How long did it take after stopping finasteride for your hair to fall out again?

I am roughly 14 months off fin, but my hair didn’t start falling out. My hair looks still better prior to fin. But therefore my sexual sides are the worst. I somehow hope my hair loss will return, because only then I think my body starts to heal and can find his old equilibrium.

Would also be great if you can tell how your PFS symptoms have developed over time after discontinuing the drug.

I’m now 28 months off finasteride. Hair loss completely stopped and has not continued since.

Symptoms have been the same also. 0 libido, anhedonia, flat emotions. What has changed is my ability to cope and accept. First 1.5 years were the worst because I did not want to accept I might never be the same.
The last year I’ve tried to accept the cards I’ve been dealt and approach it from there. Which is still hard every single day.

Why do you say that only after your hair starts falling out again you will heal?
I think you are looking at it from the wrong perspective, hair growth seems to be another possible symptom, it’s not that we will be cured when it stops, it will probably just be the most noticeable sign of recovery (though not really, since it seems you can be cured of some symptoms but still not be fully healed).
But again, i’m no expert, just want to hear your ideas in more detail.

Well, I don’t know what is off in my body. I only know that I took a drug that, if I take it continuously, should prevent hair loss. I discontinue the drug, but my hair stays. Something has changed in my body, either the DHT level adjusted to a different level, certain processes/pathways work differently, or my tissues react differently to DHT by now. Whatever is the reason/cause, we don’t know. I belive my sexual sides and still having hair have the same root cause. Don’t believe I can keep my hair and won’t suffer from sexual sides.