I have about 3 to 4 things that improve my Saw Palmetto (PFS)

I want to ask you all an advice?

I have about 3 to 4 things that improve my condition. I am hoping you guys can give me some advice?

I am not exaggerating or imagining I assure you I tried several time and tested each and everyone on my list and I don’t understand why it helps and improves my PFS symptoms.

  1. Raw Honey - I didn’t know what gave me recovery once in a blue moon. It was 01/07/2019 about a ago during new years I ate honey and I was feeling recovered. I didn’t know it was honey until I read a post massive sugar craving and short recovery. I tested to see if honey could give me any recovery. so before bad I ate I tea spoon and I woke up with strong wood. I don’t know why this is like this for me. I was hoping you might point me to right direction or give me any suggestion.

  2. Garlic- after eating raw garlic I feel heat in my body the way I was before saw palmetto. I don’t know why but every time I eat raw garlic I feel improvements. I general improvements in very area.

  3. Exercise - exercise causes increase in libido and in general I feel good.

  4. Raw Onions - I haven’t tested this one out but this is also acts like garlic.

  5. 24 hour fasting - its like exercise. After I fasted I feel improvements that las with me for a long time.

I think I have messed up endocrine system or gut/GI tract is messed up.

In any case after eating honey I was felling very good during holidays January 7 2019. I had stress and lack of sleep so I was feeling low and on January 18 Friday in the morning I ate oatmeal and 1 garlic and apple and I took a nap so in afternoon I was feeling better and I didn’t eat anything I skipped Lunch (I don’t know why) in any case 7pm on that same day Jan 18 I did an exercise 90 sit-ups and 90 pushups. I was feeling very good that day. Next day Jan 19 I was feeling very good and I exercised that day was very good day but one odd thing about that day was I didn’t lose a single hair in the morning. when I fix my hair I can count at least 20 hair on my hands. and on Jan 19 I didn’t lose a single hair I was pooling on my hair and not one came off. maybe this has something to do with my recovery it could be a clue.
I continued to exercise from Friday to Monday and on Tuesday I felt rang of spontaneous erections during the time usually worked out around 7 pm. I feat spontaneous erections 1-2 time every week I stopped exercise and I felt recovered to 90% and I could feel recovery improving every week for 4 weeks.

so this week I wanted to speedup my recovery and I did similar protocol I ate oat meal 3 times Friday and I fasted 24 hours on Saturday February 16 and around 7 PM I exercised 130 pushups and 130 sit-ups and I felt exhausted and I ate food and I ate garlic. Sunday I had to get up early to go to work and I only 4.5 hours of sleep. Monday and Tuesday I didn’t get sleep and I feel like I was at a place where I was on January 17 I feel very bad today low libido no morning wood foe 2-3 days now.

I don’t know how to start recovering and I don’t know what I should do. can you guys give me suggestions/advice?
How is it that after I eat one small garlic I get morning wood? or if I eat 1 tea spoon of honey I get spontaneous erections day/night?
I am sorry to bother you guys I know you all have your problems and you are very busy with your life can you please give me any suggestions?

Thank you to everyone, this web site helped me a lot and I will be eternally grateful to everyone that ever posted.

Also I want to donate to help find a cure for this condition and any links?

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What’s strange is that I had a similar experience in 2017. I found that if I had oatmeal with hunny, a banana, and green tea for breakfast, then went to the gym, my libido would go from zero to about 50% some times. Didn’t have morning wood though back then.

I have had periods of 3 out of 4 days morning wood over the past few months and seems to happen when I lift heavy but these periods will then be followed by days or weeks without morning wood.

Weird question, but how are your stools?

Mine were hard (slightly constipated) back in the day and sounded like a depth charge when they dropped in the bowl. Now they are always extremely soft and watery and have a terrible odor.

Mine are usually always shredded and loose whereas on days where I’m feeling better fatigue wise they are normal looking and compact

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that is odd yes honey has anti bacterial properties also it has enzymes that help digest sugar. I read on one of the comments that Sugar helps regulate SHBG. SHBG is what binds to hormones like testosterone and estrogen and it prevents the hormone form entering cell membrane. I read that
Low levels of SHBG can be related to:

  • Obesity
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Acromegaly, or too much growth hormone, causing body tissues grow larger over time

High levels of SHBG can be related to:

  • Hepatitis
  • Hyperthyroidism
  • HIV
  • Anticonvulsants, or medicine used to treat seizures

Type 2 Diabetes is a problem with your body that causes blood glucose (sugar) levels to rise higher than normal. This is also called hyperglycemia. Type 2 diabetes is the most common form of diabetes.

