I came across this?

Anyone have this constant cold/wet feeling at the tip of their penis? I also have discomfort only on right testicle/groin vas deferens? Its as if the tube is frozen? I also leak urine and the genitals are numb/penis feels empty/light

I came across a guy complaining of the same shit…

My erections have been fantastic and stronger then ever…still getting the airy feeling at random times during the day and a very cold tip. Also no real primal sexual urges, everything with my girl and other women seems kind of forced, or like i’m testing myself lol…Also morning wood is still occasional and spontaneous erections during the day are pretty much down to zero…But honestly…IS someone really going to get spontaneous erections if they’re worried about their erections all day?..I doubt it lol.

never took fin/prop/accutane ssri…

Have these symptoms as well as no libido/morning/spontatneous erections in 2 years.
I have minor herniation l1/l2 spina bifida l5/s1. EMNG of legs confirms loss of motor neurons in both legs.
Urologist prescribed PROSTAMOL UNO ( SAW PALMETTO) endocrinologist says all hormones are fine, even my DHT at 220 (300-850)

and WHY are you here then? when you havent took any anti androgen substance you are probably on the wrong website. i wish you much luck and i would take a second opinion from another doctor on your condition.

That you took or have yet to take? If your problem is the same as others’ here, Saw Palmetto stands to make things worse.


he’s definitely on the correct website

why ? what he has taken ?

Yo, stay away from Saw Palmetto! Many people got fucked from this evil herb, including me! If this Urologist has prescribed you Saw Palmetto, that means the guy is ignorant IMO! Cheers!

Milando97… I am here because I dont have a diagnosis in the last 2 years after seeing 10+ doctors including urologists/neurologists/neurosurgeons/gps/endocrinologists etc… When I googled my symptoms the only things that came up were…

  1. Cauda Equina Syndrome
  2. Low Testosterone
  3. Diabetes

I have yet to be diagnosed with any of these so I kept googling and came across PFS. My symptoms are identical to yours and I also have some stuff to add. Numb Rubber Genitals, No sweating from armpits /genitals. Dry eyes. No Morning/spontaneous erections in 2 years. Leaking urine. 0 Libido. Pain in right testicle/vas deferens/ groin. Cold/wet feeling at tip of the penis! And more that I cant even think of.!

thats not an explanation why youre here. it doesnt make sense

neither does your explanation make sense to doctors… idiot…

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youre the idiot. maybe its different in usa. but in germany post finasteride syndrome is an accepted condition. unlike“ post minoxidil syndrome“ or something else

wheres your cure then dumbass…

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you do realize 95% of doctors would call you a nutcase after looking at your symptoms and test results…

there is no cure for pssd either. but its also an accepted condition

well, care you explain why I have these symptoms? If im undiagnosed for 2 years?
I asked Dr. Chrisler what could cause genital numbness he said LOW DHT.
The next day I got it tested it came back at 220 (300-850) so its low…

wow. then you can get dht injections. and then you are „cured“ .sounds like an easier problem then ours here on this site.

I met another guy on ALL THINGS MALE forum. He messaged me saying he got the same symptoms that were caused by ATKINS diet. My symptoms all started from diet which is normal. Testosterone goes down when you are on diet. I attributed it to this , but when I started eating again and going easy with the diet, I noticed my genitals were completely numb and my libido did not return…

Hey, @Milando97, @joey10 let’s keep it civil.

Milando, it’s not up to you to decide if people can post here or not. Give the guy a break, he’s having a miserable time too. If there’s one thing we don’t need, it’s a combative atmosphere and a lack of compassion.

This forum welcomes people with our symptoms, there are many substances that cause this condition and many degrees of the condition. Try and be nice.


everytime i see posts like joeys i question my own condition. its so absurd to me anyway.

My penis is numb, as well as my scrotum. I do not feel anything when ejaculating.The force is gone it just oozes out 2-3 drops. I havent had an erection is 2 years. Just thinking about the smell of a pussy would make me hard. Now its like the signal from the brain to the penis is gone/fried. My armpits dont sweat anymore and I dont have a masculine body odor like before either…

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