Anyone ever try Andractorol (12 % DHT) - Dr. Goldstein is recommending it

It’s an experimental drug out of Britain, it’s the replacement for Andractim. I just reached out to them to pick some up. has anyone tried it or have any information on it?

I have upper-mid testosterone and lower-mid DHT. I’ve been wanting to try Andratim cream but can’t get it anywhere. I also want to try Anavar (Oxandrolone) but can’t get a good source. When asking Dr. Goldstein about the Oxandrolone, he instead pointed me toward Andractorol.

Anyone have any thoughts? I’ve seen very very good reviews on this forum and others about the Oxandrolone given that it is low level steroid that has very good affect and low side effects.

cant help you when you have pfs. your ar are probably shut down. thats your problem. i have the feeling that even
the doctors that are against finasteride dont have the slightest idea what we are going through. i was at doctor zitzmann and he told me my problems could be due low vitamin d3 . lol what a joke !

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Where do you get it from? Are you from Britain ?

Thanks @Milando97, to be clear - no doctor has the slight clue what’s going on, hence the multiple studies leaving us just holding our flaccid dicks in hand. With regards to it working/not working, while you might be right, let’s not leap to conclusion so quick - there are reports of people having great success with this drug. As everyone clearly responds to things differently, it’s in our best interest to trial and error what we can. I certainly know I’ve had success with certain things whereas other things (which have had tremendous impact on other members) do absolutely nothing for me.


I’ll Private Message you

Hey guys, unless you feel uncomfortable, could you discuss this in public? More info is more info.


I also wouldn’t categorize Goldstein as someone “who has no idea what we’re going through”. He is a huge advocate for getting Finasteride off the shelves and has spoken publicly about it raising awareness in many settings - podcasts, tv sit downs, interviews, youtube, etc. The problem is he charges an insane amount for therapy with not a lot of positive result.

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Around how much are we talking in terms of what he charges? Been thinking about going to him for a while as a last resort.

He’s cheaper than seeing Mark Gordon…

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I could be wrong but I believe it was $2000 for the 4-5 session therapy and you have to cover the costs of the tests he runs. He doesn’t take insurance, cash only.

I didnt think it was worth it for my situation

i agree but dr zitzmann is also one of these doctors but he couldnt helped me in any way. he just believed me

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Getting my Andractorol (Andractim) tomorrow, looking forward to starting it. Anyone have any recommendations on dosage? I hear this is very important (too low and you will have a stress response, too high and it can backfire and shut you down).


Update? (20 characters required) )

@Trump_1776 He said in another thread that he started it yesterday and hasn’t noticed any improvements yet

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He started anavar not this :slight_smile:

You’re right I misread, my bad.

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No prob brother I’ll answee your message in other post when I’m done work :slight_smile:

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Hi, did Andractorol work? Where do you get it from?

Mail them here: Tell them you are interested in ordering the andracrtorol.

I’m taking it only once a week, this stuff is nothing to be taken lightly. Like most things I’ve tried, it works really well for the first two days, then nothing. It definitely had a pretty major effect the first time i took it, had a really really strong nighttime erection that I haven’t felt something as hard or strong in a long time. I felt a complete return to my old horny masculine self, a sense of calm confidence that we’ve all been missing for so long. Then the effects seemed to tapper off as I used it. There IS something to it though, way major effect that’s better than all these supplements everyone always recommends. Just wish my body would accept it continuously over the long term.

There are so many different theories as to how it’s use will affect your T production, how E will quickly overwhelm and counteract it, how you may be ruining your receptors even further, how it’s use will make you way worse. Then there are people saying you just have to keep using it despite all this so your body will snap back into functionality, but it might take multiple cycles. I simply have no idea who to believe. I wish there was someone out there who could guide us on its use. Dr. Goldstein says to use it everyday, but that can’t be right - and that corroborated by plenty others who’ve followed his guide. Others on the forum say to use it very sparingly, and keep cycling it. Everyone reacts to everything different, I simply do not know how to use it effectively while also running into risks of it making me worse. It’s all over the map when asking what the correct dosage is as well. There simply isn’t a straight-ahead protocol on its use, so I’m a bit afraid of doing anything substantial with it right now. I’m currently on a cycle of R-Andro and have had some pretty positive effects of that only WHILE I’m on the drug, when I stop taking it, my penis shrivels up and my anxiety returns. I’m just so at a loss for what the hell is going on inside my body while I’m on these drugs, why they only work for a short period of time, and then there seems to be a return to a crash baseline. I wish someone would just have some damn answers :frowning:

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Okay! Do you need any prescription?