Has anyone used hcg on its own or in combination and recovered in 2020-2022?

Hello, I started taking finasteride from 16 to 18, after that I stopped due to adverse effects, I am currently 20 years old and I continue with adverse effects (insomnia, loss of sensitivity, loss of orgasm, loss of libido, ED 50 / 100, urination very frequent)

Has anyone tried to be cured with hcg monotherapy? did it work for them? What symptoms got better or worse? what dose? the effects are permanent?

No one with real PFS has been cured by HCG.

Some guys who had HPTA damage or low testosterone as a result of finasteride usage have probably recovered from it. But that is not PFS.


Hormonal treatments do not work. Don’t bother.

Are there people who have regained sensitivity and orgasms? or neither? What do you suggest I do?

I’ve been on hCG 300IU eod (early 2021) and every 3 days (last few months) for over a year now.

Not the slightest effect on mental symptoms (libido/flat emotions/anhedonia/loss of social connection/loss of ego).

Raising testosteron through hCG does seem to give me slightly more energy and less fatigue. It also softened my stools a little and makes my hair less dry.

I quit hCG in summer once and ±7 days later I had a severe episode of fatigue and felt horrible. That’s when I restarted.

I’m thinking about doing a 2-4 week PCT with clomid to fire up endogenous LH and FSH production and see where my testosteron ends up afterwards. Not expecting any improvement in PFS symptoms from this. I only hope for higher testosteron without hCG.

You should give this a read, one of the few peer-reviewed publications which shows a successful treatment of PFS: https://www.longdom.org/open-access/postfinasteride-syndrome-about-2-cases-and-review-of-the-literature-2472-1212-1000170.pdf

The most relevant part: “the indicated treatment
consisted of HCGu 6000 UI/week, divided into 3 applications of 2000
UI/week, combined with Anastrozole 2 mg/week, divided into 2
intakes of 1 mg/week. Нis was done in order to hyper stimulate the
Leydig cells, elevate the levels of Testosterone and blocking the
aromatase, thus diverting the metabolism of Testosterone through the
5AR way (assuming it still had any remaining activity), without
compromising his spermatogenesis (Figure 3).
Figure 3: Indicated treatment. HCG: Human Corionic
Gonadotrophin. DHT: Dihydrotestosterone.
$іer 2 weeks of treatment he noticed some improvements, such as
less penile rigidity in a flaccid state, a more “warm” penis, increased
morning erections (without any changes in the rigidity of the
erections), some growth in penile girth, absence of post ejaculatory
asthenia, greater libido, increase in muscular tone and strength, and an
improved mood and self-esteem. One month later, a hormonal profile
was performed without DHT, showing a Testosterone of 10.2 ng/ml
(2.5-8.5 ng/ml), a bioavailable Testosterone of 6.14 ng/ml, and an
Estradiol in range, so we decided to lower the dose of HCGu to 5000
UI/week. Two months aіer this treatment modification, a new
hormonal profile was taken, which showed a Testosterone of 7.93
ng/ml, a bioavailable Testosterone of 2.42 ng/ml and an Estradiol in
range. Нis resulted in a more comfortable treatment (given that
HCGu is marketed in 5000 UI flasks as well as a higher sense of wellbeing. He is currently still under treatment, with a slow but steady
improvement in his symptoms, accompanied by periodic evaluation by
the Andrology team of the Urology department and the Psichiatry
department of the Hospital Italiano from Buenos Aires.”

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this is my free and total testosterone, are they good results? I am 20 years old, but I have symptoms of pfs

HCG doesn’t work for me

friend, can we contact you? I need to talk to someone who suffers the same as me, I need support, on Saturday I will go to an endocrinologist and bring him the pdfs of the pfs studies

The main problems I encountered in using HCG:first,HCG didn’t improve my erections or testicular size or anything else.Second,After using HCG, my E2 levels were so high that I had to use Ai.In the end, HCG didn’t work for me, and it messed with my endocrine system again, which was my failure experience.

And now, what are your persistent symptoms? the ones that bother me the most are insomnia, loss of sensation and numbness apart from 0 libido

This is exactly what I was talking about. The fact that simple HRT cured his symptoms proves that he did not have PFS in the first place. PFS, by definition is hormone resistant. What this patient had was just low testosterone.

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Wtf, that doesn’t prove anything. He had PFS, sorry but certain treatments not working for your case doesn’t invalidate other recovery stories and especially not this study.

Edit: I also see you took Saw Palmetto, does that mean your experience is worthless now, since you don’t have real PFS?

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I used 250 iu daily (1750 iu per week) for about 2.5 months and saw no positive results, though it made my total testosterone, free testosterone, and estrogen levels look much better on paper. After stopping, I got to enjoy a hormone roller coaster for a couple of months before evening out to the same state I started.

What do you mean, “After stopping, I was able to go on a hormone roller coaster for a couple of months before going back to the same state I started in”?

Stopping hCG seemed to pull the rug out from under my HPTA and I think I got some oscillatory behavior for a while until things settled down. The end result was that I was no better or worse off than before starting, symptomatically speaking.

How old are you? Have you numb penis? Is better now or no? I only 20 years and i cant have orgasm good , and numb penis , insomnia
Sorry for my english :smiley:

About to turn 37…this started soon after my 30th birthday. The severity of my symptoms is off and on, but on average it is definitely better than when it all began. Genital numbness is sometimes an issue. In the beginning it was unworkable.

have you tried something to improve? nothing helped? hcg? something? You are also young, I should never have taken finasteride in fact I thought that pfs was pure invention but I see that it was not like that

  1. PFS is caused by 5-ar altering compounds, among a number of other compounds with similar MOAs (see highlighted line below). Saw Palmetto is a 5-ar inhibitor just as Finasteride is.

  2. This is not a “study”, it is a single case report. The dude thought he had PFS, PFS has very similar symptoms to low testosterone and/or HPTA disruption (which can be caused by Finasteride but is not the same as PFS, which is currently not fixed with hormonal treatments). You can improve PFS symptoms with HRT, although not cure it. If you could simply cure PFS with HRT, then this website would have never existed in the first place.