I bought 4 different sleep pills and ready to hell

SHIT i ready to death. Today when i come from school i bought 4 different sleep pills and its on my bed now. they’re waiting for me. i dont know they can kill me but im going to try. SHİT SHİT, i was one of the most succesfull student in my scholl but even idiots will graduate but me? me is a fucking like an idiot i can not doing good my exams and my family will fucking kill me.
i dont deserve this mess , i cannot harm any of people in my life but im punished for nothing. im punished by a fucking pharma company and their fucking ugly bitch dickhead son of a bitch ceo.
i can’t acting like normal anymore to my parents or my fucking friends. im tired of acting like normal while my brain is melting.
probably researchs not find a cure until i will turn 50 years old or 60.
i swear to god my face looks like 50 years old my all face is melting and my anus is bleeding when i shit. my penis looks like a new born baby penis and my tinnitus like a chinese torture and constant. i can not hear a shit, i can not see a shit my vision is so fucked up double dimmed night blinded when i close my eyes and open again i see a lot of veins or nerves in my vision, my eyes my face my nose so dry and i have a lot of scars and sebhoraic dermatitis in my face and its constant., can not feel nothing and i swear when people look at me they are scared i was in bus today and i swear a child dont want to sit near of me he said his mother this man is so weird i dont want to sit here.
Life was beatiful and this fucking drug was so evil.
I fucked my life for nothing.


Skype me, please.

At the very least don’t take a bunch of sleeping tablets. You’ll just wake up a few hours later in a hospital bed feeling like shit.

water fast for 30 days before this. Wait 4 weeks to see results.

depressedguy, i sent you a PM, please respond. i also included my skype name, please message me there or respond to the PM.

Please don’t hurt yourself, things will improve I promise, it’s just a hard road with lots of challenges on the way. Someone needs to destroy big pharma, but they seem invincible.

Dude where are you??Fuck it Guys…I have chat with Depressed guy almost every day on facebook but since yesterday he dont respond…and he dont respond even on my Phone calls…Imagine this Guy has take his Life…for what??for a Hairlosspill? a 21 year old Guy destroys hes Live for nothing…
This Shit has to stop …Are you see what Merck do to us??And one week before i was very near to commit suicide too…Its the Hell on Earth…I am sure more Guys will do Suicide if this Madness dont stop…But i hope Depressed Guy is still alive…Dude pleas respond to me Man if you read this…Please!!!

i talked to him today through email… he is alive. but i dont think he is coming back here. enough of this shit… PFS needs to stop. jesus christ.

What do you mean, he’s not coming back here?

he said he’s not entering the website anymore, he’ll probably come back at some point tho

To be honest, while I’m appreciative of this site for raising awareness, it’s not very good for your mental state.

im here…

Hang tough depressedguy! I took fin for 7 years and stopped 4 years ago. Many times I thought of ending it all, but then my voice against Merck would have been silenced.

I’ve made some progress lately with mental/neurological sides, well enough to go back to school. I’m hoping to re-tool and get back to work. Just keep up with the treatment ideas posted here and we will all eventually see a brighter day.

And when we do, I think we should all have a reunion in person to celebrate some day.

thanks towm8er. you are my family. all of you.

Glad to see you are still with us.

yeah, thanks. sorry to demoralize all of you.
im playing this “life game” as expert mode now. i hope i can beat this one day. i will do everything until give up. but i can not accept life like this. i will recover or i will die. i can’t thinking a life with pfs 30 years.

I too am walking a fine line.

How some of you guys have withstood 5+ years with bad pfs is beyond me. Strong men. I know I’ll go insane like this eventually just from the mental effects of the sexual sides.

I could never understand this either but my attitude has changed over the last couple of months.

You just need to find a way to get on with your life and stop obsessing about recovery. I use to spend at least 3 to 6 hours a day researching medical journals, trying to find even a slither of reasoning that could potentially improve my condition.

In the end you just have to accept this has happened, realise there is very little you can do about it, and just try to live the best you can until a solution is found.

Having low androgenic activity is undeniably shit. But that doesn’t stop you from socialising, working or appreciating just being alive. There are hundreds of more debilitating diseases. This guy had a flesh-eating virus that forced amputation of three of his limbs. He’s still appreciative of the fact he’s alive.

I can sympathize with suicidal thoughts and brooding, I did that for the first 10 months. But it becomes a vicious cycle that you need to break out of.

danny will you keep goıng to lıvıng ıf they wıll say ıts not curable? 30 years wıth pfs?
I understand what you are tryıng to say. But future make me worried, frightened. And when ı ımagıne ı wıll have pfs more 30 years and nobody stıll wont belıeve me , ı scared man.
If you had a cancer, your famıly help you, ıf you became ampute everybody help you but when you have pfs, everybody force you actıng lıke normal but ıts ımpossıble!
I have emotıonal bluntness man, ı mean really bluntness. I can not feel anythıng, but everybody force me to laugh, smıle, be energıc, do responılıbıtes lıke past. My school exam result came bad, ıts beyond my power, ım not same person, ı cant do ssame thıngs lıke past.
Eventually ı wıll become mad, or leave hom and become a homeless…

Have you sought any treatment at all for your depression? I understand why you would not want to take an SSRI - due to the established problems with these drugs. But there are certain anti-depressants which guys on here have had success with. E.g. Remeron. I know that you probably don’t want to take another drug. But if you can resolve your depression, your entire outlook will become much easier. It is seriously worth considering getting some treatment for your depression. With a doctor, discuss the idea of a anti-depressant which does not have sexual sides. There are anti-depressants out there which fit this criteria. There is no need to feel like hell all of the time.