Hormone results are "normal", what does this mean?

I will aks my andrologist about that this week how they come to such a value. But what has TRT to do with Estrogen and why is it also important for men? And where can I order TRT in Europe if my doctor won’t prescripe me cause “normal” results?

Estrogen is extremely important without u won’t produce dopaime when bodybuilders crash there e2 there appetite goes out the door they get adhenioa,Ed!

Muscle breakdown it feel like death even worse than

Pfs if u ask me!

If u take all the estrogen out the male body it would cause Parkinson’s diesease! For 30 days they say it would cause 30 percent loss of neurons

If not treated in 15 months of less it can be permanent

That’s how important it is

If u had zero estrogen in ur body testosterone would not work

Which is why I’m surprised ur still alive with levels of zero

Which is a really good sign u can recover!

And men with estrogen levels at the bottom of the range are barely making it through there day to day life(who crashed with adex)

My man I can’t believe ur alive with estrogen of zero

Ur head must feel like it’s gonna explode 24/7 that one thing we have women complain of and men When e2 gets low

Is the deathly feeling


And what would be the best medication I can ask my doctor for? I want to try HCG because my low LH/FSH with maybe some TRT but now I also need estrogen supplementation.
No Parkinson’s symptoms so far but Anhedonia, even no respond to drugs like alcohol or psychedelics that speak for a huge dopamin problem. But dopamine agonists didn’t work for me and some others that got PSSD/PFS from Trazodone. I think these medications can’t work if the hormone levels aren’t optimal? Maybe I’m finally on the right way and can cure this :smiley:

TRT would boost E typically due to aromatization of the added T. hCG would boost it more because it also causes an increase in the amount of aromatase enzyme that you make (in addition to more T). I haven’t ever heard of direct estrogen supplementation for men pitched as a good idea.

Absolutely not!

If u look over at guys who crash there estrogen they also complain of lack of response to things like coffee preworkouts,stimulants

If ur at zero u would have zero response!

Hcg is easily bought online and cheap try that out!

For example crashed e2 causes constipation nothing will work for it!

Pineapples always help when e2 gets low no effect! So u see my point

Caber would only make the problem worse if estrogen was the issue

If I were u I would do 1000 iu of hcg a week

From my observation Trazodone suffers have hormone issues trazedy also has low t

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Thank you I will definitely ask my doctor tomorrow for HCG and if he not want prescripe me because everything is “normal” I will give a fuck and order in Internet.
I thought Trazedy is cured?

Your estrogen is probably fine just get a sensitive test for it. Estrogen is hard to test in men and the tests are not very accurate. If they use one calibrated for women then it will appear that you have no estrogen at all even if your levels are completely ordinary for a guy.

My Andrologist said the estrogen was really not measurable and he want give me TRT. Yes TRT, because an estrogen supplementation would lower my T but Estrogen is produced out T. He told my LH and FSH looks fine for him.

Any idea if TRT can be usefull in my case like my doctor say?

If you have low T then TRT might be helpful. If your T is in range, then there is no reason to think that it would be helpful at all, normally. Don’t know what is going on with your E, however. Certainly an endocrinologist is infinitely better positioned to make that judgement than anyone here is. I suppose if I were in your situation then I would visit another endocrinologist for a second opinion and E test.

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Here are some results from my second test about a month later:
LH 1.3 U/I (2-10) is even lower now
Estradiol is now 41 pmol/l (<250)
Cortisol basal 60.5 ng/ml (62.4-180) is low
Androstenedione 1.15 ng/ml (1.3-4.3) is low
Vitamin D3 now 26.8 ug/l (25-70) a bit higher

They want make now a sequence analysis of the androgen receptor gene. The appointment is not until mid-April, so instead of finally giving me TRT or HCG I continue to sit at home and suffer…
I have now at least started licorice root for the low cortisol.

Started T gel this week!