I have a theory about PSSD/PFS/PAS

Hello guys,
I’m a PSSD sufferer for many years but I never posted it here. Some of you might know that I do PSSD/PAS/PFS research full time for more than a year. I’ve been off from posting my findings because I wanted to research it enough so that I confirm my theory before posting. After years of research, evidence collection and exploring different community forums, I believe I’ve found the rootcause of PSSD/PFS/PAS. The solution for the problem can only be found using problem solving skills.

Make sure to read this post fully as it’s important to read the full theory to understand it. I’m not going to be too technical here. I’ll try to explain by breaking down into simple points for better understanding.

I believe PSSD/PFS/PAS are all caused by Chronic infections such as Epstein Barr Virus (Mono, Grandular Fever), Cytomegalovirus, Herpes Viruses, Mycoplasma Pneumoniae, etc. There is a list of microbes that can causes PSSD/PFS/PAS and I’m trying to find all of the possible causes. PSSD/PFS/PAS is not as difficult as many might think but it needs the right people and the correct approach.


  • We have been doing research with Sexual Dysfunction as the main symptom which leaves us only a small area in medical science to explore.
  • Taking Fatigue, Orthostatic Intolerance, Depression, Exercise intolerance (Everyone may not have these) as key symptoms, will give us much more areas of research.
  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/Myalgic Encephalomyelitis is the only condition which has all the symptoms of PSSD/PFS/PAS except Sexual Dysfunction.
  • CFS/ME patients suffer from chronic infections. Many of these patients get rid of their infections and eventually get cured (Only correct treatments work, which takes long time)
  • PSSD/PFS/PAS is an extension of CFS/ME. These drugs reactivate the infections within us using distinct mechanisms.
  • PSSD/PFS/PAS is a Neuromuscular Disease.
  • CFS & PSSD/PFS/PAS follow the same pattern, which I’ll elucidate below.


  • People get better with Antibiotics, Kefir & Anti-inflammatories.
  • Symptoms wax & wane often.
  • People often get tired, have body pain and malaise on physical exertion & emotional stress. Mainly Hyper pain stimuli.
  • CFS community has high suicide rates like us.
  • Deterioration after emotional stress.
  • Normal Hormone levels.
  • CFS patients also get windows on Naltrexone & Psychedelics (Immunomodulators).
  • Both conditions cause Apathy.
  • I find that PSSD, CFS, Gulf war Syndrome & Lyme’s follow same pattern( People only with Sexual Dysfunction might not correlate this).


  • Most of us have high Eosinophil count & IgE levels (Both fight pathogens).
  • We already have some threads on infections in this forum but I don’t know why those threads died out.
  • Unresponsiveness to multiple drugs/supplements and persistence of symptoms explains the role of pathogens.
  • 5AR Inhibitors/SSRI/Accutane all cause disruption of Gut microbiome.
  • Mysterious rashes, allergies & food intolerances after the onset of this condition.
  • Zinc & Vitamin D deficiencies are the most common deficiency among us. Both are vital in fighting off infections (Some call Zinc deficiency as the hallmark of Viral infections).
  • Azoospermia can only be caused by two ways: Hormone imbalance & Inflammation. Mostly we have optimal hormone levels which leaves only inflammation due to infection as the cause. This will explain Pelvic pain & Penile shrinkage too.
  • Viruses like EBV have also been proven to trigger cancer so no wonder it will cause mysterious illnesses such as PSSD.
  • Persistent flu like feeling (without fever).
  • It’s well known that Herpes can be reactivated by stress.
  • Infections are one of the reasons for night sweats.
  • Many have reported that this illness started after Gym sessions, emotional stress & high physical activity. As I said, some Viruses reactivate after exertion.
  • Lyme’s Disease (Boriella) causes exact same symptoms. There are high incidence rates of Sexual Dysfunction in Lyme’s patients too.
  • Nothing can cause decades of Dysfunction without a foreign entity entering the body.
  • POIS(Post Orgasmic Illness Syndrome) is a very notable symptom among us that has to do with inflammation (It’s been linked to cytokine storm).
  • Both patients had respiratory issues like Asthma or Pneumonia during some part of their life.

