Head Pressure


I will begin an extremely aggressive exercise regimen in about a week. I have noticed improvements from exercise in the past, so I have my fingers crossed.


Exercising can increase your hormones if your systems functioning correctly. Though if your hormones are at hypogonadal levels, there not go up to optimum or average levels naturally. Things like a shot of HCG may upregulate your system.

I can’t stress enough about how raising androgens really does help. Whether you try it through a shot of T, DHT, LH. I seriously was at melting point with mental sides,sexual sides and once cycling HCG felt the life pump back through my veins and all those symptoms disapeared. I’m not saying that i’m perfect, but i probably do overreact on my comments on posts, but reading every “propecia did this to me” “my penis used to be 12” now it’s 1" " “Lets do a theory on if left or right handed people, get PFS” just drives me bonkers. :slight_smile:


I skipped zoloft yesterday and didnt feel this way. Maybe its the zoloft. Im asking my doctor to wean me off the zoloft monday. I will ask for seroquel for anxiety instead.


Head Pressure is defintley a symptom of anti-depressants.

Isn’t seroquel an anti-psychotic? I know someone that takes it, it’s ment to be pretty strong.


Well, its supposed to work well for anxiety. No sex side effects. Much better than zoloft i think. I guess no medicine would be best, but my anxiety is making it to where i cant function at work.


Does anyone’s head pressure get worse or change at all during or after a jog / running?

Fuck, I’ve had this pressure since 2008 daily. 95% behind my head. Like migraine pressure or a numb area not receiving enough circulation? I NEVER get a “normal headache” since PFS, and stopping the poison drug, since 2008. Normal headache = in front of head and forehead.

Head pressures are miserable / painful / frightening, and are definitely caused, by propecia usage, and associated with the PFS purgatory of the horrid anhedonic, dead man walking, zombie, cognitive dysfunction.


seroquel is a dopamine blocker dont do that! ask him for ropinirole instead!


Hey rob, yes I talked to you about this on Facebook, and tried biking today, with horrible headpressure, but it only occurs on the back of my head, and rarely sometimes on my temples or behind eyes, when the headpressure is worse, the congitive shift gets much worse, to the point of almost amnesia, very hard to explain, the headpressure kinda reminds me of some kind of alcohol withdrawal syndrome.

When I took diazepam the headpressure went away, which points towards it being more like alcohol withdrawal syndrome


Any updates from the folks who have/had head pressure?


i have that too. till yet no big improvements. i havent thought that there is a condition that is able to take away the pleasure of reading books from you…


I have trouble reading as well. Where is your member story?


maybe we can contact each other :slight_smile: i dont have one. i will do it in the next weeks. i think i got pfs from going on/off/on/off but the last time off i really crashed. then mental sides kicked in. while taking the drug no mental sides ( ok depression maybe and a bit brainfog but could read books) . also ejaculation hurted after crashing. and i got prostatitis symptoms. prostatitis has gone away and ejaculation is not hurting anymore. but rest ist still there. very strange experiencr


so every doctor that says its all in your head is a stupid idiot. thats clearly a pharmalogical effect…


ah and very strange was that 2 weeks after i stopped propecia i looked porn and felt literally nothing. like an animal movie. that was the first time i have noticed something is not normal with me anymore