Has anyone tried weakening their immune system?

Is it possible that our immune system is too strong? I rarely get sick, and when I do it’s never longer than one or two days. Before PFS I would always have a runny nose and would stay sick for 5-7 days.

Things that can weaken immune system:

UV exposure
Sedentary lifestyle

Seems like people get better with some of those, if temporarily. The cause of that could be a weakened immune system.

There are so many different sides you need to define better

I’m saying that an overpowering immune system could be the cause of all of PFS.

Well try taking immuno suppresants and see it yourself :slight_smile:

Unlikely to help. I’ve did high dose dexamethasone to suppress the immune reaction during chemo. Didn’t make a difference.

It’s also been discussed before -

The question is, was your immune system actually being suppressed or not.

I overexercised once. Got sick, but only for like 2-3 days. Didn’t notice that much of an effect. Maybe slightly better, but it wasn’t like day and night.

I also used to get sick quite often before saw palmetto and if I did it would take me at least 7 days to recover from that.

Yes, he was having chemotherapy.

I missed that part. I don’t think he would feel “better” during chemotherapy regardless.

That’s one fairly insulting way to look at it, yes.

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I thought of this. Some people here and elsewhere swear by LDN. I may take it at some point. Issue isn’t about immune system being overactive per se. It’s about the chronic inflammation resulting from Pro-Inflammatory cytokines. If we could manage excess inflammation, I suspect it would help immensely. Adrenals endure a lot of “stress” when inflammation becomes chronic. It does so through releasing of stress hormones to supress inflammation and this leads to state of haywire.

Issues include:

  • High cortisol/adrenaline & lower Testosterone/Growth hormone
  • Blood sugar changes
  • BP changes
  • Maldigestion
  • Disruption to neurotransmitters (talk about depression/anxiety)

So hypothetically speaking, treating inflammation would normalize HPA and restore normality (including sexuality).


I’m currently trying to halt PAS with an immuno-suppressant, tofacitinib

Anything to report so far @gunnersup?

No difference as of yet but I’m only one month in. Most people with Alopecia areata regrow their hair within 4 months or so on this medicaiton.

I’d like to say I’m only struggling with extreme hair shedding after accutane, thankfully no sexual side effects

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My treatment for alopecia areata gave me a huge improvement for PFS, I suspect.

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Great to hear that. I do think immuno suppressors will play a role in the treatment of PFS and PAS, autoimmunity definently looks like a factor in all of this

Leaky gut syndrome was likely a key driver in my autoimmunity (e.g. eczema; MCAS; arthritis, etc.). I’ve been painstakingly working on fixing it. Pre and Pro biotics were hit or miss but I made a solid progress after 2 years of trial and fail. Immune system is largely regulated by the gut.

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Have you tried a low carb+gluten free diet to weaken the immune system.

I tried almost everything under the sky in my 2 year long odyssey. Actually it was more like 10 years but last 2 years were exceptional. Not to scare anyone off, I abused my body in so many ways during those years so it wasn’t just a matter of PFS. That said, I did share my latest protocol that worked like a charm for me so others in the same boat can save years of unrelenting trialing and frustration.

Yes, I’m on low carb (except for some fruits), high fiber, high fat, and moderate protein diet. Also no gluten since I’m avoiding wheat, bread (except for some occasional white toast), cakes and pies, cereals, cookies, crackers, etc. I’d like to think that minimizing carbs and cutting out gluten was a milestone to my gut healing process. Can’t say it’s weakened my immune system though. What I think happens is that by reducing gut permeability, less LPS (i.e.endotoxins)/food particles make it to the blood circulation and thus attenuates immune response and results in less inflammation.


Isn’t less inflammation = less immune response though? I might be wrong.

All I know is that my symptoms get way better, almost cured level when I get the Flu.