How to raise dht if 5-alpha-reductase is not working?

Of course they can be measured. Google “labtestsonline” and you will see the hundreds of tests that can be done by Quest, Bioreference, Labcorp, etc.

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Crossroads, thanks. What would be a normal level of DHT to get an idea?

Remember that many people with PFS have normal DHT.
As to the range of DHT in the human body, google it because I am not sure off the top of my head.

I literary wrote about this three posts above as I have written about this many times elsewhere but apparently I am not getting this simple point across.

Serum DHT in normal ranges does not mean that DHT concentrations in key tissues responsible for sexual function are in normal ranges.

There is little correlation between serum and tissue concentrations of DHT (reference provided elsewhere), especially because tissue concentrations of DHT in key organs such as the prostate are (or need to be) ten times higher than in serum.

Further, serum DHT can be supplied by other tissues that are not deficient in 5a-reductase, such as the tissues that express 5ar-type 1.


Thanks! I didn’t know that but I’ll keep it in mind.

Actually, I hardly feel any change. Neither positive nor negative. If I have to mention something, maybe slightly gaining weight (1kg) and slightly thinning of hair.

I do have improvement in erectile function but that is most likely caused by a series of shockwave and prp treatments, see here and here.

Here is my estradiol:

So despite anastrazole it is rising but still within limits and quite volatile. I am considering if maybe I should increase my anastrazole from 2.3mg to 3.5mg per week. (Dr says that is ok as long as estradiol does not drop below the lower limit.)

What’s your dose of clomid? Might be better off just lowering the dose

3,5x per week 50mg.

This summer I will lower it (probably to 3,5x25mg). But right now I would like to keep my dht relatively high because I recently had prp’s and shockwaves and maybe these are more effective if the penis has more dht. (Even though Sibelio warns the correlation between serum and tissue dht is low, I guess there is still some correlation.)

Its just a guess but I dont think these few months are harmfull; also dr advised 3x50mg.

That’s certainly a high dose. I would recommended you visit some bodybuilding sites if you dont take my word for it.

No wonder your estrogen is all over the place dude.

My DHT came in at

So if the blood test is this bad I can only assume the tissue levels are even lower.
I mean it’s not necessarily terrible, fairly close to mid-range, but I assume this is like Testosterone where you want to be closer to the top end of the range rather than mid or below it.

I started down the TRT route to try and smash through my persistent brain-fog via but haven’t made a single dent in my “baseline” to speak of. Heavy weight training pokes holes in it but it is short-lived. However, TRT has greatly improved fatigue, lethargy, muscle/ joint pain/ weakness, libido, I’ve experienced incredible lean muscle gains plus fat loss (body recomp)–I’m sitting at around 10% BF. I have no estrogenic effects to speak of and zero hair loss. I recently saw a spike in acne around my delts but that has nearly all dissapeared.


Gabe, how’s the TRT working for you? Are you still getting benefits from it? Amy side effects?

You have any idea what will happen if i take DHEA while taking Proviron 25mg ?

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@Cooper. Did you ever try this combo?

No, and it’s a bad idea.

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Can someone open @Sibelio’s ban please? Why is he even banned? He was a kind and a helping person. We need to get him back. He was on to something.

This user serially breached a number of forum rules and was warned tiresomely before eventually being banned. It wasn’t a hasty decision but one which was a long time in the making. If we uplift bans of users who repeatedly disregard forum rules then we ourselves show a clear disrespect for the standards, thus compromising their validity. An online forum can’t be run with such a lack of structure.


What rules did he break?

Persistently made unfounded declarative statements and repeatedly abused staff members, amongst other things.

I never recall him doing that.

He raised a critical point that was never properly addressed by mods - there has never been any localised testing of 5-ar activity or DHT in specific tissue. This matters. All established and referred to values have been in serum. He was advocating for such a focus which I feel was at least part of the reason he was banned.