If you have type 2 diabetes your body does not use insulin properly. This is called insulin resistance. At first, your pancreas makes extra insulin to make up for it. But, over time it isn’t able to keep up and can’t make enough insulin to keep your blood glucose at normal levels.

well I hope that you are felling better? how are your symptoms have they improved?

what I want to do next is make a schedule on when to eat and I am going to eat exactly on the same time for 1 month. I am also going to do 24-hour fast tomorrow.

about stool I don’t know to be honest it has odor but I haven’t really noticed anything odd for me. when I eat greens and oatmeal’s for a day they are soft.

can you try garlic I want to see if it will make you fell any improvements?

And honey in my case when I newly came off of SP I used to eat it 1 tea spoon at night. I remember on week I felt 50-60 % recovered it was this October and I didn’t know what caused my recovery. it was on January that I felt like I was back to normal for 1-2 days. after reading the comments that honey regulates SHBG levels I tested it out and that day I was feeling back to normal.

I want to give an update I has been one month now that I have had improvements in all parts. this began on January 18 the day I fasted and exercised at the and of my 24 hour water fast. I felt very good for one month and during the duration of my February I felt improvements every week. my dragon gets up now when I think about girls. I also tried to replicate 24 hour water fast and exercise during the exercise I felt good I felt normal I know it sounds odd but I have been exercising for 10 years now. pre SP when exercising my body would become soar I felt noticeably big muscle increase. when I got off of SP firs thing I did was exercise and I noticed that I was not becoming soar and I was able to do what was once my max sets with ease. I fact when I first got off of SP I noticed that I was physically capable of doing more that usual without any lactic aced slowing me down.
last week Saturday I over did my exercises and I went to bad 3 am and I got up 7:30 am to go to work and I was unable to sleep on Monday and Tuesday. On Tuesday I was very tired and couldn’t function properly. I went to bad early and got some sleep but 7-8 hour sleep wasn’t enough I didn’t fell very good on Wednesday. Thursday was better I got morning wood and I felt very good yesterday. today I feel that I am 99% back to normal. today I am tired but I will rest and I will exercise 7 pm and ill go to sleep early. low that I felt during this week I think was because of luck of sleep and work and diet changes. I added goat kefir to my diet and maybe that is also why I didn’t feel very good on Monday to Wednesday.

any way

I didn’t eat any junk food and I stayed away from sugars I only ate fruits. 2-3 apples every day :smile: I love apples oat meal in the morning and good food (not junk food).

My advice to everyone who is reading this post is that see if this foods give you any relief in your symptoms.

Garlic - it has acid that increases blood flow downstairs. eat one and see how it makes you feel.

Raw Honey - I read that sugar is bad for PFS and I didn’t know this until 3-4 months. (even than I didn’t stop eating cakes and candy. I loved sweats and that was the hardest to stop eating.) I never remember feeling good after I had a cake and a soda. I remember feeling good 2-3 hours after I had one Tea spoon of honey. (when you put I tea spoon of honey in the mouth don’t swallow it drink water and dissolve the honey in your mouth). this is by far the best improvement that I had when I would eat honey.

24 hour water fasting - I will recommend this. just google benefits. I it decreases hormone levels just puts everything low. I read that fasting increases Testosterone but I am no so sure about that.

I know I asked for a recovery suggestions and I said that I was back to 50-60% this was Tuesday night / Wednesday morning 1 am with 6 hour sleep for 2-3 days and after work. I think this is what caused to feel back 50-60% I felt anxiety. I panicked a little and asked you guys for suggestions to recover back.

pleas comment below if you try any one of my suggestions and you feel good I want to know if you have any improvements.

I want to update my progress/story/discoveries. I want to add two more foods that affect me in a positive way.

  1. Blue berries
  2. Buckwheat

Here is what one webpage says about buckwheat: https://draxe.com/buckwheat-nutrition/

starting in February 18 to 22 I ate Buckwheat boiled in water with olive oil and a pinch of salt. it is easy to cook and healthy and it doesn’t have any gluten. I felt nothing really different at first but later eating this food I fealt that I had strong nocturnal erections. I tested my theory by stopping and eating this food. I have noticed that after eating back weed now I have stronger night erections and I dream about women.

about blue berries I googled and I found out that they are good source of biotin after eating them I notice that I have spontaneous erections. I don’t know how or why but I think spontaneous erections are caused by blue berries I am 90% sure.

my overall symptoms are improving. I have morning wood soft mostly and hard occasionally. I didn’t have morning wood until December or late November. I stopped Saw Palmetto in June so 6-7 months of no morning wood. I am 25 by the way. I always hated my high libido and my morning wood until the SP.

