How long have you guys been suffering from PFS?

20 years for me as well, and over half my life with “post-accutane” PFS. Things seemed to naturally improve for me up to a high point between 25 and 30 years old, then a slow decline up until an ill-advised treatment attempt last Fall. I went the first 11 years believing this was a simple hormonal issue that could be fixed until putting the pieces together and realizing Accutane gifted me with this endless nightmare.

In the early years an endocrinologist suggested Accutane might be the culprit but I had never heard of such a thing as a permanent side effect and found it hard to believe the FDA would allow something capable of this to be sold to children.

This is just the way it goes. Some people get fucked in life and sometimes the ones doing the fucking become very wealthy in the process. The worst of it all is probably being laughed at in disbelief when explaining this condition to someone.


Ciao Altdredlife.
Can you please tell us in particular which kind of amino acids have you been taking.
Thank you!

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2.5 years almost no improvement. Some days I get a little better.

What was the I’ll advised treatment attempt

3 years. Was manageable the first 1.5 years because I didn’t know I was permanently broken. Last 1.5 years have been hell.

Sides that have gotten worse:

Depression (the most difficult side I deal with)
Low Motivation
Suicidal thoughts

Sides that have gotten better:

Nocturnals (25% of previous state)
Ejaculate force and volume (50%)
Orgasmic sensation (50%)
Libido (15%)

Sides that have stayed the same:

No morning wood


What has helped orgasmic sensation or was it just time?

cognition became worse ? oh shit

I can’t tell for sure but I think mostly time. All I’ve been doing really is heavy weights, meditation, eating raw garlic, VSL 3 probiotics, edging, CBD.

Thinking of adding aminos and a good multivitamin. Green tea and fish oil used to be great for me but I’m scared to add them to my routine.

I think this may be do to my poor diet actually and not the condition because I’m paranoid of everything I put in my body so I’m not eating as many super foods or taking supplements like I used to.

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Can I ask you how much Tribulus you take? Do you take it all the time or do you cycle? Is it still effective after prolonged used or does it lose effectiveness? I have found that it has an effect on me but only at high doses at which point I start getting side effects like dizzies and shortness of breath. Do you get that? I am still experimenting with it.

Curious how long it took you to see improvements in sleep. Thats my biggest battle.

I take 4 capsules a day, I cycle it for a few weeks at a time, I want to get some of the mediherb version I’ve read about in this forum. I’ve not noticed any side effects whilst using it.

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Sleep has never really been an issue for me as I have smoked weed throughout having PFS.

4 years for me. 0% libido over that time and in the past year I really feel like my body’s ability to develop muscle has gone. Sleep as well has been kind of fucky. I have really vivid dreaming and always feel exhausted in the morning.

How much of an effect on libido and erections do you have from Tribulus? What is your baseline off and on Tribilus? For me libido is 0% without Tribulus and around 12.5% on Tribulus.

The way I calculate this number is by dividing maximum libido (100%) by two to get 50%. Then I ask myself - would that be higher than my current libido. The answer is yes, so I divide by two again to get 25% and repeat the process one more time to get 12.5%, which I think reflects my libido on Tribulus. Depending on how much I take though I think I might be able to get it a bit higher than 12.5% but no-where near 25%.

What sort of cycles of Tribulus are you doing @Sibelio

Are you increasing dosage then going back down? How much are you taking and how often?

I am still experimenting with it. I get sides such as palpitations, shortness of breath and dizziness when I take 4 or more pills of 750mg a day. I also get bleeding after shaving, which indicates a blood thinning effect. I need to take it for a couple of days, minimum 4 days I think to get the maximum effect. (But I haven’t really tried what happens if I take a high dose only for one day.) Then I ease up a little bit for a couple of days.

So let’s say I am planning sex on Saturday (so far this has happened only once). I would take 2 on Wednesday, 3 on Thursday and Friday and 4 on Saturday. Then I won’t take anything on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday (not least because I would be completely sick from the overdose of Tribulus and Viagra on Saturday). On the off days my libido drops down to zero. The effect is quite immediate.

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I’ve been sick since 2012-2013 after like 1 year of using. My problems had almost been the same until my last year were I experienced alot of different changing, both good and bad.

For example, I’ve experience alot of muscle waste, then some muscle build up again and finally morning wood almost every morning, after like 7 years without and special regimen in a long time. isn’t this crazy?