Possible Mechanisms :

  • There could be two possibilities that Infections can cause PSSD/PFS/PAS,
  1. The same pathogens that cause CFS may have infected the Sexual system
  2. Some additional pathogens may have been activated along the pathogens that causes CFS. People that have only Sexual Dysfunction may only have infections in Sexual system.

These are some mechanisms that I’ve hypothesised that infections causing PSSD,

  • SSRIs, 5AR inhibitors, Isotretinoin all cause dysbiosis. This disruption in Gut Microbiota can alter the functions of Immune system where some pathogens can reactivate & go into Chronic mode.

  • For an infection to be Chronic the pathogen has to cheat the immune system by modulating it otherwise the Immune system will defeat the pathogens. HIV is good example for this. EBV & other infections that I’m exploring are notorious in Immunomodulating, penetrating deep into tissues & infecting the Nervous system.

These are some ways that these pathogens can distract or cheat the immune system,

  1. By changing the type of T helper cell response. TH1 is the right immune response for fighting infections but the symptoms that we experience exactly correlate to TH2 response where Allergy, IBS, Fatigue, Brain Fog, Malaise are the main symptoms. Absence of fever is something to be noted for taking TH2 dominance into account.
  2. These pathogens are proven to establish itself chronically by evading the Natural Killer cells & T Cell surveillance by Immunomodulation.
  3. These Pathogens primarily infect the B cells, create viral copies & also alter Antigen sequence coding( Antigen Mimicry) leading to Auto reactivity.
  4. Oxidative & Nitrostative stress because of the releae of Viral toxins.
  5. Getting worse due to physical exertion could be the result of changes in every metabolism. Autoantibodies against Enzymes involved in energy metabolism may explain this.
  6. Psychedelics & Naltrexone has various Immunomodulatory effects so that might be the reason for some people getting better from using those substances.
  7. Low natural killer cell activity may be the reason the infections aren’t defeated.
  8. Cytokine storm is a possible reason that some of us have Post orgasmic illness Syndrome. There is a good chance that Glial cells are involved in this process.
  9. These complex involvement of Immune system may be the reason we don’t respond to Corticosteroids. Multiple Sclerosis is also an Antiinflammatory condition in nervous system where patients don’t respond to immunosuppressive therapy.
  10. High Eosinophils & IgE could explain there is wrong immune response to pathogens.

Because of the following points, PSSD has not been understood by researchers and the community:

  • PSSD/PFS/PAS is not a separate condition but an extension of an already existing condition.
  • Thinking that PSSD/PFS/PAS is very complex to solve.
  • There is no possibility that receptors are malfunctioning. There is no proof in medical science for receptors to malfunction for decades. Even the worst Heroin addicts’ receptors recover in months or a couple of years maximum.
  • PSSD/PFS/PAS is not because of epigenetic alterations & Methylation issues (Although there might be a minor role) as they can’t cause such severe symptoms.
  • It’s not because of Neurodegeneration because it’s permanent but the severity of our symptoms changes very often.
  • This entire condition may be caused by a single root cause giving multiple symptoms. Or maybe, each symptom can’t have its own root cause because a single drug can’t cause such changes chronically. Convincing people by telling that PSSD/PAS/PFS has subtypes on the basis of root cause is not accurate.
  • Many have picked up allergies since getting PSSD/PFS/PAS and this is very underestimated for research. Inflammation is real guys!
  • Some people got this illness by taking A SINGLE dose of a drug. Having an illness for decades with one single exposure of a drug is impossible unless it has triggered some infections which can affect us for a lifetime.

These are some reported cases where PSSD/PFS/PAS guys reported the infections that I’m listing,

https://forums.phoenixrising.me/threads … 23/page-17

https://forum.propeciahelp.com/t/are-ou … n/9085/144

https://raypeatforum.com/community/thre … ost-512989

https://www.medhelp.org/posts/Epstein-B … w/1959696a


  • Finding out new pathogens.
  • To get people involved in testing for pathogens, account it & create a table for the same.
  • I’m already exploring potential & proven treatments. People getting involved in my research will speed up the process & will make it efficient.
  • It takes months or even couple of years for CFS patients to recover by treating infections. It’s important to speed up the process.
  • Conventional treatments to kill infections won’t be effective because the pathogens are now Chronic. There must be combination of Immunoregulatory, Immune supporting, Terminating the energy source of pathogens & Antimicrobial components for the treatments to be successful. I’m currently exploring various way to do it.

