Has anyone used hcg on its own or in combination and recovered in 2020-2022?

Everyone who thinks they have PFS rather than the 10,000x more common among similar aged men condition of low testosterone should see an endocrinologist and get their hormones tested first before ruminating year on end over herbs, bodybuilding drugs, female fertility hormones, and any number of other internet meme home witch doctoring “protocols”.

If you have low T then there is a straightforward therapy for that — TRT. If your symptoms go away with TRT then you had low T. If they didn’t then you might have PFS.

This idea that PFS is actually just low T caused by Finasteride has been a tragic misconception that may have cost thousands of men the opportunity to have rewarding lives. Absurdly, the community of PFS victims itself has thereby advocated for the belief that PFS doesn’t exist. No wonder there’s been practically no research even after decades now — not even the victims themselves have pushed for it. Instead of reaching out for attention and advancement of research, the PFS community has sat useless in Internet forums echoing insane hyogonadism and “libido boosting herb” “cures”.


So what do you recommend me to do? to try low-dose hcg on its own? or wait? i stopped dutasteride in july 2020, and so far i still have adverse effects

No I do not recommend taking female fertility drugs that might desensitize your leydig cells. There isn’t a quick fix. As long as everyone sits and focuses on trying to find quick fixes that never work then a cure will never come closer. We need to get research started. That is the only purpose of having a community at all. As we’ve sat telling ourselves PFS is just hypogonadism etc, we’ve only taken ourselves backward and dissuaded scientists from researching our condition.


There is very little risk of leydig cell desensitization at low dose HCG, around 1000 IU per week, typically 250 IU every other day. HCG isn’t meant to be a cure, it’s meant to be a temporary treatment that could cause some benefits.

I started 250 IU EOD and have noticed a decent improvement in mental symptoms, stronger orgasms, thicker and less watery semen, and much better sleep quality, but it’s definitely still far from a cure. My guess is that these improvements are coming from the increase in progesterone and down stream neurosteroid increase as I’ve felt similar improvements with supplements that raise progesterone such as Maca root and cistanche.

My testosterone is in the normal range so it’s not low testosterone, I’ve seen 5 endocrinologists and they all said I’m fine but I’m 22 and haven’t had a morning or nocturnal erection in 4 years. I definitely have PFS or some sort of androgen receptor insensitivity.

I was prescribed HCG by a urologist so if anyone is to try it they should do so under the supervision of a doctor.


Friend I feel very identified, tomorrow I will go to an endocrinologist and I will propose the use of hcg, how can I contact you? how long did you use hcg? and when you stopped using hcg did you return to the state before hcg or are the improvements maintained? Did the penis feel better or numb?

  1. The irony of someone who took saw palmetto and trying to invalidate the experience of someone who actually took finasteride.

Sorry to break the news but you are not the arbiter of deciding who has or had real PFS or not.

  1. What? Of course it’s a case study, just because n=2 doesn’t mean it’s not a study. And again trying to dismiss the experience of someone who took finasteride and got PFS…unbelievable, the doctors even confirmed it in the study.

Also get it through your head PFS isn’t just one type, we have people with PFS who have low, normal and high hormone profiles. If we would go by your limited definition then you definitely don’t have real PFS.

Seems like you and @moonman1 are frustrated some treatments you tried didn’t work for you and then you guys became bitter and try to invalditate others people experiences. Quite sad.

And again the irony of someone who doesn’t have PFS like you but has PAS thinking he has the authority to judge who has real PFS or not.


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You seem to be confused and emotionally invested in this single case study.

I am not stating that he did not have PFS based on what “I believe PFS to be”. I am basing it on what awor and the site admins have written up in the past about PFS, which included that PFS is TRT resistant.

If you truly believe that PFS can be cured by HCG mono therapy then simply test this intervention and report back. Tons of us have already tried it without any replication.

Senseless to argue over a forum with someone you have never met when energy is better spent testing theories ourselves and donating extra cash to the foundation.

If you wish to continue to argue over endocrinology 101 then shoot me a PM and we can discuss it over Whats App