HELP! ED & Numb Penis symptoms at very young age

Hi everyone.

Im a 23 y/o man who have been using finasteride for the past 2 years. No problems or symptom whatsoever. Good erection, good orgasm, good penis overall. About 2 weeks ago, I decided to slowly stop taking finasteride. So instead of taking fin everyday, i took it once every two days.

After doing that for about 1 week only, i loss my libido, its hard to erect, & hard to mantain erection & i dont even know my dick anymore now, it feels like some rubber. This is a disaster. I only develop these symptoms when I tried to STOP using finasteride, I have no symptoms during the usage of the drug. Its been about 4 days now.

PLEASE HELP ME. What can I do in these early stages. I cant live like this, suicide is a really possible option for me now. Should I take finasteride daily again or stop inmediately. What can & should I do??:cry:

What I would do is after 8 years of experience is. First, stop taking it completely. You’re harming yourself by taking that poison. Then relax, stress is going to make it much worse. Stop watching porn, masturbating, alcohol, smoking, drugs, sugar completely for a while. You need to avoid tension in your body and mainly your head at much as possible. Go for long walks outside (30-45 min) to breathe fresh air and try to relax. I like to know if you are feeling you have trouble digesting food? Like a bloated feeling? Or do you feel tension in your head? If so, only eat foods that are easy to digest. Focus on Whole food plant based foods. Meats and bread for example are hard to digest and stress the body, Cheese and peanut butters have way too much fat. For example eat boiled potatoes, rice, oatmeal, fruits (no apples), fish, eggs, vegetables, nuts. For me this has done wonders in relieving tension in my head. Because if you eat food that is hard to digest, it means you will get bloated, this will result in terrible breathing (very shallow), that means that all tension stays in body since shallow breathing cannot relax tissue throughout body.

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Im 18 and got this. My advice, not endorsed by anyone else: stop finasteride and do the cdnuts protocol.

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What is cdnuts protocol? Can you share?

Hi man…can you share your email or something…i really need to talk to someone with a pfs. Its a huge shame to bring this issue to even family & friends. If you can consider it, thanks man

Better to post here, you’ll get more points of view and you may help the next person who needs help.

We have found that those who have a problem with 5ar inhibitors can often dramatically worsen with further exposure. I am confident in saying that you should avoid all 5ar inhibitors from this point forwards. This likely includes all hair loss treatments, our membership is made up of people brought here by that, or accutane or ssri anti depressants. These are all likely to be a problem for you, as well as some skin creams (look for “'azole” in the name as a general rule for what to avoid).

The vast majority of people improve with time. Don’t do anything rash in the next few months.

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Thank you. I use a shampoo with ketoconazole ingredient, should I stop using it? What should I do in these early stages, what about those hormone supplements?

Ketoconazole is a product that people have had problems with here. Search the forum and you will see that is the case.

To be honest, there are many plans, “protocols”, supplements and diets that people will promote. There’s not much evidence that any of them do much to help. It is my opinion that the best thing you can do is avoid anything that is a 5ar inhibitor.

Please ensure you report your reaction to your doctor, it may be important to you to have had this reaction logged in the future and helps get recognition for this problem which doctors are slowly seeing more of, awareness is building but it takes people coming forward to make a change.

Please also create a member story here, we ask this as a condition of membership here.

As I said earlier, recovery is possible and most people do recover, but you will need to give it some time.

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Thank you bro. How to create a member story? All I see is the New Topic button.

You’re welcome, this is a tough time. Be kind to yourself and let people know you’re struggling right now. People here are generally nice and supportive too.

New topic, and choose member story as the folder to make one.

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Lots of men are struggling nowadays especially in America where xenoestrogens are in the air. It will get better soon.

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I appreciate it, god bless you. You told me to report reaction to my doctor right? What kind of doctor is that? Dermatologist/pathologist/endrocrinologist or just basic doctors will do? Which one is the best in this area of male organs & hormone?

Just your family doctor. Your gp.

Also, do this:

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I have no problem reporting but I should wait at least 3 months right? & Can I masturbate or will it make symptoms worse?

Just report it.

Some people say that sexual activity affects their symptoms, can’t say for sure what will happen. Would suggest being cautious.

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Now I have insomnia for 2 days straight. I already felt something wrong since yesterday & I felt it today. Some people say symptoms like rubber penis & insomnia are permanent. This is crazy, how can I live without penis & sleep😰.

Please tell me, are they permanent? How many percent of people who recover this below 3 months?

No idea how many people get better, it’s one of the reasons we need to report it, I guess.

My insomnia was terrible for months, then just really bad. Now after 2 years, I can sleep reasonably most nights.

The symptoms you’re dealing with are common, many people have struggled and are struggling with them.

Im still tapering Finasteride once every 2 days. Maybe that’s why my penis is not rubbery today.
Later I plan to take once every 3 days, after that 4 days, until I eventually quit. What do you think about this? Are there any difference between quitting cold turkey or tapering it like this?

I think it’s a bad idea. Someone may have better information, but I think that the finasteride may be out of your system by the time you take a new dose, meaning that you aren’t actually tapering.

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I appreciate your support. This is the toughest time of my life & I’m not sure how I can face this. I really need to talk to you & other members here. Can you reply to my Member Story here & share my problems: