How long before calling quits?

Hey guys,

I’m getting close to two years in a few months. Unreal, two years of my life gone like that. Misery. I pray for you all, you’re all very brave people. I wonder how long to wait before calling it quits. Is four years a reasonable time? I’m so tired. I want to work, I want to build something, I want a future. I’m just so exhausted. Every day. Yesterday I worked out, did a few sets of biceps and triceps. Today I could barely get out of bed. At the end of the day, you’re alone with this shit too. No one really cares, it’s just you. Everybody moves on. I just want my peace. I want to end it but I’m to much of a coward. I need some type of drug to put me in a deep anesthesia followed by respiratory failure and death. I pray to God if there is no recovery for me please give me uncurable cancer. What even is this, living nightmare.


I agree. In a same situation as you.


I can/do relate nothing but global physical decline and issues with emotional pain but while we are alive there is hope, with hope anything is possible. Never give up some have recovered at the 5 year mark. Believe this will be you.

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Never ever…ever give up


You told us, you live with your family and you are in a relationship. I think fin and other hormon disruptors make it impossible to join the social live outside but its although impossible to stay allone. So you have a supporting backround. After all the internet warnings of pfs your parents cannot deny its existing.

With this family background you ll never stay allone and you can handle the ugly torture for a time.

Its hard to arrange with the new situation as a chronic damaged person.I know well the pain cock doesn’t function. Its a horror done to us.

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I really know all that thoughts. Its like making the big mistake undone. Its the emergency door out of a painful live. And Im just 4 months on it. My soul was hurt loosing my love over ED to an old shitfaced fart, a widows consoler.
So you have to think about every aspect. If you have a girlfriend stand with you, you cant leavevher. Its a great thing. I cant leave my daughter, maybe I destroy her little live.
I like to answer to your threads, but someone told me Im to negativ. So tell me.

I shared this with @Exsexgod recently, but I think it’s relevant for any patient thinking about giving up. Trust me, I have been there hundreds, if not thousands, of times myself.

Please, please do not give up. We genuinely need all of us in this battle, as we are the proof that this disease exists and has destroyed countless lives. I can assure you, myself and the PFSN team, along with the PFSF, are working extremely hard every day to find a way out of this. It takes time, but we are making progress.

If we give up, what we are saying is we are ok with this problem being dismissed. Your life - our lives - are worth far more than that.

I am always here to talk if you just want to speak over the phone. Let me know and I’d be happy to organise something.

Take care :heart:

Same applies to any patient thinking about giving up. Reach out and I’m happy to chat.

Take care.

Wait, are you Mitch? Wasn’t you healed? Jesus Christ, this really killed the last fragment of hope that I had

I’m not sure where I said I was healed. I’ve improved for sure though.

Well, I remember posts of yours from lots of years ago (as Mitch) saying you were almost healed by lifestyle, liver detox, thyroid armour, etc. Saw you didn’t login here for a long while.
I just thought that it was because you were fully fine, since you were almost like this like 15 years ago. Sad for you and us all. And hope we can get there someday

I think that’s another Mitch my dude. I haven’t had PFS for 15 years.

Well, I’m very confused lol. But I’m referring to this one here @Mitch . Don’t know if it’s the same or not, but sorry for the misunderstanding

Ah yeah, that’s a different guy. Sorry you’re not doing too well at the moment man. Let me know if you’d like to speak over a call.

Is there any skill you could learn in order to have a lucrative career after recovery in a few years? Do you have average or higher intelligence so you could learn how to code or do data science? These are skills best learned at home on a computer anyway and are very lucrative. It’s trite, but a great way to handle lemons is to turn them into lemonade. The future of education is online anyway. There will not be overpriced universities anymore. You can take online classes with Coursera and edX, get great at something, and surge ahead of all the people using tinder, chasing skirt, hanging out and watching Netflix these days. Once you recover you will be in a better position than if you had never gotten PFS in the first place.