers but are bad for liver. that is why I started meat diet.
I didn’t feel good eating nuts of any kind so don’t eat nuts.

one of the guys here posted a picture on how cholesterol is used in the body to make hormone making enzymes. so it may be that, our body has low cholesterol and it cant make enzymes faster. that is the idea. try meat diet for 2 weeks and see how it will affect you.

I also read that vegan diet isn’t healthy you need meat.

my advice would be to do what is good for liver. I think that is the key and exercise it will help adrenal glands.


This is an absolute thing that every guy here should do: get an erection every day 2-3 times a day morning, afternoon and night time. Dick needs nutrients and it gets it buy erections, nocturnal morning and mid day erections. if you don’t it might lead to atrophy like some guys described it here. you don’t have to jerk off just get erections 30 mins to 1 hour after eating food would be ideal.

I want to add I went on body building forums and I wanted to know if people can recover naturally after steroid use and the answer is yes it takes 4-5 months.

Thanks brother … I wasn’t eating much before , but now surely i will.

Do you have sex or masturbate , if yes in how many days??

exercise is a big part of my recovery program.

hello everyone I wanted to give very fast update on my progress. I have been feeling very good lately. augest was very good month for me lot of improvements in sleep and in sex/libido.

September was/is very good month also. to be specific I came off of carnivore diet and added other foods in like potatoes and greens.

I want to start off by my anxiety/feeling weak. everyday I got on a scale and monitored my weight I was 165-166 pounds. When I got off of carnivore diet I started losing weight 2-3 pounds first week I started eating a lot and I felt my weight loos stop. it went up and down according to week and how much I eat.

in beginning of September I had soup that had vinegar as an ingredient. after 1-2 hours I felt better I had a took 1 hour nap and felt great and head a good night sleep. I felt energy and good libido for 10 days or so after vinegar soup. I searched it right away here and found that other people had felt great when they took about half a teaspoon of vinegar a day with water. I haven’t a drop of vinegar after that. I just wanted to share this to you guys.

improvements I got from vinegar/time/unknow reasons has faded slightly. I am sweating right now I didn’t have this 3 months ago and its night time here and coldish. my libido is good/better. sleep is better.

lastly I want to ask you guys advice I have my anxiety coming back. (I became fearless when I developed PFS) now it is coming back and I am feeling weakness it could be from diet change I don’t know.
do you guys have any suggestions what I should do to improve this feeling of weakness?
I am going on a vacation 12 + hours of flight and I have diazepam is it safe? to take it what do you guys suggest. I plan on taking 1 or 2 mg I don’t know what to do any suggestions?

thank you everyone in advance. I wish you all the best in life good health good woman and everything good.

Hello everyone

I am writing an update for you. I am feeling better much better than I was feeling last month. my feeling of weakness has gone mostly but I have some days where I feel weak. most likely from food or maybe its my anxiety I don’t know.
My anxiety has gradually lifted and I have days where I feel really good. comparing my self to how I felt in august I feel at least 10 times better. I have strength and drive for life back than I had fear and anxiety. I haven’t taken anything for the anxiety, I believe it is the result of my routine, wake up do yoga (Pranayama yoga) drink tea (chamomile - no particular reason just like it and I was drinking it before pfs) and I exercise 100 pushups or 100 sit-ups and I cooldown 30 minutes eat food and go to work this is it.
I don’t know what to tell you guys other than having an consistent schedule really helps when to sleep and when to wake up. body goes in to a rhythm and it is not trying to adjust to changes.

sleep has improved I sleep 9,8,7 hours and its getting better. yesterday I slept 9 hours passed out sleep and today I slept 7 hours. I feel good and refreshed after sleep.

I don’t look at my phone, tv or PC before sleep. I read book for an 0.5 to 1.5 hours depending on how late it is and I get sleepy and sleep.

sex drive is good/feeling better/improving I feel really close to recovery thinking about women a lot dreaming about them and fantasizing it comes and goes but improvements come more frequently now.

I am grateful to everyone here for help and suggestions/advice thank you guys from bottom of my heart, I wish everyone of you good health and fast recoveries like I had.
I will come back and tell you guys about my condition from time to time I will not forget you.

one thing that I want to share is something that a doctor told me it stuck to me and that is: liver is like a digestive/recycling part of the body and kidneys are like waste disposal part of the body. what I really think is that liver and kidneys where affected buy the drug and adrenal glands are located on top of kidneys so it could be that is how/why we have high cortisol and food intolerance. impaired waste management system. This in my educated guess not a scientific fact I could be wrong or wright I don’t know it for sure my self. but it could be helpful to someone how is trying to make sense of this shit. I am saying this because I had inability to feel fear and emotions I didn’t care about others or there feelings I was stone-cold and I know this is for sure because of adrenalin gland. few years back a watched a video about a guy who had his adrenalin glands removed an he didn’t feel fear his heart rate didn’t spike or increase while he was skydiving. this I why I believe its adrenalin issue.



This is the man I was taking about. I remembered half of it and didn’t remember the brane surgery.

Hello everyone

Update time one month just passed and I wanted to summarize what happened.

I started on thanks giving and I have been feeling good for 3 weeks I had sexual improvements for 3 weeks straight. feeling fuller heavier more normal feeling of my Dragon. Just thought of woman would make it rise for some action. just watching women I would get blood going.
Last week December 17 was the best day I had extremely high libido I fealty I was normal. I haven’t been doing anything out of ordinary same routine.
so on Friday I ate once in 20 hours and I felt different like I lost the gains that I had for 3 weeks. I didn’t lose all of it but it want a step back.
The best way to describe it is two steps forward one step back.
I feel improvements are slowly coming back and I get happy and exited but when it goes back I feel like I its a tragedy I am droughting my self some times but I know I am better now than I was 6 month ago.

I have been trying yoga and I feel good, I feel it calms me down I really recommend it.

I want to write my observations

  1. I noticed that libido is about a mental state. I don’t know how to put it but I feel like this mental state is achieved/comes-with-sleep. I don’t know how to describe it, it is as if I need relaxation or calmness like going to deep sleep. man I don’t know what to say how to describe it ill let it be here. tell me what oy guys think.

  2. I have noticed that edging isn’t good it does the opposite for me.

  3. this is what I attribute to my recovery I rubbed off 4 times in 4 days every day and this is what I think got me closer to recovery from thanksgiving to December 17. (just to say it here and make it clear I didn’t have this reaction to masturbation before so I don’t know what changed.)

  4. I noticed foods give me little bit of anxiety like high histamine foods (pork) but I am not sure about this one I don’t have anxiety often thanks to yoga.

Other thing I want to mention is my muscles have become mushy if I don’t exercises and I started doing exercises at least warm-ups every day. It helped bring my to shape. Good muscles should be soft when relaxed and hard when during tension. It was soft during tension before exercise I don’t know if its normal or one of pfs symptoms but just sharing.

Sleep is getting better, I sleep 5-6 hours and than I wake up and go to sleep for 1-2 hours so total I sleep for 7-8 hours about 3-4 days in a week.

thank you guys for everything I wish you all recovery, I feel guilty, guys’ here have been suffering for so long and I am recovering relatively quickly (1 year and 6 month have passed ). I hope that my posts can help people here.
God be with you and protect you all.


Hello everyone

It has been 1 month now and time for an update.
I have been feeling very good in December 25 2019 I had wine 100 ml about and I had a good sleep.
I don’t know if it was wine but I had good sleep.
everything was good sleep wise until January 4, from that day I felt different like something was off.
sleep every day got worst and it was getting worst for 7+ days. On Tuesday January 14 I sleep very good. I have 7 hours of sleep and after waking up I go back to sleep. I know this because I dream.

about my Dragon it is getting better and better week by week. for last 2 weeks I have thoughts about women distracting me and it feels very good. my dragon responds like it used to in the past and I feel it is getting better. morning wood is good but what I don’t understand is sometimes it comes and goes. like some days it is very hard but next week it is soft and I don’t remember having it hard at all.

any way It feels slow and slow recovery coming and going and coming and going.
never the less I know I am improving 2 steps forward 1 step backwards. life is good and it getting better.
my anxiety is also getting better. I feel that I am more emotional and I am able to control my self.
I feel good most of the time but I feel that sometimes I don’t have strength and energy. like the food I am eating isn’t increasing my strength as it was before. I know this is in my head and I get over it. I also feel that when my stomach is upset or I ate something that didn’t agree with me. I get anxiety-ish. I can manage my self.

