Hormone results are "normal", what does this mean?

A few days ago I got the results of my hormone test at the andrology clinic. Everything is “normal”, except for vitamin D3. Here are my values:

LH 2.1 U/L (2-10)
FSH 1.1 U/L (1-7)
Prolactin 243 mU/L (<500)
Testosterone 19.0 nmol/L (>12)
Free testo 357 pmol/L (>250)
SHBG 41 nmol/L (11-71)
Oestradiol not measurable (<250)
PSA 0.2 ug/L (<4)
Vitamin D3 22.1 ug/L (25-70)
Cortisol basal 168 ng/L (62.4-180)
IGF-I 179 ng/ml (83.6-259)
TSH 2.07 uU/ml (0.27-4.2)
Free T3 3.66 pg/ml (2.0-4.4)
Free T4 1.56 ng/dl (0.93-1.7)
Androstenedione 1.37 ng/ml (1.3-4.3)
17-OH-progesterone 4.34 nmol/L (0.15-4.85)
DHEAS basal 4.17 ug/ml (1.6-4.49)

So what mean this now, androgen resistance?

Edit: I’m 27 years old male, 1,88 cm and 80 kg

You’re what, 26, 27?

Most members would tell you that those ranges are not age-adjusted. Doctors just mash the natural levels of 20 year olds and geriatrics together and if you look good for a 60 year old, then you’re “good”.

Your luteinizing hormone levels are nearly off the scale (low). Are you sure your free testosterone isn’t measured in ng/dL? In any event, you’re 40% over their floor. A guy your age should probably be 2x the floor bare minimum, likely more. The result is in line with the very low LH level, and the fact that you don’t have detectable estrogen. I don’t know how there can’t be a lower bound for normal for that.

The only way to know if you’re androgen resistant is to see how your body responds to more androgens. Whether you want to embark on that journey (hCG or TRT) is entirely your choice. To look at it now, you’re just androgen deficient.

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Those look very healthy to me. Most healthy guys would love to have those values. They lend credence to the notion that you have PFS/PSSD/PAS. You clearly do not have hypogonadism or low T3, which are common causes of sexual symptoms. It’s nice that you don’t have high DHEAS.

To me, people getting test results like this support the idea that our problem is at the receptor level. I would recommend staying away from anything hormonal. Sadly, the most popular broscience “therapies” here seem to be with altering hormone levels even by guys who have never gotten them tested.


Most of us “normal hormone” people have fucked up receptors (androgen sensitivity/overexpression). We just have the hormones, those hormones are not binding to the receptors hence no benefits of it.


I’ve added my age above, that is an important clue.
In Fact, my T was measured in nmol/L.
Yes, my LH is indeed low. LH does stimulate testosterone production in the testes, so shouldn’t my T levels be lower if it has a negative effect?
I also believe that I have simply become more androgen resistant through trazodone. Maca, for example, doesn’t do anything anymore, although before a teaspoon was enough to make me horny as fuck. Curcumin (natural 5-ARI) now makes my dick more numb, before it helped me to have stronger orgasms and erections. It is obvious that something has been changed. If only we knew what exactly…

That’s a good LH level, if anything it indicates your testes are performing excellently. LH is a signaling hormone and the problem would be if it was high and your T was not. Other way around is, as you have, is good.

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There’s something weird here still. A testosterone level of 250 nmol/L (the lower threshold you list) is equal to 7,210 ng/dL, which is absolutely unheard of. A level of 250 ng/dL on the other hand would be the normal threshold used for hypogonadism.

My understanding is the reverse: high LH and low T indicates primary hypogonadism (poor testicular function, i.e. testes that do not respond to LH, analogous to the thyroid not responding to TSH in Hashimoto’s hypothyroidism), whereas low LH indicates that the hypothalamus isn’t asking the testes to work very hard, for reasons that vary.

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I also think that your LH and FSH levels are low for your age. That supports the theory that at the central level (hypothalamus) there is overregulated negative feedback to your testosteron resulting in a lower set point, in other words your hypothalamus thinks there is enough testosteron but in reality for your needs it should be higher

Your Testosterone at 19 nmol/L is fine. What’s the E2 unit? And why it says it’s not measurable? Guess this is the standard assay. TSH is a tad high(ish) and so is Progesterone but that may not be troublesome (depending on E2 value).

Maybe the units of measurement are wrong, but I copied it exactly as it is written on the paper. I’ll ask again as soon as I go back in January.

That could be the case, my testicles work much less than before the problem. Before, when I sat on the toilet I could really watch my testicles move, now they are mostly still. However, they have not shrunk, the doctor said I even have the double size than the average.

I don’t know why it’s not measurable. Normally, men also have some estrogen too.
So it’s brain damage?

Im fishing in the dark like everyone… but it seems logical to me that there may be two problems. One is the mentioned central enhanced negative feedback and one is androgen resistance in the tissues. The low FSH and LH many pfs sufferer have could explain the first, and the lack of TRT response the latter. Maybe we are not affected by both in the same way. Perhaps in the lucky ones with response to TRT their main problem is central set point dysregulation and obviously not peripheral androgen resistance. But who really knows…


This is my view.

The fact that @Trazohell had positive experiences with an anti-androgen compound in the past (though not presently) is a red flag to me.

Not like brain damage. But I if your level is too low then this is a problem. E2 can be used as an indicator to recovery at least It has been in my case.

When you stop taking a dht blocker your dht rises from 30% to 100% but yor ARs ars so sensitiv that they Think 30%=100% and so 100% looks like 333% for your AR and it goes hypo it could be that your stats are normal but the AR is mutet because it gets shocked when dht was increasing to a normal blaue.

What you mean? Curcumin? That was the time I was sexual healthy. I took it as natural nootropic and antidepressant. It increase nitric oxide so it can make erections stronger. It also bind on the D2 receptor and can increase libido for some people. But again, that was the time before PFS, now it makes me more numb down there.

Ah, didn’t realize that was pre-PFS.

Ur estrogen is zero!

And ur complaining of pssd!

Have u ever talk to guys on steroids who crash there estrogen to low normal range those dudes are sucidal also

Blunted emotions death feeing no appetite

If u levels are at zero how are u still alive nvm worried about pssd

U need trt dude

U don’t wanna recover if u don’t try it

And it easily bought on the internet pharma and cheap

I crashed my e2 and was worst than pssd and I still had estrogen in my body just low normal

At levels of a zero I wouldn’t be able to get out of bed