I came across this?

in my opinion we should unite with accutane, ssri , luoprexin and other post medication sufferers. but not with the post supplement (except saw palmetto and in regards to awor milk thistle) and post diet sufferers . when we want the medical community to take us serious …

thats scary. what was your diet again ? i will look in that. but much worse is the cognitive impairment i have.

I was eating 1500 calories a day, mostly salad , beans etc… Whenever I was hungry I just made myself a salad. I also was burning 800 calories everyday at the gym on the bike/treadmill. Working 10 hours a day construction…

lol. others here would tell its obvious that you have pfs because of the tomatoes in the salad but i dont think your issues are diet related. maybe something else.

Licorice and Minoxidil can get you here too…

i took high doses minoxidil ORAL without any sides. strange strange. i thought im predisposed

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could be but how can a diet get you here ?

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Yeah, but a lot of people are taking Fin/Saw Palmetto with no sides too :slight_smile:

licorice extract is scary shit. kills sex hormones. why would someone take that stuff !?

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but when there is a predisposition to these substances how do you explain that i had no problems with minoxidil oral? maybe because i havent cycled it like finasteride. but that would be against the theory of genetic disposition in this case. i highly doubt that anyway. it has to do with luck or not if you end up with pfs , pssd and so on

i have an abnormal lumbar spine MRI , I have a emng of the sphincter in 2 weeks, so will keep you guys updated

my gut instinct tells me this has nothing to do with the spine, even though I have leg emng showing loss of motorneurons in both legs. It feels hormonal…

It could be anything bro! Gene predisposition, interaction with other substances, also, the way of life we are living nowadays… All this Wifi, cellular radiation we are exposed to… No one knows why we got fucked that way, and I doubt they will find soon with this primitive medicine these days…

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maybe its all in my head :grinning:


True bro :slight_smile:

Haha Joking of course :slight_smile:

Well, we should not underestimate the power of our minds too…

I took a pill 5 days ago and I have this feeling too, how is yours?