One more thing that I noticed was I don’t know if its in my head or someone also experienced this but I feel like I am more horny 3-4 hours after eating food. doesn’t matter what food.

one year ago I couldn’t get it up without touching and my self. and I failed sometimes and most of the time it was hard work.
I couldn’t imagen women naked anything in my memory for that matter. now just thinking about women I get hard and it is soled.

I am not 100% back to normal but it is getting better.

I have you all to thank you for my improvements and your advice.
I am not taking anything not even vitamins. once a week I started taking vit 3d 6000ui and I don’t seem to react badly to it so I see no reason to not to take it I have low vitamin D 18 out of 30- 100 is the range so yes.

clean diet I eat cucumbers they are 90 % water so its good for the body. I think.

I wish you all the best in life. I will be back in a month good luck everyone in your recoveries.

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Can you share that 5ar physical damage thing? Also how about your other symptoms? Are they ok too? Details would be good.

I took the drug because I was losing hair. I took 450 mili grams of Saw Palmetto crushed berry. over the span of 3-4 months I took total of no more than 25 pills. I did it like cycles.

At first I noticed that I was more calmer and I didn’t get angry or anxiety. you see before SP I had anxiety. and if I would write a comment on Facebook I would get racing heartand my adrenalin would start pumping. I learned to live with it but after 1st time using SP I noticed I was calmer and I didn’t have anxiety/fear. I like this feeling.

SP crushed berry was giving me an upset stomach so I didn’t want to take it. but seen how my hair was falling out I took it for 2-3 days and would stop, on and off. I did noticed any changes in my libido at the end I was very horny, it was as if I was a maniac I couldn’t think about anything accept women, and my libido was rock solid even after masturbation 2-3 times it was still up. I knew SP was affecting me so I stopped. But one day I thought I wanted to have sex with 3 women at the same time without Viagra, you see I was that horny. I did one week run on Monday I started it and on Friday I noticed that I was supposed to have women but I didn’t want any women. I was not interested suddenly. I watched porn and it was work. I got scared and I stopped the drug.

my symptoms where at first I was physically capable of doing more I wasn’t getting tired I had energy.

I didn’t have fear even my anxiety was lifted.
I felt cold, in summer 2018 I was wearing jacket outside.
I had lowered libido.
my sleep was shit 5 hours and than lights on I was awake.
I didn’t have morning wood at all.
my balls where shriveled up like you would goin in freezing water
my dick was shriveled up also like it would be if you jumped in freezing water.
I had seaman watery.
I couldn’t imagine women at all naked. if I did I was not horny.
what I noticed was in fall I took antibiotics and I felt I was horny I had so much libido. but when I would stop taking it would go away.
last year exactly I began to have the aggressions like I wanted to get in fights. I was the same feeling I had when I was younger and puberty came. I felt like I was toughest guy.

As of today I get good sleep. 7+ hours every day, libido is up I can imagine women and my dragon gets up. seamen is resolved no longer watery. balls and dick look fine. last year exactly I ate a burger and I noticed my dick was fuller. eventually I noticed that eating meat gave me that benefits, I was on meat diet for about a month and I introduced salads and veggies and I am here.
over the length of 1 year I had improvements and coming and going out of blue. but I am feeling better every week.
I feel like my body is changing adjusting. sometimes I feel strength sometimes I feel weak. I feel different little by little every week. I am becoming the person I was before SP.
I feel like I am gaining muscles at an astonishing speeds. Like I never did before. I don’t know why or how but 2- weeks of exercise I gained weight and it is all in muscles. I stopped exercising and had same diet and I gained like 1-2 pounts in weight not more in 2 weeks or so. I was 165 p now I am 168-170.

my anxiety is coming back. and I lost the aggression and fearlessness this is what I would have liked to keep from SP. but baggers cant be choosers so F it.

I am sorry for my English. If you want me to clarify something feel free to ask me here or PM me.

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