Has anyone tried Oxandrolone?


It is produced from DHT.



Yes, and I love it. Although it’s a derivative of DHT, its androgenic activity is very low. Even women and children may use low to moderate doses… It doesn’t aromatize, and it’s well known for its ability to preserve muscles and increase muscle strength.


Has it helped you with PFS? In what areas did you improve?


Well, it increases muscle strength and therefore gives me more stamina. Also, it does improve erection quality in my case. That way, I’ll say it helps with PFS. However, it’s hepatotoxic like most oral AAS, so it can’t be used continuously. Low to moderate doses are known to increase libido in women, btw. I’m talking about 2.5 - 10 mg. High doses will cause negative feedback and suppress the testosterone production.


A friend of me complete reversed PFS with this im getting it in 3 days. He is 8 months recovered did a cycle of 20/30mg day for 3 weekes.


let us know how it goes.


Just checking in and wondering if this treatment provided any improvements…


Yes it did, something in my brain is more like it used to be, lsat cyclo was ony of 60mg divided in 3 days.


Are you planning to use it ?


Did your friend that recovered have the full range of symptoms? Or was it isolated to sexual, mental, etc


Starting mine soon, would be great to get some more info on this.


why isn’t this getting more attention? although I’m skeptical about claims like this, this guy is saying his friend fixed his pfs with it.


Same question here, just had a Doctors appointment to try this. Saw some great reactions on Bodybuilding forums. Seems one of the safer anabolics to try


Are you gonna use this and the andactorol? :slight_smile:


The recent success story also includes anavar (which is another name for this) so this may be good


Who prescribed this to you, an endocrinologist? I would like to try it as well but I don’t know how to go about being prescribed it as the only lab test that came out of range was FSH.


A urologist (who accepts PFS, his name is Jesse Mills out in Los Angeles) prescribed it to me. It took a little conversation, but he’s willing to try different things as he honestly unsure as to what exactly is going on with us. It helped citing the success stories that are read from this site.

Keep in mind, while safer than the typical anabolic, it IS a real anabolic steroid with all the wonderful side effects it contains. While this one is somewhat more mild, it is still very hepatoxic on your liver, and if used for too long can have some serious side effects, shrinking Gina’s, need for PCT. I’m only going to use it for a short week to see what effect it has on me.

In terms of trying this with the Andractorol (DHT gel from Britain pharmacy All Saints) - I’m not so sure. Could lead to shutting me down. If anything I would take a very low dose of the Andractorol on my penis to see the effects. It’s a bit of a crapshoot on how your body is going to react to things like this, with reports on the forum being all over the map. The good thing is that when the reports are positive, they seem to be really positive - many saying these were the key to their recovery. Keeping my fingers crossed and will report back my findings.


Please keep me updated on your experience. If all goes well I would like to book an appointment with a urologist and ask to be prescribed this as well. Good luck man hope you see some improvements.


I’m interested as well. Please keep us updated. I’ve tried proviron with no real results (positive or negative) but I’ll try this too if it might help! Have access to it but at $150 I’d really like to hear some more feedback first!


Have received a new 100mg bottle will start at 20mg/day maybe I move a little up, but if I feel that liver is overcharged I will end it. So first day nothing to report.