I found my sure treatment for ED and Libido

I am From Venezuela, so i apoligize in advance my grammar mistake…

I have been suffering by this nightmare since 2011. I took propicia for 2 year.and all my sympthoms started just when i quit propecia. Low libido and ED. During thoses years i helped my self by taking viagra, eventhough i could have sex i was not the same emotion … it was fucking by force with out the same pleasure… i tríed everthing except quimical stuff… i tríed raw onion, eat just protein, tomatoes, carrots, l arginine, vit D and zinc… but i felt somenthin better but i had ed and low líbido… but the miracle occurs… i found what make hoy and with good erections… and it is eating POTATOES, i eat boiled potatoes, i dont like it them fríed… if it is good for you i could say i found the cure for this horrible nightmare


Well, I have eaten potatoes a lot of times since in Argentina we eat them a lot with boiled eggs, and it hasn’t helped me, not even once.


Thank you for coming back and letting us know you got better. It’s GREAT to hear of recoveries and I’m glad you’re out of it my friend. :slight_smile:

Could you elaborate a little bit on how many potatoes you ate and for how long? Did you ONLY eat potatoes or other things? How long did it take you to notice any changes?

As much detail as possible will be great.

Again I’m very pleased for you. :slight_smile:

potatoes are you serious? This sounds ridiculous not to sound like an ass but maybe time healed you? Anyways good to see you have been recovered.


Do you mean like only eat potatoes for an extended period? Like a potato diet? XD

Good old fashioned SPUDs this is hilarious.


While this might sound funny, there is something called the Potato Hack that provides a great way to lose weight quickly. It also has the ability to fill your gut with resistant starch which grows good bacteria and kills bad. Could have something to do with it. I’ve tried it only once for 3 days and noticed some great benefits to my gut, but didn’t do it again yet.

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Good thing I live in Ireland then lol while potatoes could help with one symptom I doubt it would cure PFS time was most likely a factor although no harm in trying.


Recién estuve en Buenos Aires … todos los bife los acompañaba con puré o papa hervida … buen sexo tuve allá … afortunadamente …

I always try to eat bóiled potatoes as side a dar… 2 or 3 big potatoes… try it and then u tell me how was it… i think that is the key

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Time? I dont think so… i realized when i eat boiled potatoes i get good erection and good libido … anyway eat your potatoes with good protein…

Eat a lot boiled potatoes and then have sex… if you have good performance like old time, reply me and thank me .

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Youre right it can help with the symptom ed and libido and to me is more than enough…

My god… Things like this make me suiacidal


Thank you. I might try it at some point. :slight_smile:

Do you need to keep eating potatoes to feel cured? Or did you eat potatoes for a time and then not need to keep eating them all the time?

I always eat potatoes… remember, it does not have scientific test . I just feel good when i eat it…

mcdonald’s french-fries cured my diabetes and resurrected my childhood dead cat!


Lmao :joy:

I love sweet potatoes with those little tiny melted marshmallows and brown sugar. Yum! :yum:

Title changed to reflect what the OP has said about eating boiled potatoes as a treatment.

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