Started taking HCG 250iu 3x per week (Joe’s Protocol), injecting subcutaneously. I’m now 4 shots in so still early days. Last Wednesday, upon taking my first shot, I distinctly remember waking up 2-3x during the night with strong nocturnal erections after hardly having any for the past two years. This has continued over the past 5 nights. I do believe that something is going on as I’ve been on Clomid for the past year and have not experienced this.

My main symptom these days is very low libido during the day. Unfortunately, despite the nocturnal erections, my “visual” libido hasn’t really improved. I’ll keep you guys posted with any changes in the coming weeks/months.


Good luck my man!!! :fist:t2:

Please consider doing updates on an interval (e.g. weekly) as opposed to in response to changes. That will keep us from guessing what your status is and will help you avoid that feeling of posting something in response to an improvement and then needing to retract it. That way, it’s just part of your regular log.


Good luck!
Can you share your labs before you started HCG? Testo total, testo free, LH, estrogen sensitive, SHBG. At least those?


Can i ask why you chose to inject s.c. Instead of i.m.?

It makes more sense injecting S.C. with a small insulin needle considering I’m using such a small amount 3x per week. To my knowledge efficacy is the same.

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Not so sure that my labs would be super relevant as I’ve been on clomid for 12+ months. This has pushed all my levels up significantly. The last blood test I got was in February:

FSH: 15.5 (1.6-8)
LH: 18.3 (1.5-9.3)
Estradiol: 33 (<=39)
DHT: 75 (12-65)
Total Test: 848 (250-1100)
Free Test: 119.6 (46-224)

Past two nights I’ve had sexual dreams and have again been waking up with nocturnal erections. I cant attribute this to increased FSH or LH from the HCG as I’ve had elevated levels for over a year as a result of clomid, which I am no longer taking…

Once again, this hasn’t happened in two years and i’m one week in. The fact that I’ve stopped clomid recently may be a confounding factor here however I have a good feeling that the HCG is playing a role.


Good deal. I don’t like the idea of Clomid and think that cessation could easily be the cause of your improvement. With hCG, you may now be getting a normal profile, though I’ve seen doctors online who say that you need to wait about six weeks to do bloodwork and see the response.

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Yup, time will tell.

I did take a break from clomid earlier in the year and after about 3 weeks i regressed significantly. I’ve now been off for a month and haven’t had any downswings yet.

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Perhaps against my better judgement I decided to up the dosage to 500iu 3x per week. One of the top endocrinologists in the country actually prescribed 5000iu 3x per week!! have aromasin on hand incase I notice my estrogen spiking.

I must admit I’m feeling good. Physically, mentally, and even a little better sexually. While my visual libido still isn’t really there, I’ve noticed a slight improvement at times. Sensation and desire also seems to be improving a bit when I’m in the mood. Only two weeks in so lets see what happens…


Do you have penile shrinkage? Any change if yes?

Not necessarily shrinkage however it was dead for 12+ months.


@Hbcap Hey, I hope that you are getting better. Any news on your protocol?

Thanks for sharing. More data = More knowledge.

I injected second dose yesterday and experience a full and hard erection at morning before i wake up fully.

About libido i am same as you. but i feel no worry. it is about balancing and adopting i think.

Yes, something is going on into our body.

(I have PAS not PFS)

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Hey mate. Still feeling decent with constant nocturnal erections ever since starting. Physically feeling pretty good as well. I did have a few days of increased anxiety about a week ago but no negative sides aside from that. I really believe staying on this for 6+ months will benefit me. Libido has maybe increased from. 1/10 to a 2-3/10.


Update after a month on 500iu 3x per week:

Nightly nocturnal erections as well as the ability to have sex unassisted 1-2x per day. I would say that I’ve noticed the largest difference in the ED department. Libido is still very low. Noticed a slight improvement at times but nothing dramatic.

What is interesting is that I’m noticing these effects from HCG whereas on clomid (with test levels of 8-900), I didn’t really notice much in the sexual department.

Hcg is clearly having some impact and I will stay on for the foreseeable future.


this is huge, thanks for update

Hey, thanks for the update. Have you noticed any mental, cognitive or sleep improvements?

Hey man so you use HCG too and experienced good erections? How about semen volume? What was your bloods before hcg?

Im starting Hcg too. I will update. Pls give me more details about your symptoms and how long you have been suffering.

I stopped it because of personal problems. But if you want to know about experience of less than a month injections:

Normal T anf free T and DHEA and E2(17pg/ml).

No bad side effects.
More emotions (very easy to laugh/cry)
More blood flow in genital organs (70% of time no shrinkage)
Slighy increase in libido and nuoturnal erection in first days
mind-genital connection: no improvement