I want to tell you about a week from February 25 to March 3 I had very strong libido during that week I don’t know what caused it of how but. I would get strong hard wood during the day. I have a theory and I am hesitating to share it.

you guys are adults and I hope no one will do anything stupid. so in February 23 I did a blood test and my doctor took my blood I was weak and I lost blood and that is the only thing that I have different about that week. after blood was taken on Monday I felt different I remember feeling more aggressive like I was ready to get into a fight (I think I wanted to get into a fight). I know it sounds like there is mothing wrong and I agree. I usually felt like this when I was in my teen years 15-16-17 years. when I was a walking cocktail of hormones. after Monday I started getting wood during the day like hard solid wood in I wanted a women every time. this feeling/state lasted Friday March 1 and Saturday March 2. on March 1and 2 I noticed the wood was getting weaker by the day. well after 4 weeks later it came back in a similar intensity.

I feel better and better every Month that goes by.

my other observations are that I have strong nocturnal wood solid but when I wake up it goes away in 5 minutes. I don’t know why this is. it happened to me this morning I woke up at 6am and my dragon was drilling the mattress. I went to sleep and woke up ant 9 am and my dragon was hard as rock. it went away in 5 minutes or so.

I don’t know why but I feel like I have something that is switched off and it comes back and goes way away.
I feel like I will improve in 4-5 months or so.
I wish you guys recovery and all the best in life. after I beat this shit I ill get married and I am going to have at least 5 kids.
I have one life one chance to see this world and experience everything it has to offer, I will force my way to victory I will win over this shit.

I don’t drink any vitamins or supplements or any medication. noting not even vitamin D I get everything from food.


Be careful about blueberries. I’ve read some posts here that that may have anti-androgenic properties. Glad you’re doing better in some areas though, keep fighting bro.

I myself have noticed more nocturnals (up to 75% of the time I’ll get them) but I have not gotten a strong morning wood for a long time. Insomnia has been an issue though and it’s certainly playing a role in nocturnal penile tumescene

How do you tell if you have nocturnals if you’re asleep while they happen?

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Because I wake up at multiple times of the night and sometimes I have them at 1AM, 4AM… But never at my final wakeup time of 6-7AM

This is correct.


I didn’t know, thank you for the info ok blueberries are off the menu.


thank you for the info I didn’t know about blueberries. I have noticed that I can only sleep for 6-7 hours than I wake up. I remember 4-5 months ago if I had 5 hours of sleep next night I would also sleep for 5 hours than I would wake up. it is as if you are sleeping and than lights are one like a switch. I wake up and my sleep isn’t deep sleep after that. I have tried to sleep more than 6-7 hours and I have a good sleep. my sleep is getting better and I am feeling better over all. I thing whatever caused our problem can be fixed.

My advice would be to get a mid day nap for 1-2 hours if you can. I am doing this when I am off work and I feel good.


I had the same “Lights on” waking up. Like yourself it has got better.

I’ve been trying to avoid napping at the moment but perhaps I’ll try and get a couple of hours here and there and see how I get on.

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Garlic causes brain damage.

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And yet people eat it regularly without ill effect.

Probably not worth worrying about it here.

Don’t believe too much on these BS studies bro!

What!? I thought garlic was good for tou

Hello everyone This is just to update my post.

I had good recovery in May and I wish to tell what I did. I have improved morning wood I get them every morning now. I don’t use any supplements, I eat meat diet and that seems to make me feel good. I eat raw honey and I noticed that my libido improves. I don’t want eat honey because I don’t know what it does and I don’t want to stop my improvements. I think time helps me the most and I have days that I feel very optimistic.
past 2 days I didn’t sleep properly I went to bet late and I got up early and it affected me in a bad way I feel like I am back the way I was 2 month ago. so yes I am running on 8 hours of sleep for over 48 hours so I don’t feel good.
The thing is when I feel improvements I get cocky and I do things that set me back I don’t take care of my body.
what I want to do is every morning 60 sit-ups 60 pushups and ill go to work. I want to fast for 2-3 days when I am not working. I want to eat meat only diet.

I have been reading some posts and some one writing that 5ar blockers cause permanent physical damage I don’t know if its irreversible but I know that human body can heal itself, I am optimistic


If garlic causes brain damage, surely the nation of France, where it is eaten A LOT, would be facing a national brain health crisis? Don’t post ridiculous claims without any supporting evidence.