How to raise dht if 5-alpha-reductase is not working?

How to raise dht if 5-alpha-reductase is not working?

The only two ways I know:

  1. Andractim
    This is dht gel that must be applied to the skin
  2. Creatine
    According to Three Weeks of Creatine Monohydrate Supplementation Affects Dihydrotestosterone to Testosterone Ratio in College-Aged Rugby Players it stimulates conversion of testosterone to dht so it seems to work like an “artifical 5-alpha-reductase enzym”.

Any other suggestions??

My testosterone and dht are roughly just above the bottom of the normal range; LH and FSH are average. I was treated with clomid (150mg pw + 1mg anastrazole pw to mitigate the accompanying increase in estradiol). Testosterone, LH and FSH all increased about 50% or more but dht did not increase! So Im curious about other options to increase dht.

Side thought: Is this a good way to objectively determine if someone has PFS?

  1. Raise testosterone using clomid.
  2. Check if dht has increased.

It is hard to objectively say if someone has PFS by just looking at blood values because blood values could have been low prefinasteride. But this test seems a good way to objectively determine any damage to 5-alpha-reductase.

You could also try raising DHEA as that’s another pathway to creating more DHT in the body.

I used clomid for 2 months at day/0.25 mg but there was no improvement. Surprisingly, testosterone has quadrupled.

Many people have crashed from taking creatine.
See this:

Just found this thread:

Anyone ever try Andractorol (12 % DHT) - Dr. Goldstein is recommending it

It is said to be similar to Andractim so I just post this link for the record.

Thanks; didnt think about this!

But from this overview it looks like the path over 5a-androstenedione to dht also requires 5-alpha-reductase?


If there are aromatase inhibitors would there not be 5a reductase supplements?

I don’t think you should be using aromatase inhibitor on clomid. Clomid is synthetic estrogen that blocks the receptors so the HPTA thinks it needs to make more LH and FSH.

Instead of taking an AI, just cut the clomid dose in half. Easy way to prevent too much estrogen being stimulated.

Testosterone cream applied to the scrotum will raise DHT 2-3 times above the normal level. But this will require a commitment to TRT.

Sorghum is supposed to increase DHT.

Search Sorghum and crash here and you’ll see it’s been bad news for some here.


Yep, I’m aware of that, but then so has tribulus, yet it’s helped me tremendously (though there is some really shitty tribulus out there which is mostly estrogenic, without the beneficial compound - protodioscin, so that can explain that).

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Just flagging it up for people who might not do the reading.

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I’ve been on TRT (compounded cream applied to the scrotum) for close to 9 months now. My DHT levels prior to starting T were 37 ug/dl. My last round of blood, 3 weeks ago, I’m at 400 ug/dl. I’m also taking Creatine (5g OPD) and DHEA (25mg OPD)

Man, its 2020 and here we are still creating threads that were ruled out in 2012.

Stop focusing on trying to increase 5ar or DHT and learn from our past mistakes.


I have very good reason to believe that my 5-alpha reductase expression in various tissues is greatly silenced. What reason do you have to believe that this is not a valid therapeutic target? Just because people haven’t had success with it? That tells more about the methods than the theory. This is the only thing I’ve had success with, all my symptoms point to there not being enough 5-AR activity over the entire body. Why would I be targetting something completely unrelated? There are some very “off the deep-end” theories on the site, unless we can prove that 5-AR activity is not the culprit (and BTW a serum DHT test does not tell you anything about enzyme activity in various tissues) then that is as good of a target as any.



I have had my DHT tested and it varies depending upon if I am taking supplemental T and what type I am taking.

Low DHT - taking nothing
Low DHT- taking T injections
Moderate DHT - taking Clomid
Moderate to High DHT - taking T topicals (the higher DHT is when I take a 2% formulation of T not 1%)