I’m not gonna leave without solving this Condition. All I need is your support guys!

I’m not trying to be vehement here. I hope that we can build a good thread for discussion here.

Let’s do it guys.


There were a guy on Reddit that got better by using ahcc, an anti-viral fungi mix. There’s a few recoveries reported using st John wort which have anti-properties as well.

Still - I would like to see what you base your grand claims - only a fraction of people suffering might only be due to infection

I agree about your puzzlement that these drugs can cause such severe symptoms - I read a study about burning away the nucleus accumbens with a laser in Chinese Compulsive gamblers. It failed- they still gambled - how the eff can a drug be worse than that???


Is the type of depression that most get here (emptiness, lack of pleasure , emotional blunting ) is that the same as what CFS/ME patients get ?
I know CFS/ME patients have sleep problems too so that’s another similarity. The sleep they do get usually makes them feel unrefreshed. Another similar pattern I have noted is that doing a lot of exercise seems to give CFS patients a crash or worsening of their symptoms .
Interesting theories in here!


Yeah. The depression you say is termed as Anhedonia. It’s the inability to feel pleasure. I see CFS patients have all the symptoms of PSSD/PFS/PAS except Sexual Dysfunction. However Lyme’s patients have high rates of Sexual Dysfunction.


I see the inaccurate test results of infections as the reason mate. Many here have very high levels of IgG with normal IgM. Sources say that IgM shouldn’t be taken into account for Chronic infections as.
But SSRI/Fin/Accu hasn’t been proven to cause Neurodegeneration. I’ve searched literature extensively. These drugs make a favourable environment for the infections to sustain for a long time. These infections manipulate immunity in long run to stay deep inside tissues to make changes.

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My eosinophile count is normal

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I think is neurologic problem friends. Similar at sclerosis

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Have you checked for IgE? Some might have these levels in normal ranges though. Do you have allergies mate?

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Yeah. The infections that I mentioned has been known to trigger MS too. Google it man!

My ige is a normal

I think it’s neuro-androgenic , it alteres the way your body receives the hormones , you can have normal blood levels but your penis isn’t getting enough androgen to function properly , that’s why blood test aren’t useful in our case , some people temporarily recovered their erection’s quality by applying a dht gel into their penis

Androgens boost Sexual function in general mate. But there is a reason that Genitals look pale & bloodless. There must be some inflammation along the Urinogenital tract that stops blood from flowing.

Neurologic pudendal. In only parts of the body here a cellular nervous.

Androgen play a massive role in increasing the blood flow into the penis , the less your penis is receiving the androgen the less the blood flow is

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Many have been Supraphysiological doses of Testosterone & Androgen mate. Not everyone felt relief in sensitivity or blood flow in genital.

Probably because the receptors are damaged , many of us can get night time erecitons when sleeping but on day time it’s virtually impossible , that’s why i suspect that something is wrong within the receptors , it’s like there’s a mechanism which works against you getting an erection during daytime but when a person is sleeping that mechanism is diminished and things get better


If receptors are damaged then there would be no relief. But our severity of symptoms vary everyday remember? Regulation of receptors can’t be different every other day!


It Depends what you mean by ar regulation , density or sensitivity ? we know that finasteirde downregulate dht level so when you get off the durg your dht level goes up and then you crash (that’s what happened to me i crashed 2 months after stoping the drug) , it’s like there is an epigenetic change which has altered the expression of the receptors , the theory of the chronic infection sounds irrrational for me

Just a word of caution. This guy @Baba_Yaga was collecting PSSD victims just a few months ago, asking them for money (scamming basically), in return for medical advice on how to cure this condition.


You’re… wrong! In my opinion. :call_me_hand: