Head Pressure

Feel like i have pressure in my head/ears. Its a shitty feeling. Another way to describe would be not enough blood flow to brain. I say this because i usually experience numbness in hands along with it. Feels like my brain is like a motor with no oil. Sometimes i get a headache. Any one else?


Maybe you have a headache? or you are stressed or have an ear infection. Propecia does not do that.

I have it constantly, Merck boy.

I understand propecia is a horrid drug. But it can’t be the source of every health issue people experience.

  • Merck Boy.

i have constant head pressure. it’s not so much a headache for me… so much as just pressure. i can’t describe it well. basically feels like something is missing from my brain and there is a numbness there that is constant. It is DIRECTLY related to propecia. while i will not blame propecia for the tragedy in CT today (among other things)… those with severe brain fog can understand that there is a physical sensation associated with it. not everyone is the same.


I try 5-htp (advice from my Doctor)

My Doctor say the problem may be low serotonin

Imbalance or low hormones can do the same thing.

I know the difference of a damn headache dude. This is almost an every day occurance. And I know its related to propecia, along with all of the other shit ive experienced in the last six months. Theres a difference between coincidental health issues and major changes to our bodies by a damn drug.

A few years back a member of the forum tested his CSF pressure and was high.


I tried to get tested but the test is not available for me here.

It would be worth someone getting there CSF pressure tested.

Who the fuck are you to say what propecia does and does not do? This is one of my WORST symptoms, and it ABSOLUTELY was a DIRECT RESULT of taking Propecia. Get the fuck out of here with that bullshit, shill.

I too have the same thing, and it didn’t start until I took propecia. Feels like my brain is swollen or not getting enough oxygen, or sometimes like my brain is just wound up really tight like a rubberband ball and could violently unravel at any point.

Sometimes I wonder if there is some sort of inflammation causing this for us - this may be why some people have reported temporary relief with ibuprofen (an anti-inflammatory)

Chill the fuck out. Yeah i’m a shill. Sounds to me like you have chronic stress and by the looks of your response makes it pretty clear.

  • Shill.

Thanks for your expert opinion; I shall certainly take it to heart from the man who knows any and all possible outcomes of prolonged Finasteride exposure. In the future, you may want to refrain from telling people living with debilitating mental side effects from propecia that they have an ear infection. You don’t have them? Lucky you.

Cut the bullshit. I’m not saying i’m an expert. I’m not denying propecia causes mental side effects at all! I’ve seen first hand it does. Though how can you not agree that the mental sides cause stress, head pressure especially in the frontal region of the scalp is caused by stress… You can’t tell me from all the mental, sexual , what ever other side effects your experienced you aren’t stressed.

Ive experienced stress before, and stress or anxiety doesnt make you feel like this. Put it this way, i have NEVER felt these things before fin, now almost every day. I know my body, and I know when things are different and not right. You do have a valid point i guess, try not to notice every detail and worry over it. But some things are harder to ignore.

Stress does not explain the head pressure. After I quit finasteride initially and my hormones were on a rollercoaster ride, my side effects actually started to improve. Then slowly but surely, I started feeling this bizarre pressure/fog in my brain that was bad in the mornings, but subsided by evenings. It was during this time I noticed that whenever I ejaculated I was immediately sent into brain fog/pressure hell, and it lasted for days. This was such a profound effect that I purposely avoided ejaculating during sex, since it made me feel absolutely terrible. Ejaculating certainly is not some prolonged stress I am coping with; it only lasts like 8 seconds. There is an underlying PHYSICAL problem caused by finasteride that is somehow linked with the chemical effects of ejaculation in the brain. That being said, however, these days ejaculation no longer has such an impact, but unfortunately, that is because I am permanently in a foggy/head pressure nightmare with no relief at all.

I’m not trying to have a dig at you guys by the way. I’m just trying to keep it real. The only thing’s i know personally that cause head pressure is obviously stress, ear infections, meningitis (inflammation caused by bacteria,virus), brain hemmohorage.

I’ve felt first hand the amount of stress and mental damage the drug does. But i’m telling you, blamming the drug for every symptom we have. I to suffer the hormonal rollercoaster and even experienced my testosterone at <100. It’s shit.

Thanks scaredoutofmymind and I totally agree, when intitally noticing all the sexual sides from propecia and then obviously feeling mental sides it is extremely hard not to notice every single symptom you are feeling physically or mentally, thoughts running through your mind “wish I was the way I was before” can really screw you and create stress.

Some of you can call me a shill whatever. I don’t really care. I’m just a realist.

Have you tried raising your androgens? I know when I do, I feel amazing. Mental sides compeletly disappear.