How do you guys deal with losing your hair? suicidal

what can i do? i’m already short, pale and receded. I had a girlfriend for 7 months it was awesome but she broke my heart it’s been over a year i still think of her sometimes, even though i was lucky enough to get a few other women but I wasn’t really attracted to them. i guess it’s over for me. just have to accept fappng and balding foerever what’s worse is finasteride fucked my dck a bit so not even fapping is enoyable anymore such is is life

I don’t deal with losing my hair at all. It’s just not as important as you think. I used to think just like you. In fact, being miserable about my hair for years was the second worst thing I did in my life and it drove me to do the absolute worst thing in my life: taking Finasteride.

I am not going to BS you. Yes, hair is a factor. Nice hair is a plus for many women and for a few women baldness may be a deal breaker. So what? There are billions of them out there. You can afford to loose some. But a) quite some women find bald (not comb-over) guys attractive, confident and masculine, and b) for most women hair is one of many attributes. There are still plenty of other attributes that you can excel at.

You describe yourself as “short, pale and receded”. Why aren’t you athletic, well dressed and fun? You know what turns many women more off than a receding hairline? Miserable men that lack confidence. Most women like confident and fun men.

Be fun, be confident, be social, be interesting, have stories to tell (travelling a lot helps), work on your looks (on average, women prefer strong looking guys) and plenty of women will be interested. There are man< things you can work on. Why focus on the things you have little control over?


true man but i’m short / receded / pale etc. sucks man.

I cannot stress this enough to anyone who’s still concerned about losing their hair. I lost a good 3-4 years of my life to misery over losing mine. It became an obsession that would plague my thoughts daily. I look back now and think what a complete waste.

This disease is hell but the one positive I can draw from it is that it’s taught me there is far, far more to life than the way you look.


Getting PFS fixes your hairloss worries; in exchange, you now have debilitating physical symptoms.

I can see that I’m still losing hair, and it sucks, but it no longer occupies my mind nearly as much as it did pre-fin. I have far bigger things to worry about like getting my life back on track.


Get a hair system, serious.

get a hair transplant if it really bothers you.

I shouldve considered a transplant instead of taking that rat poison fin.

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Good point. It’s definitely a safe option for guys here who are still bothered about losing their hair. They look so realistic these days.

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Don’t you have to keep taking fin after you get a transplant?

I think everyone here should just shave and try to get buff (If you still can).

As far as i’ve been informed the hairs on the back and side of the scalp are more resistent of DHT. Therefore bald men get that horseshoe look. You really dont need fin after a transplant, most clinics use PRP in order to give the transplanted hairs a natural boost.

I think the finasteride is to preserve the other hairs.

Like if you were receding in the front, the transplanted hair will fill in the temples, but if you don’t take finasteride, the balding will continue and it’ll look very weird. You’ll have a full font and back, but the mid-scalp region will go bald without finasteride.

I would dread the toupee falling off in a social situation.

Thats actually true… I guess you just have to hope that you dont go fully bald. Or perhaps go for another transplant a few years down the line, when baldness progresses.

Depends on the pattern, some people get gradual thinning instead of actually going bald.

BTW i’ve actually seen some footage of a clinic that mixes beard grafts for the crown and middle scalp and use scalp hairs for the front and temples. This way they get enough grafts to cover a full top scalp.

Nope, hair systems are REALLY good these days. They can pull your hair/wig and it won’t budge. You can sport/swim/sweat in it too.

And it looks great imo

I think for some people, baldness isn’t caused by DHT.

My hair started shedding day 1 on finasteride and lasted for about 1.5 months. There has to be something else that causes baldness for me.

In any case, I’m at the point where I’m ready to shave off my hair soon.

Hmm, interesting. How often do you have to redo the procedure? Every day? Every month?

I think every 2 months. And after a while you can do it yourself and save on costs.

A lot of information on youtube, etc. Look into it, it’s the best solution besides transplants imo.

Yeah, I would agree if it’s only once per 2 months. Much safer than finasteride & minoxidil. Not much of a hassle, either.

I was thinking it had to be done like once a day or two, since they applied some adhesive substance to your scalp. Thanks. I might actually consider it in the future.

Same here but I think they’re extremely secure these days. The technology has advanced exponentially in recent years to combat the usual concerns.