Anyone ever try Andractorol (12 % DHT) - Dr. Goldstein is recommending it

And you are sure that it is legit ?

@anon17185392 Just e-mail them here: Tell them you are interested in ordering the andracrtorol.

Yes, it is legit. Believe the All Saints clinic is the only place you can really get the real stuff.


Any update @Scott.H?

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Hey @Scott.H,

I have read about your experience with the DHT cream. Do you have an update since you wrote this? Do you still use it and how often? Did it really stop working and have you noticed an improvement or a deterioration in your long-term baseline?

I am about to get the 12% DHT cream from All Saints. I have low DHT and high Free Testosterone and my Total T/DHT ratio is 35. It almost looks like my body can’t make enough DHT. I know this theory has been discussed and rejected but it is also true that most people don’t have this exact hormone balance so maybe I will react differently.

I read that serum DHT may not be super meaningful as what matters is tissue production and concentration of DHT. So raising blood DHT may not do much in the tissues where there might be a deficiency. It will be an interesting experiment I think.

When DHT is raised, no doubt the body will try to adapt by shutting down the HPTA axis. Perhaps it makes sense to supplement some of the other hormones in addition to DHT in order to force the adaptation to happen at the AR level instead? Obviously I can’t do this on my own but I think it makes sense from a theoretical point of view.

Any thoughts anyone?

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I haven’t been using it very often lately, i really Only used to use it about once a week or maybe two weeks. It definitely had a strong affect at first but now really doesn’t do a whole lot. I’m open to any theories that might help make this substance more affective over the long term. Whether those are supplements or other pro hormones I’m not sure. I was rubbing it directly on my penis and didn’t really notice a whole lot after a while. There may be a better way to apply the stuff but I haven’t really been as excited to use it as a recent, I also am a little concerned about it affecting me in a negative way at the receptor level. Anyone have any thoughts on this?

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Goldstein is a fraud. Don’t trust that idiot.

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I had a fairly unpleasant experience with Goldstein as well, I talk about it in some of my other posts. He didn’t really listen to anything, he mostly is trying to cycle you through the appointment list - he mostly is just there to collect $$$ and supply you drugs. Experiences have been all over the map according to Forum posts though, he’s apparently helped some other people quite a bit so it probably depends on what your specific ailment and needs are. For me it was a $1000 meeting (+ a 3 hours drive) that could have been done over the phone.


Shoulders / chest. I have a friend who does this.

@frenchfries Hey, how often does your friend apply?
Has he seen any benefits and/or cons from application? If so, which?

Thank you so much, really looking for anyone who has used this stuff for a longer term than I did who had some results.

I had an excellent improvement with arimidex in my first week. Then couldn’t replicate it but, thank god i kept some important improvements like urge for sex and reduced refractory time and sensitivity.
I am better then before but some how arimidex jumped my testosterone without any change on estradiol i mean it reduced from 35,5 to 34 wtf. But free T went up tripled of it base value. With dht acting as an anti estrogen may be improvements are related to this now i am looking for ways to eliminate estrogen by half at least. My plan is to combine arimidex with Andractim gel or proviron.

I can’t remember well. It helped him with fatigue, libido, erection. He has been using for a couple of months and will stop soon to check if he can produce it naturally.

What about using much smaller micro doses so that you don’t shock the body but rather gently nudge DHT higher?