how should we avoid testicular atrophy while our LH is down.

I am reading more and more about our situation, regardless when our bodies come back there are chances our Testicles will atrophy to some extent b/c of low LH. I am conviced only HCG can keep them alive. LH is like testicles food without which boys will become unhealthy. I am very hopeful that some day (months or years later ) our LH and FSH will bounce back to normal levels but will our boys be ready to respond as well? No body is paying attention to this very likely possibility. here i am posting the link . I think we should preodically give HCG shots to keep our boys alive on the same hand not causing pitutary to sleep ( low doses of HCG?+ low dose of SERM? or other natural herb?).

here is the link … 1&SRETRY=0
read the conclusion.

CONCLUSIONS GnRH is a feasible way to induce testicular growth as well as spermatogenesis In hypogonadotrophic male patients, even in patients in whom gonadotrophin treatment has failed. After GnRH treatment, hCG alone can maintain or even improve testicular development, including spermatogenesis. GnRH treatment may also induce a physiological growth spurt In hypogonadotrophic adolescents.

Sustain Alpha Liquavade causes a strong pulse of LH when taken. There is also a product called toco 8 which sensitises the testicles further to the effects of LH, making it a great product Stack. All of the scientific info can be found on their website. Point is you may be able to have the same effect with a product that’s easy to obtain. I can attest since using it my boys are full and high. SA LV also contains natural anti E’s which inhibit the feedback loop gently, without causing any type of E rebound once usage ceases. Sometimes I feel like a spokesman for this company, really…

Unless your LH is 0, I wouldn’t worry about it.

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are u sure? I have seen some people with LH=.5 and T =500 where as on our forum mostly with LH=2 and T=300 or 400. is not our boys r not as good as they were before. Just to clear my doubts.

Is there any correlation with low LH and atrophy?
SP since you claim a recovery where are you with LH/FSH/ Testosterone?

I have already explained.
Yes I think low LH FSH => shrinkage.
I have written if I maintain good level of VitD then my LH and FSH (shown in Blood report) go high like 5,5 from 1, 3.2.
Some idiots do not believe me here or think Vit D3 is not good. Vit D3 has helped me a 180 degree. It reversed my osteoporosis.Not only improved muscles but also sleep , appetite, good feelings etc. This is true when you take vit D3 you feel sleepy for short time but then you feel a lot energetic. This is why I take one tab before sleeping, gives me very deep sleep without any dreams. Also take VitD with some butter. hope it will help you.

where are you located?
IF you really want to investigate the issue then go for HMGCR antibodies tests.

@spstriken very interesting what you mentioned about vitamin D.

Does you T and DHT correlate to the Vitamin D3 you’re taking?

Also what dosage and brand are you taking?

Thank you!

Sorry not following. What is the connection here with hmgcr?

@spstriken would you be able to post before and after hormone profiles from using Vitamin D3

This study shows that, it does increase FSH and LH but only moderately, along with moderate increases of T and Free T dropped over time with the increase in SHBG and estradiol. I would love to see how your numbers correspond to the usage of the use of Vitamin D3.

Thank you

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I have already posted long ago. you can search my blood results. I am also planning to for fresh blood test. I will post them. Regardless your LH, FSH and T remains high as long as your vitD is in good range. When D level drops so does your T. I know this very well first hand. The question is why our VitD is low? The only answer to me is either HMGCR antibodies or gene change. The test is not available in Canada. I see no one has gone for this antibodies test yet.

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Another big sign of co relation is after using Vit D3, I am almost 90% bald now. When I stopped SP I was hardly 5-10% bald.

Thank you @spstriken I never knew the correlation with Vit D before, I never even had it checked before that’s what I’ll don the next blood test for sure.

How would you say your recovery is on Vit D, do you feel normal? What areas are you still missing while on Vit D, I do remember JN reporting that he gets as much sunshine as he can now, I think that probably helps with the creation of Vit D.

Our normal VitD production is broken now. I can sit in sunlight all day and burn myself but zero vitD produciton. you will have to take VitD3. There is no other way. Do not ask why we cannot produce VitD now. Interestingly same issue is with user of statins. I can report tons of cases of low or zero VitD after using statins.

How do you know?
Is your VitD sub normal when not supplemented?
My VitD result from last week was midrange.

I have been posting many times that my vitD was below lower range. lower being 30 and I was around 10 or 15, do not remember exactly, it was 2009. How long have you been off of Fin? I know one guy who right after stopping fin was above mid range but after some times he was below normal too.
Like I said my body has stopped producing VitD because before SP use just few hour sun light(or even one hour) was enough to super charge me for many days. I did not know that time this all VitD issues. All I knew was sunlight is good for me. you know when you are normal you do not think too much on these things. your focus is on other stuff.

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  • FSH= 1.45 mIU\ml ---- 0.95- 11.95
  • LH= 2.42 mIU\ml ---- 0.57- 12.07
  • Vitamin D 19.52 ng\mL ---- 40-80

Yeah, my vitamin D was low too, these were my results. Weird. Takind vit D nowadays. By the way did you had any temporary recovery periods? Is it really possible?

100% possible. Start vitD3. you will see difference in 2 weeks. brain fog , pain will start disappearing.
I am the example.

Do blood test after 3 months and post here.
people will see the difference.

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