I am experiencing severe boneloss

I have been swallowing sufficient vitD(60,000IU/week) for the last 1 year
For the last few days I have been experiencing severe boneloss…and pain in the lower back and legs
Can you please suggest a way I can get rid of these?

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I am in the same boat. Have you gone for Dexa scan for osteoporosis. please go for it. If I stay home and don’t do walk then my Vitamin D becomes ineffective. Please do walk. I walk around 3 - 5 km a day, 2.5 km in the morning and 2.5 km at night. I noticed if I do good walk at night I get errections and when stop errections die too. Maybe walk helps speedup metabolism.

The only way to know this would be to undergo multiple DEXA scans over time.

Please book yourself some appointments if you are concerned and report your results.

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It seems I am experiencing bone loss(…and pain the back because of that) because of high-cortisol
Eating fruits high in Vit-C has been doing the trick for me for the last 2 days

maybe you are not experiencing bone growth, but fat loss?

60,000 IUs a week is not a whole lot. I take 60,000 every 2 days and still might start taking more.

You might want to consider adding in some k2 as well.

hows your calcium intake?

In this paper the most significant biological and clinical aspects of a biopreparation made of chicken eggshells are reviewed. Eggshell powder is a natural source of calcium and other elements (e.g. strontium and fluorine) which may have a positive effect on bone metabolism. Experimental and clinical studies performed to date have shown a number of positive properties of eggshell powder, such as antirachitic effects in rats and humans. A positive effect was observed on bone density in animal models of postmenopausal osteoporosis in ovariectomized female rats. In vitro eggshell powder stimulates chondrocyte differentiation and cartilage growth. Clinical studies in postmenopausal women and women with senile osteoporosis showed that eggshell powder reduces pain and osteoresorption and increases mobility and bone density or arrests its loss. The bioavailability of calcium from this source, as tested in piglets, was similar or better than that of food grade purified calcium carbonate. Clinical and experimental studies showed that eggshell powder has positive effects on bone and cartilage and that it is suitable in the prevention and treatment of osteoporosis.


Yeah. Do not take this damned Vitamin D. A single dose of this SHIT (and whoever recommended it) has destroyed my bones and connective tissue all over my body, tendons and nerves. The reason? It inhibits aromatase and therefore gives serious musculoskeletal problems. Stay away from this shit.

Don’t give advice that you might regret.
My friend @Konflict was killed by Vitamin K2.

Stop giving advice.

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Clear the concept? Many of us got worse to follow user advice without a medical indication.

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The OP was taking too much Vitamin D, and was likely inhibiting aromatase at a great level. Indeed it does do this, same to some degree with K2.

Advice is kinda what this board is for tho.

If you’re still experiencing low estrogen symptoms, why not try tribulus or tongkat, which will simultaneously raise your E and T?

Having Low E sucks. It is terrible, but when I have had it, a test booster did the trick to alleviate it after a couple days.

I think part of PFS is the estrogen receptor as well, which is why E levels are really important.


Yes, absolutely.

No friend, Melcangi told me not to take anything that another possible collateral effect would be a serious mistake. Guys, you don’t have to experiment It’s fooling around with fire.

I agree, PFS has also messed with estrogen.

"Interestingly, some of the examined neuroactive steroids are differently altered in plasma vs CSF and vs brain areas. In addition, these alterations are different depending on the specific brain areas. Furthermore, not only the levels of neuroactive steroids but also the expression of their receptors, like for instance AR and ERs or some subunits of the GABA-A receptors, are altered in these experimental conditions. For instance, an upregulation of AR occurred in rat cerebral cortex both after the chronic treatment then at the withdrawal. That is particularly interesting, because an upregulation of this steroid receptor also occurred in the prostate of patients treated with finasteride for BPH as well as in the prepuce of AGA patients showing persistent side effects. Other factors, in addition to neuroactive steroids, have been proposed to explain the pathogenesis of this syndrome as, for instance, alterations of dopaminergic signaling. Indeed, as demonstrated in animal models, finasteride treatment was able to impair the signaling of dopamine…involved in the regulation of sex drive”

@axolotl It is interesting to note that these studies contradict many claims of Melcangi about AR.
In this study it is said that ER receptor is also messed up. I would like to know the reason for these changes of opinion on the AR receptor. I ask him directly.

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Have DEXA scans?