How To Deal With Scalp Upregulation?


Dutasteride was giving me an itchy scalp so i stopped it, i think it was upregulating my hairloss, but since i stopped taking it the itch has kinda stuck and hasn’t gone away and i did not have this itch prior to finasteride and dutasteride, so i fear they have left my scalp long term upregulated

Can anyone offer some advice to how i could help this situation and hopefully get things back to normal? i am currently taking fish oil and probiotics hoping it will help.

I been off dutasteride at least 2 months, maybe a little more. im really starting to think it was a big mistake every touching that stuff.


You and me both.

Scalp itch is a problem I’ve read that some have had here. You might like to search to see if there is any advice.


have you noticed increased libido, more acne/sebum prediction, more spontaneous erections, easier to put on muscle etc?


After i stopped Dutasteride i had a period of gut issues, low libido and sleep issues, they have subsided mostly. but my libido is taking its time to recover so its not particularly high.

My skin is dry so no oil or acne, morning erections are back, not sure about spontaneous, and muscle wise i am not sure.

Would all those things you said be a sign of upregulation?


How long since you stopped taking it?


Might be 2 and a half months.

I been trying everything to try and fix it. keto shampoo doesn’t seem to help either. or at least not enough for it to that noticable. it just gives me inflamed little bumps that take a day to go away.


Is keto shampoo anti androgenic? It could cause/be causing you problems.


I have heard it might be yeah. its regenepure DR so it also has saw palmetto in it.

Could it really be making it worse?

Then again i also found that i can’t use Coconut oil without it making my scalp more imflammed also (which again wasn’t an issue before) and i dunno whther that has any androgenic properties.

Aloe vera is also an issue on my scalp but someone said it contains low levels of beta-sitosterol


I suggest you stop using it immediately. If it’s got Saw Palmetto in it as you say you’re exposing yourself to something that brings people here.


I always assumed saw palmetto was a weak alternative. i used to take it prior to finasteride and dutasteride and never had any isssue with it (it didn’t do much for my hair either but still). but then my scalp has kinda gone to a sensative mess since i started and stopped dutasteride.

Once i stopped dutasteride i was so eager to find something else to stop hairloss but if i can’t even use saw palmetto at least and maybe even Keto in shampoos i dunno whats left for me at the moment. even if my scalp recovers over time i still need to put all this stuff on hold, and thats unfortunate.


Forget your hair. That you are posting here means you don’t do well with these sorts of substances.

Things could get significantly worse for you.


Its kinda hard to forget the hair loss since its got quite bad lately with the itch. is there really no other alternatives that could help?


I guess you could get a transplant.

For 99% of posters here, hairloss is a total irrelevance and the majority would trade their hair for being able to feel normal again. That you’re affected in such a minor way makes you very lucky around here.

Take further risks if you really want to appreciate what you’ve got right now. Be aware that this is not a hairloss forum so you should look elsewhere for tips on how to preserve your hair.


Its more about getting my scalp back to normal i suppose. its become so sensative since starting and stopping dutasteride. i suppose i was just hoping for some tips on how to recover.

I hear that sensative scalps can be contributed to other factors that need to be fixed like diet or whatever and was hoping someone would perhaps share some wisdom or experience on how they recovered…

I probably could stop anything that has saw palmetto or keto in it… but is there anything else? because right now my scalp is imflamed by so many things including natural oils.


I wouldn’t be so dismissive as the dramatic change in hair patterns and quality is directly related to this syndrome…Mine is like a different head of hair before pfs and now…I don’t think there is anything that can be done as IMO it is changed to the upregulation of AR and thats why a lot of guys become so much more sensitve to dht…It sheds constantly, becomes very dry, curly and loses pigmintation…


I really hope thats not the case :frowning:. il never forgive myself if i put myself into this position and can’t fix it.:disappointed:


Yup. I’d shave my head right now to be fixed. And I have pretty awesome hair and would not look good with a shaved head, haha


Heh, I’m sure it’d suit you once you got used to it!


Last 2 weeks i been shedding heaps in the shower. i never used to shed this much, its gone from less then 10 to 30+ as the hairs come off on my hands. full strands with bulbs

i feel like something is wrong and i dunno how i can get back to normal.

i used a soothing shampoo today thats for dry and sensitive scalp and i ain’t sure its done much.


I have this too. My scalp itches even worse than pre fin and hair is falling out faster too